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“Finally Revealed Proven Strategies For Getting Unstuck… Generating Real Momentum On Your Goals And Dreams… So You Can Enjoy Greater Success, Inner Peace & Personal Satisfaction In Your Life & Never Be At A Loss For How To Move Forward Again”

Dear Friend,

Have you ever had a goal, a dream or some problem and you can’t figure out how to get the desired change to occur? To transform your desire, hope or dream into a tangible reality?

You shimmy; you shiv; you push; you pull but the danged thing won’t budge. Nothing you do seems to resolve it – to generate progress.

You feel stuck.

What do you do? Panic? Pray? Slam the table? Buy another book? Buy a bottle…?

Help is at hand. NLP has many powerful (and frequently undocumented) processes to help a person get unstuck.

The kind of strategies that don’t appear in self-help books or courses.

Strategies that were developed by elite coaches in the field and have been tested over and over again, so you can be guaranteed they produce results.

Introducing: Getting Unstuck: Powerful Strategies For Overcoming Everyday Problems.

Almost everybody has times when they get stuck.

When challenges seem too big to bear, you try and try and nothing seems to work or you simply don’t know where to start.

Or maybe you are already making progress, it’s just not fast enough.

Either way you feel stuck.


Maybe even disheartened and disillusioned. Feeling like the goal or outcome you want is never going to happen.

The good news there is a simple process to vanish stuckness problems.

To make it a thing of the past.

The key… to getting unstuck, (paradoxically) is to not stay there.

To have multiple ways to untangle ‘stuckness’ problems and strategies to discover the right actions that will lead to tangible progress.

Inside our brand new program “Getting Unstuck: Powerful Strategies For Overcoming Everyday Problems” Master Celebrity Coach Michael Breen reveals proven strategies and insights to help you or your clients, get unstuck.

To move beyond feelings of stuckness and how to generate real momentum.

He shows you how to never be at a loss on how to move forward.

How to wire yourself (or your clients) up so action becomes easy and automatic.

That’s what Getting Unstuck is all about.

Get Getting Unstuck – Michael Breen, Only Price $25

Master Coach Michael Breen

In case you don’t know Michael’s background. He has spent three decades coaching, training and consulting to world class companies, senior leaders, celebrities, athletes and top performers all around the world.

He’s entire career has been focused on figuring out people and organisation do what they do, unpacking complex problems and designing interventions and solutions that guarantee results for his clients, regardless if they are top of their profession or just starting out.

His tools and techniques have been taught to tens of thousands of clients around the globe to help them live better lives.

In Getting Unstuck he shares some of his most effective strategies for resolving FOR GOOD performance problems.

Inside this 97 minute master class:

  • Discover the structure behind how you and other people create feelings of stuckness (and how to unpack it so you don’t have to be a victim to feelings of stuckness or inertia again)
  • Discover the six activities that if present almost always indicate that a person is stuck. This six patterns act as early-warning flags that allow you to catch stuck behaviour before it becomes chronic stuckness
  • Learn how you only ever have two classes of problems. When you look at problems from this perspective it makes solving them quicker and easier.
  • Learn explicit strategies and immediately practical tips on how to get unstuck, start moving or help others become unstuck
  • Gain powerful insights on your own behaviour and learn effective strategies for overcoming procrastinationproblems
  • Discover the role of neurological truth that underpins stuckness problems. Embrace this and you’ll understand why you’ll want to vigilant with your thoughts and words.
  • Find out how to kick chronic inertia and build momentum on your dreams and goals
  • Learn how to chunk and think about tasks so your mind-body avoids overwhelm and moves into action
  • Discover which attitudes are worth developing if you want to be someone who never gets stuck and is highly productive and effective
  • Learn Michael’s secret practice to keep seemingly stuck projects alive and moving forward against great odds
  • Learn how to self-diagnose and resolve cross-motivation issues (where you say you want one thing but find yourself repeatedly doing something else!)
  • The 6 questions that Michael uses with his clients whenever they feel stuck and wanting things to be different
  • The #1 state to develop if you or your clients ever find themselves in a chronic stuck state
  • The Master Trainer’s insight about behavioural patterning and conditioning up new habits that most trainers and coaches will never know, yet is central to being effective with yourself or your clients in creating new habits
  • Discover why the right sequencing of actions matters (Get this habit and everything else becomes much easier.)
  • Which NLP Model Michael suggests will greatly help you remain unstuck and being more effective with clients.

And more.

Almost Two Hours Of Expert Training Professionally Edited & Immediately Downloadable

Getting Unstuck has been professionally edited into six immediately downloadable MP3 tracks along with a fifty nine page training transcript.

So you can download the entire course for playback on your smart phone, PC/MAC or tablet and highlight every key strategy shared.

You can enjoy all of the above benefits for just USD $49

You get nearly two hours of expert training teaching you tons of practical strategies and powerful heuristics for how to get and stay unstuck!

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Get Getting Unstuck – Michael Breen, Only Price $25

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