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Attention Network Marketers: Revealed For The First Time-Ever…

"Two 8-Figure Earners Come Together For A Rich-Experiential "Mindshare" Of What It Really Takes To Create A 6-Figure Business (and Beyond)"

Friend & Fellow Networker,

If you've been working hard, yet struggling to see the kinds of results that you crave to see in your business – wondering what "secrets" the Top Earners must have that you don't yet…

Then look no further than the Fast-Track 6-Figure Formula.

In this high-impact, 5+ hour course, two 8-figure earners (Ray Higdon & Mark Hoverson) share with you exactly what it takes to build your very own 6-figure empire (and beyond). 

Here's just a little taste of what you can expect to discover inside:

  • The #1 ritual you MUST perform before you step into the marketplace and begin prospecting, placing ads, or even posting a status update.
  •  How to craft a vision SO potent that it nearly pulls you out of bed and into action(before your chattering mind can even interject)
  •  Ray’s secret “public” visualization exercise that makes use of seemingly mundane or boring life-happenings (and transforms them into “success movies” that can play out your inevitable achievements)
  • Why creating a ‘permanent’ vision will actually move you into a “stuck-state” (and how to craft a developing adventurous vision that allows you to expand and grow into even greater levels of success than you can currently imagine)
  • What REAL success is (hint: money will help you create MORE of it, but money isn’t it in itself)
  • How to leap out of the “wheel of perpetual comparitis” and into a more abundant and fruitful mentality (tip: this is the different between a 0-figure earner and a 6-figure earner)
  • The fascinating mini-psychoanalysis talk that will free you from your past mishaps and hardships (hint: most of your struggles today aren’t your fault, and we’ll share with you a simple method for uncovering and liberating yourself from them)

Now, if you're looking to take your business to 6-figures and beyond, but you just don't feel like you have all of the puzzle-pieces figured out yet, this course will help you cut through the "fluff" and get straight to the MEAT of what it takes.

You'll discover NEW ways of thinking that attract more opportunities into your "realm of possibility" (hint: most of the time, we are denying ourselves the joy of saying "YES" to an opportunity already right in front of us).

You'll also discover new money habits and several 'morning rituals' that'll BOOST your productivity and ability to design your life.

But, that's not all…

See, mindset and habits (while essential & important) are only ONE part of the puzzle. In the second half of this 5+ hr course, you'll also discover some very tangible strategies for creating more powerful relationships, building and developing leaders in your team (or as we like to say, transmuting "kittens into lions") and much more.

Get Fast Track 6 Figure Formula – Ray Higdon & Mark Hoverson, only price $97

You'll also learn:

  • Why the arrival of “haters” and “naysayers” in your life is a CLEAR sign that you’re actually on the path to success (hint: your first piece of “hate-mail” is a moment of celebration rather than disappointment – and we’ll celebrate it with you)
  • #1 reason why people do NOT become top earners in their company (hint: it’s not about how many “yeses” you get… it’s about how many “no’s” you get)
  • The ONE question that will vaccinate your NEW sign-ups from being swayed by “negative press” or opinions of others. This ‘line’ alone will easily boost your retention by 300% or more!
  • The difference between “zero-summing” thinking and the “velocity of wealth”(plus WHY one is holding you back, and how the other will propel your business to NEW heights)
  • A “secret” twist on content creation (and how to leverage ONE piece of content into many for maximum exposure and impact
  • The #1 secret to mastering persuasive communication (to inspire your prospects into joining you and building a team)
  • How to set powerful expectations that allow your prospects to take on STRONGER identity (as a self-accountable human being)

Here's a bit more of what you can expect to see inside…

  • The 2 types of mindset triggers to pull yourself out of stuckness, confusion, and overwhelm and into MASSIVE, exciting, fulfilling action.
  • How to REMOVE underlying “poverty scripts” that play in the back of your mind (even when you KNOW you want to create wealth and prosperity in your life)
  •  7 key distinctions between 6-figure earner thinking vs non-6-figure thinking (and how to cultivate your own mental habits for becoming a top earner)
  • Why changing your RESULTS only comes after you change your habits (plus why the marketplace does NOT respond to “burst energy” and how to create daily rituals that produce long-term, sustainable results)
  • A powerful affirmation that you can use DAILY (hint: this one is all about giving yourself “permission” to be successful)
  •  [NEVER-Before Heard] Mark’s SUPER TOP SECRET “testimonial affirmation” for creating bizarre happenings in your life by using other top earner’s testimonials.
  • Mark’s 10-minute hyper study ritual for activating the mind (and kicking your morning off with an espresso shot of knowledge for the brain)
  • How to “speak to the greatness” within everyone – activating hidden “kittens” and transforming them into LIONS!
  • The ONE type of “intelligence” that’s even more important than “general” intellect (hint: the greatest leaders in the World have more of this intelligence than their I.Q.)
  •  How to craftily pay a genuine compliment (and why that will get you MORE respect and invitation into private parties and inner circles than telling them your story)
  •  Mark’s “secret” practice for “dreaming for your team” that expands your visualizations beyond just your own (creating harmony and happiness with your teammates)

Get Fast Track 6 Figure Formula – Ray Higdon & Mark Hoverson, only price $97

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