Foolproof Facebook Ads


How to make high-converting video ads even if you have ZERO custom content


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Sexy FB Ad Secrets Inside

  • How to make high-converting video ads even if you have ZERO custom content
  • The Little-Known FB Ad policy you must be aware of if you’re not from the United States
  • ​The 5 scaling methods I use (and how to pick the right one for your specific situation)
  • The 8-Step “Nuclear Option” for getting around constant FB ad account bans (Like the real-world Nuclear Option, this is an extreme measure and should NOT be used willy-nilly at the first opportunity.)
  • The exact list of 32 countries my team targets when scaling ads internationally (After over $1 million dollars spent on FB ads, these are the countries we found work best.)

“This course concentrates on the important things that make a customer buy. Facebook Ads really become so simple when you follow this Framework.”

– Luke A.

“Things just started to ‘click’… I was feeling pretty lost with FB ads and had lots of fluctuating results. This course made everything crystal clear and I’m finally making profit (quite a bit actually) every day!”

– Josh P.

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