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Learn to day trade using advanced order flow tools used at proprietary firms. Trading checklists, pro software and daily live trading room.



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Take your trading to ELITE status.

Get certified as an elite trader.

Full course access + live trading floor + psychology mastery course.

Certification Courses Included

All courses below included in ELITE monthly package.


Your mindset and psychology are 100% responsible for your results. Learn advanced NLP techniques to program yourself to achieve trading & life mastery like the top 1%. 


Comprehensive five week plan to build your confidence up to start live trading or rebuild an account. Weekly trading exercises and goals.


Learn to day trade using advanced order flow tools used at proprietary firms. Trading checklists, pro software and daily live trading room. 


Learn how to trade the currency market like the smart money at the big banks.  In this course you will learn the foundations of forex and two powerful strategies. 


Learn advanced options strategies to help you take advantage of any market condition. Includes our popular strategy selector.


Learn to trade stocks and the basics of options using technical analysis. Completely new? This is the course for you.

Monthly Membership Benefits

Trading Services Included 

  • Weekly webinar and trade setups
  • Daily market and trade updates
  • Monday to Friday
  • Extended hours economic events
  • ELITE room open around the clock
  • 1H session, 3rd Tues of each month
  • Learn to use these advanced charts
  • Professional order flow trading software
  • Institutional order flow trading software
  • You can use any platform with order flow


  • Sundays at 8PM EST, archived for playback
  • Stocks, options, futures, currency
  • Oil, equities, metals, currency
  • NFP, Oil inventory, Fed events, etc
  • Voice and screen share with our traders
  • You vote on the next call topic
  • Stocks, futures, currencies
  • $50 USD / month
  • $199 USD / month
  • Use your own setup, we will help w. setup

Beat the Self-Sabotage Cycle

Get ELITE Courses – Tradepro Academy, Only Price $47

Ever take a trade after promising yourself to be disciplined, only to see the same emotional patterns lead to loss?

This is an example of active sub-conscious mind sabotage. Our psychology course removes deeply rooted emotions with advanced neural techniques.

What Would You Ask a Professional Trader?

Our monthly group coaching calls are all about giving YOU the tools you need to succeed.

Demand Content

Every month you tell us what you need help with and we custom build a webinar.

Monthly Meeting

The ELITE team meets every third Tuesday of the month for a one hour interactive session.

Access Full Archive

Get immediate access to ALL of our past ELITE coaching sessions immediately and supercharge your trading.

Expert Speakers

Listen to new strategies, concepts and tools from expert traders in the industry.

Stock Fundamentals

Archive topic: learn to read stock fundamentals and what to look for in long term investments.

Monthly Economic News

Archive topic: learn what economic news events present the most trading opportunity every month, and trade them live in our room!

Recovering from Losses

Archive topic: find out how to bounce back from a rut or losing streak like a professional trader.

Checklists & Qualifying Trades

Archive topic: find out how to qualify your trades for higher win percentages using our checklists.

Monthly Meeting

The ELITE team meets every third Tuesday of the month for a one hour interactive session.

ELITE Traders

Collaborate with passionate traders that are serious about their craft.  ELITE members have big ambition and take big action.

Success Mindset

Success is a mindset. Being around professional traders allows you to absorb the mental state of consistent success and replicate it.

Wealth of Support

As a family our core value is to help our group succeed together.  Access ELITE support and resources from our team members.

Freedom Focused

Why do we trade? We are united by the goal of living a life of freedom from the daily grind.  We live on our own terms. We win and celebrate together.

Get ELITE Courses – Tradepro Academy, Only Price $47

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