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Don’t Just Get Things Done. Achieve More by Doing Less.

Introducing Free to Focus™ from Michael Hyatt, a total productivity system designed specifically for executives, entrepreneurs, and leaders, created to help you slay distractions, free your time from interruptions, and finally focus on the projects and people that matter most.

Life on the Hamster Wheel… Where the Work Never Stops

Do you find that in spite of the amount of hours you work, the most important things still don’t get done? Are you regularly overwhelmed by interruptions, distractions, and ineffective processes in your workplace, regardless of how high-achieving you are? Is the constant stream of work separating you from your priorities—like spending time with your family, exercising, seeing your friends, pursuing your passions, and taking vacations?

You may have tried other productivity systems with unsatisfying results. You may think that you’ll never get off the hamster wheel you’re running on. You’re watching your life disappear into 50 and 60+ hour workweeks, and no matter how hard you work, nothing seems to change.

There Has to Be a Better Way—and There Is.

Developed by successful former CEO and thriving entrepreneur Michael Hyatt, Free to Focus is a transformative productivity system designed especially for busy leaders, from entrepreneurs to executives. This 3-part course provides an actionable blueprint for prioritizing the high-leverage activities in your business, clearing the path for you to generate more revenue and do more of the work you love.

Unlike other productivity systems, Free to Focus is not for cramming more tasks into your schedule — it’s not about DOING more. It’s about accomplishing more by doing LESS.

This dynamic course is an accelerator that helps you drive results and free up your schedule for the people and projects that matter most. By teaching you to spend 80% of your time of what’s most important (instead of the mere 20% most leaders are able to devote to their priorities), Free to Focus provides gains at work and restores balance to your personal life.

Find Freedom, Relief, and Satisfaction in Your Work

The online course and vault of bonuses are the turn-key solution for an overwhelmed work life, providing relief and satisfaction as you get back to your highest-impact projects and free up your schedule for the people you care about the most.

The total Free to Focus experience is provided in a 3-Day Intensive Workshop, where participants receive personalized training from Michael as they learn and implement the principles of the course during three incredible days of teaching. This is especially recommended for corporate teams, executives, and business owners who want to experience rapid transformation.

When you’re Free to Focus, the way you work—and live your life—will never be the same!

Status: Public Enrollment Is Currently Closed

Public enrollment for Free to Focus is not open right now, but you can sign up to receive updates about when this revolutionary course will be open again.

As a special bonus, we’ll give you access to the Personal Productivity Assessment. Find out how productive you really are… and what you can do about it right now!

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