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Embodying all the principles of Judo, the 5 Winds Kata was deconstructed by Moshe Feldenkrais to make this traditional form accessible to an audience wider than one interested in martial arts. The lessons presented in this Workshop are foundational to both the Kata and the Feldenkrais Method®. If you can enjoy and understand the process of learning begun with these lessons, then you will find a profound deepening of your understanding of Awareness Through Movement® and the Feldenkrais Method.

This selection of Awareness Through Movement (ATM) lessons were designed to prepare you for the upcoming ATM Intensive by Dennis and Carol which will center on the 5 Winds Kata Series, or as it is named in Japanese, the Itsutsu no kata. A kata (literally – Form in Japanese) is a choreographed pattern of movements practiced either solo or in pairs which emphasizes the form and order of a process. A "Wind" is an invisible force of tradition which furnishes momentum to any art that incorporates it. Just as a leaf is propelled along by an invisible wind, so does a tradition whose influence is palpable but unseen, propel one along a path like Judo or here the Feldenkrais Method.

Day One

  • The Wave #1 (DL)
  • Subtle Breathing #1 (CK)
  • Hip Joints #1 (CK)
  • Lifting Elbows (CK)

Day Two

  • Sawing Arms #1 (DL)
  • The Wave #2 (DL)
  • Subtle Breathing (CK)
  • Sawing Arms #2 (DL)

Day Three

  • Sawing Arms #3 (DL)
  • Subtle Breathing #3 (CK)
  • Sitting, Eyes (CK)
  • Hip Joints #2 (CK)

Day Four

  • Sawing Arms #4 (DL)
  • Eyeball Sculpting (DL)
  • Hip Joints #3 (CK)
  • Interlacing Toes (DL)

Day Five

  • The Wave #3 – Arms Behind (DL)
  • Subtle Breathing #4 (CK)
  • Tongue (CK)
  • Kata – A Glimpse (DL)

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