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Learn how to approach new businesses in the smartest possible way – using the same strategy that helped that 22 year kids use to go from broke to owning 5 hotels and 7 apartment complexes. And the same approach that I’ve used to acquire 7 businesses and generate 100x as much income in the exact same amount of time it took my first startup to start, grow, then die.



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Outsmart the Startup Game

Outsmart the Startup Game through a lesser known approach to business – Acquisition Entrepreneurship – that the most savvy entrepreneurs are using to build their business empire with less stress, less risk, and more predictable profit.

The New Approach: Acquisition Entrepreneurship

Learn how to approach new businesses in the smartest possible way – using the same strategy that helped that 22 year kids use to go from broke to owning 5 hotels and 7 apartment complexes. And the same approach that I’ve used to acquire 7 businesses and generate 100x as much income in the exact same amount of time it took my first startup to start, grow, then die.

This program is for:

Your First Venture

So you want to start your first business. You’ve been bitten by the business bug, and now it’s time to learn, and fast! If you want to build the entire business infrastructure from scratch, then close this tab right now, and go ahead and start pulling out your fingernails. Or better, acquire a business with all the infrastructure already rocking, and begin by doing the fun stuff – scaling up a business that you know actually works, from 6 figures to 7 figures, and beyond.

Experienced Entrepreneur

You’ve already built a business or two (or ten). Maybe they succeeded, or maybe some failed. You know how most of it works, and you want to make sure you maximize your impact with your next project. I’m here to show you how you can take your resources and skillsets and, instead of linearly grinding out growth, generate 10x, exponential growth. The best part? It’s a formula that you can use again and again, stopping the growth only when you feel like it!

Business Moguls/Empires

You’re influential. You have a portfolio of investments and businesses. Your dinner reservation next Tuesday is with your state senator, and after that you’ll throw bags of money out your window as you drive down the street in your hot red lamborghini (ok ok, maybe not that last part – but a guy can dream, right?) I will show you how you can acquire entire channels of distribution, expand into complimentary product lines, and absorb entire databases of customers, so these rising tides lift all your boats – or in this case, yachts 🙂

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Here's The 8 Week Program That Will Change Everything

Module 1 – The Acquisition Entrepreneurship Framework for entrepreneurial

  • How you can acquire a seven figure business for under $100,000 (and how the US government wants to help you do it)
  • How to tap into the $10 trillion in business value that needs to change hands
  • Learn how to eliminate 95% of the risk of starting a business, while keeping all the upside

Module 2 – Getting Started With Acquisition Entrepreneurship

  • In this Module, you’ll clarify your business vision and set inspiring growth goals, so you can start taking the first steps in AE, beginning with the important pre-planning for acquisition, including…
  • Using the Entrepreneurial Self-Assessment Survey to identify your entrepreneurship style
  • Personal Goals Worksheet, to match your personal goals with your business goals
  • Strengths and Weaknesses Inventory – so you can leverage your unique strengths and personality to build a world-class business.
  • What type of business will help you perform at your highest level? Do you want to focus on optimizing opportunities for turnaround time, an eternally profitable business, or the highest growth? This module will help you pick the perfect approach for you.
  • How to set up a pipeline of whatever opportunities that you want, so you are never in short supply of amazing new potential projects.

Module 3 – Profiling Your Perfect Company

  • Learn which companies are a good fit for acquisition entrepreneurship and which ones aren't.
  • How to profile your perfect company
  • Calculating the size of a business that you can afford
  • Create your target statement, which you will use as a little cheat-sheet to help you screen for the best opportunities, based on exactly what you want
  • Also includes – Industry reaction worksheet

Module 4 – The Search

  • The search for opportunities – how do you actually go about finding AQ opportunities?
  • How do you know if they are legit? Where are the best places to look?
  • Once you find them, how to do you start screening them down?
  • In this module we break down the exact steps for searching and ultimately building out a pipeline of opportunities, so that you have sustainable "deal flow".

Module 5 – Evaluation and Analysis

  • In this module we explore the key factors to consider in the process of acquiring a business and howto make sure you get the best value.
  • How do you go from 100 great opportunities to the 2-3 BEST ones?
  • The exact steps to assessing the health of a business
  • Asset-based valuation vs. cashflow-based valuation
  • SDE analysis
  • The Unicom Tool Box
  • We also start exploring how you can finance your acquisition, including funding sources, common sticking points, and even how to "pitch” to banks.

Module 6 – The Seller

  • What's the experience of selling a company like from the seller's perspective?
  • Why almost all buyers approach sellers in the exact wrong way, and how to use that to your advantage to get ahead of the competition
  • The 6 questions to ask yourself after you first meet with a seller to determine if it's the right deal
  • In this module, you get the inside scoop so that you can understand exactly what's on the seller's mind, how to approach the seller of a company to ensure the deal works in your favor, and even how the process works so that when YOU sell your company, you're an old pro by then!

Module 7 – Acquisition Phase

  • The Acquisition phase, from start to finish, including an overview and examples of these assets:
    • The letter of intent
    • Diligence checklist
    • Asset purchase agreement
  • Acquisition contingencies
  • The 6 steps of emotional negotiations
  • The 5 minute stress test before making an offer
  • The non-owner advantage
  • A breakdown of the incentives and communication channels of all parties involves – buyer, seller, broker, banker, accountant, and lawyer
  • The 3 types of due diligence to make to create triple the certainty
  • This modules thoroughly review the crucial components to buying a business and how to make sure everything goes smoothly, all the way through the final close.

Module 8 – Then Build!

  • Once you've acquired the business – now what? Learn the important first steps of growing your new business and maximizing your return on investment, whether that’s through income from the business, or from flipping the business
  • The 7 step closing process
  • Acquisition as an exit strategy
  • This module goes step by step through the process of going from "bought the company" to either "stable cashflow / lifestyle biz" or "built value then sold it"
  • And once your first acquisition is successful…how can you leverage that into acquiring 10 more….?
  • Also includes a breakdown of the first 90 days of your new acquisition, and the 3 growth models.

Get Flipping & Wholesaling Academy – Walker Deibel, Only Price $127

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