Functional Patterns - Naudi Aguilar

Functional Patterns – Naudi Aguilar


Available course Functional Patterns – Naudi Aguilar – File Size: 12.1 GB – My journey in the health and fitness industry has been one of continual growth. I began this journey in 2006 by moving to San Diego to pursue a career in personal training. Price:$25

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Functional Patterns – Naudi Aguilar course is available you will get immediately after payment only $25.

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Functional Patterns Training System

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Human Foundations Bundle

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My adventure withinside the fitness and health enterprise has been certainly considered one among chronic growth. I started out this adventure in 2006 via way of means of shifting to San Diego to pursue a profession in private training. I turned into budding musician, however firmly understood that making it as a composer/manufacturer possibly wasn’t going to pay the payments immediately. At this point, I positioned my ardour for tune apart and determined to place my efforts into some other ardour, health. It is right here wherein I began out my obsessive pursuit to apprehend the human organism.

The idea of Functional Patterns is a teach of concept that has been constructing upon itself over the route of my whole lifetime. I turned into taught at a completely younger age to impeach authority and the whole lot round me via way of means of my especially skeptical dad and mom. My dad and mom had been extraordinarily tough employees who had been very imaginative with the little cash they had. They lived via way of means of the “exercise what you preach” motto in each experience they could. The apple didn’t fall very some distance from the tree and I actually have embodied (to the quality of my ability) what I turned into lucky sufficient to learn at a completely younger age. The Functional Patterns approach didn’t begin with the memorization of techniques. It began out at a base of reasoning that has apparently been lacking from the enterprise of fitness today. When ego checking studies of lifestyles combined with the values I had already stressed in from my childhood, a extraordinary technique toward searching on the human organism emerged.

By the time I had approached the health enterprise, I had studied some of the social sciences that had been starting to form my subconscious. I had come from a small metropolis wherein humans had been very sheltered and even though I nevertheless concept differently, some of the small metropolis affects had been nevertheless found in me. I had come to recognize that many proscribing ideals had been internal me and that I had to apprehend their origins to shed the ones limitations. It turned into a painful war to mention the least. When I got here to San Diego to begin my profession, I knew that I turned into going to should be inclined to drop the whole lot I knew if it supposed making it withinside the health enterprise as a private trainer. Still there had been a few ideals in me that I turned into blind to that had been too deeply ingrained to allow pass at that point. The maximum proscribing of maximum of these ideals: desiring to be buff…

My foundations when it came to working out were extremely primitive. I made the associations that because I was short, I needed to compensate for that by building muscle. Little did I know that most of my life working out to purely build muscle was acting as a mask to hide the problem of my poor self image. My knowledge on how to build muscle was limited at that time and I was fortunate enough to have a manager that really knew the science behind packing some serious muscle. Obviously building on my already poor self image was not a good thing, but by learning that one science it enabled me to extract that information and use it on a wide array of other sciences. Although I knew science existed, I never paid any mind to it. It wasn’t til I was introduced to science in a bodybuilding format that made me realize how powerful it was. It was so powerful that I had gained 20 lbs of mass in 9 weeks without the use of steroids or any supplements, and I accomplished that by lifting about half the weight that I used to lift. In the 6 years prior working out, I had never seen gains of that magnitude. I felt like I had been given a tool belt of thought I could never imagined in my mind.

During that time of experimenting with bodybuilding, I had many of my other colleagues in the gym getting into my ear about functional training. As hard headed as I was about my own body, I knew that at least for the general population functional training was a safe alternative to the bodybuilding workouts I was doing. These trainers at my gym would tell me about how functionality needs to be administered if we expect for people to live longer and healthier. From my perspective, longevity for my client’s made a whole lot of sense. It just didn’t seem to be that way for myself. It’s as if I had two schools of thought I got to extract from. A mastermind genius in bodybuilding (Jim Patterson) that was extremely scientific in his approach and some progressive geniuses in their own right (Marcus Heliker) divulging on the future of what the fitness industry would evolve towards. Within time I slowly started integrating the progressive along with what I was already doing. After obsessively pursuing each training philosophy, I began to notice things happening with my body that had never happened before.

After using my body as my first experiment for the implementation of new training techniques, I started to feel pain for the first time in my life. Debilitating pain. Pain that left me bed ridden at times. I would have rotator cuff impingement and lower back problems that would disrupt my sleep at night and would simply not let me function comfortably in reality. For 3 months I tried several different types of therapy that would help temporarily, but they weren’t getting at the source of the problem. Coming from a perspective of feeling invincible in my early 20’s to not being able to workout was the most ego crushing thing I had ever experienced in my life. During this time I was slowly becoming aware of my poor self image, until one day I was slapped in the face by reality. Through a friend I was referred to a scientific massage therapist (Laura Vedra) who took a different approach than the other scientific massage therapists I had seen prior. Without knowing anything about me, I vividly remember her telling me: “you’re extremely depressed”. I looked at her and said “what do you mean”? “Your posture is closed off, you’re trying to hide something”, she replied. At this stage, I was doing corrective exercise and myofascial release almost every day (under NASM guidlines), so when I was told this it stung for about 2 weeks until I finally met up with her again to give me a massage. Talk about going to a person feeling helpless… She then began to do work on me and started breaking down the science of her approach and how she went about fixing people. It made more sense than anything else I had ever heard. The problem was that she was 150 dollars per hour, and I was broker than a joke. I left the massage feeling violated, yet felt changed because my low back and shoulder were not hurting anymore. This experience planted a seed that created Functional Patterns.

After coming to the realization that I was wearing a mask all my life trying to protect myself from accepting I was human, all the while learning some theory in terms of muscle relationships, I took the learning I had from my childhood of being resourceful without having much and started experimenting with myofascial release. I knew I couldn’t afford Laura, considering I was flat broke, but knew there had to be some way to recreate the effects she had given me the day I worked with her. Within time, I became the lone weirdo at the gym rolling around on balls having people stare at me for years. Although I was alone and broke, these were some of the greatest memories of my life. I was pain free, more agile, stronger than I ever had been in my life, and most importantly I was living my life with a purpose that was not about wearing a mask. This process took about a year to learn and it has been the foundation I have built my body of information off ever since.

Life has been a constant learning experience with continuous battles to find out the relative “truths” of what it actually means to be healthy. I am forever a student of learning about the human organism and have a firm belief that I will likely never figure it out. The cliche “the more you know, the more you know you don’t know” rings true the more I learn. With that comes an ever more committed passion to serve the wellness community and my species in general.

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