Excel Formula Blueprint – Dragos Stefanescu & Richard Korbut


What if you mastered Excel formulas to the point where you could create Investment Banking quality spreadsheets that are efficient, automated and easy to maintain?



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What you'll learn

  • Master Every Excel-Formula Related Aspect Even If They're A Complete Beginner At Excel
  • Learn By Focusing On The End-Result Of Formulas And Understand That These Lectures Represent The 20% Of Excel They'll Use 80% Of The Time
  • Learn By Doing & Following Along – The Spreadsheets That Are Shown In Each Lecture Are Available For Download At The Beginning Of Each Section
  • Test Your Excel Knowledge – Specific Class Test Scenarios Are Present At The End Of Each Section Along With The Solutions (Both In Video And XLS Formats)
  • Master The Formula Syntax And Understand Basic Formulas
  • Learn How To Copy & Paste Formulas, Use Auto-Fill Or How To Apply Absolute & Relative Referencing
  • Discover Basic Formatting Principles And Use Simple Formulas Such As SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT, MIN, MAX And Their Variations
  • Make Use Of IF Statements, Understand The AND, OR & NOT Operators And Combine Them Into SUMIF, COUNTIF Or AVERAGEIF
  • Tidily Write Formulas And Apply This Method When Writing Nested IFs
  • Manipulate Excel Text Strings – Ensure Proper Formatting, Stick Them Together, Extract Specific Text Strings Or Ensure Text Accuracy
  • Master VLookups & HLookups Whilst Being Aware Of The Most Common Mistakes That You Can Make Whilst Using Them
  • Approach Nested Lookups, Multi-Conditional Lookups And The MATCH Function
  • Take Advantage Of Excel Advanced Features Such As Narrowing Down Variables By 2 Positions Using Formula Combos
  • Check Against 2 Criteria For Unique Values


  • Microsoft Excel – Preferably 2010 Or Newer (Although 07 Works As Well)
  • For Mac Users – Office 2013 or 2016 Is Preferable (Older Versions Will Be Significantly Different)
  • No Prior Excel Knowledge Needed!
  • If You Consider Yourself An Experienced Or Intermediate User, Watch The Intro Lecture To Understand Which Section You Should Start With


  • 13,000+ Students have enrolled in my 13 Courses!
  • The 4.9 Rating from student reviews shows the value packed in this course!
  • Practicality: This course has 15 Downloadable Spreadsheets  spread across including Section Scenarios, Class Test Scenarios & Solutions

What if you mastered Excel formulas to the point where you could create Investment Banking quality spreadsheets that are efficient, automated and easy to

Here's the blunt truth: I can't give you a magic pill to learn Excel over night. What
I can do is show you the fastest way to master formulas if you are willing to
take action.

Instead of cramming useless Excel theory during 8 boring and confusing hours, why not apply the formulas that you will use on a daily basis whilst also having the
spreadsheets in front of you?

This course will allow you to hack over 40 Excel Formulas including:

  • The Formula Bootcamp: Excel beginners will learn the fundamental formulas and IF clauses to have a firm grip over Excel
  • Excel Text Manipulator: Know exactly how to manipulate any Excel text string
  • Excel Pro Formulas: Master the more complex excel functionalities which will completely transform your efficiency in Excel

As a bonus you will also receive class tests at the end of every section (including
the solutions in both text and spreadsheet format), a PDF with the most widely
used Excel keyboard shortcuts and  an entire section comprising complementary formulas.

I guarantee this course will be the easiest way for you to master Excel formulas.
If you have taken action and not seen results, I will personally pay to enroll
you in another Excel course.

The path has been laid out for you to become an Excel Formula Ninja. Take this course now and join me on this exciting journey.

Who this course is for:

  • Financial Analysts Who Want To Improve Their Excel Skills By Using The Appropriate Tools
  • Entrepreneurs Who Need To Manage Both Basic & Advanced Spreadsheets And Save Time Whilst Doing So
  • Anybody Who Wants To Become Proficient With Excel Formulas Fast

Course content
7 sections • 45 lectures • 2h 31m total length

  • Introduction To This Course
  • Introduction To Formulas – Syntax Basics
  • Beginners’ Guide to Excel Formulas
  • IF Functions & Variations
  • Excel Text String Manipulator
  • The Ultimate Guide To LOOKUP Formulas
  • Advanced Excel Formulas

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