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27 Proven Marketing Strategies To Boost Your Practice Profits

“Before I purchased the CDs, I thought marketing a medical practice was unprofessional. After listening to the CDs, I realized that Lonnie and Stewart’s methods and strategies offered professional solutions to marketing, which I was not hesitant to implement. Implementation of these strategies was very well received by both patients and colleagues. My use of these strategies has resulted in a very positive impact on my practice.” –  Brien Dugas, MD, Wakefield, RI

You’ll find all the marketing secrets you need to know packed onto these 8 fast-paced, information-rich CDs
Now for the first time, two of America’s leading practice building experts have agreed to share many of their best secrets via an ultra-affordable CD series format.

As a result , there’s no reason for you to risk wasting thousands of dollars on hit-or-miss marketing anymore.

Better still, we share our 28 years experience and knowledge of what works (and what doesn’t) for a fraction of what you might expect to pay.

If you are time stressed (and who isn’t), you will also appreciate the time-saving convenience that these CDs provide.
When you buy these CDs you’ll be able to rapidly ramp up your healthcare marketing knowledge when it is convenient for you: in your car, while exercising, or whenever. Take a look at all the topics we include below, and then click the appropriate link to initiate your order. And remember, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Here are the topics you’ll receive:

CD 1: Introduction to Practice Marketing

CD 2: Best Practices to Grow Your Practice Profits

  • Track 1: Play to Win
  • Track 2: Ethical Marketing
  • Track 3: Ethically Targeting Specific Cases
  • Track 4: Marketing as a “System”
  • Track 5: Tracking and Evaluating Your Marketing Results
  • Track 6: Consistency and Repetition of Your Marketing Efforts
  • Track 7: Marketing Planning as a Process
  • Track 8: Setting SMART Goals
  • Track 9: Defining a Marketing Budget
  • Track 10: Strategies, Tactics and Action Plans
  • Track 11: Methods of Marketing
  • Track 12: Brand Marketing
  • Track 13: Direct Response Marketing
  • Track 14: Hybrid Marketing

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CD 3: Build Your Reputation (Branding)

  • Track 1: Importance of Differentiation and Branding in Private Practice
  • Track 2: Strategic Advantages of a Strong Brand
  • Track 3: What is a Brand?
  • Track 4: What Do Your Patients Want from You?
  • Track 5: Positioning: Your Unique Value Proposition
  • Track 6: Famous Positioning Examples
  • Track 7: Positioning Analysis
  • Track 8: Defining Your Target Audience
  • Track 9: The Target Audience Perspective
  • Track 10: What is Your Edge?
  • Track 11: Naming Your Practice
  • Track 12: Office Appearance as Part of Your Brand
  • Track 13: Branding from the Inside Out
  • Track 14: Evaluating the Service Mix in Your Brand
  • Track 15: The Center of Excellence as Part of a Brand
  • Track 16: Brand Communications Strategies
  • Track 17: Form vs. Essence
  • Track 18: The Role of the Logo in Branding
  • Track 19: Defining Your Brand: Some Examples

CD 4: Create Systems So That Your Patients Refer in Droves (Internal Marketing)

  • Track 1: Internal Marketing‚ Walking the Talk of Your Brand
  • Track 2: Key Issues to Consider
  • Track 3: A Patient-Centered Practice Takes Effort
  • Track 4: Leadership by Example
  • Track 5: Improving the Patient Experience
  • Track 6: Improving Social Skills of Providers and Staff
  • Track 7: Improving Staff Effectiveness with Phone Inquiries
  • Track 8: Increasing Case Acceptance of Your Treatment Recommendations
  • Track 9: Improving Patient Retention and Reducing Attrition
  • Track 10: Cross Selling Additional Services to Your Patients
  • Track 11: Leverage Your Patient Base to Generate More Referrals
  • Track 12: Mailings to Patients ‚ email and E-Newsletters vs. “Snail Mail”

CD 5: Attract Patients Through Powerful, Ethical External Marketing

  • Track 1: The Power of First Impressions
  • Track 2: Target Audience Issues
  • Track 3: Why You?
  • Track 4: Why Now?
  • Track 5: You Are Not Your Target Audience
  • Track 6: Handling Patients from External Marketing Differently
  • Track 7: Seasonality in External Advertising
  • Track 8: Determining Your Prime Marketplace
  • Track 9: Targeting Patients Strategically
  • Track 10: How to Get Free Publicity
  • Track 11: External Office Sign
  • Track 12: Yellow Pages Advertising
  • Track 13: Newspaper and Magazine Advertising
  • Track 14: Radio Advertising
  • Track 15: Television Advertising
  • Track 16: Direct Mail and Insert Advertising
  • Track 17: Marketing to Local Businesses
  • Track 18: “Born Losers” of External Marketing
  • Track 19: Guerrilla Marketing Strategies
  • Track 20: Final Thoughts on External Marketing as a System

CD 6: Search Engine Optimization (How to Get Found)

  • Track 1: The Evolution of Internet Marketing
  • Track 2: The 80-20 Rule for Internet Marketing
  • Track 3: Future Trends in Internet Marketing
  • Track 4: Strategic Marketing Purposes for Your Web Site
  • Track 5: What Makes a Good Web Site?
  • Track 6: Common Misconceptions about Web Sites
  • Track 7: How to Get “Traffic” to Your Web Site
  • Track 8: Search Engine Optimization (How to Get Found)
  • Track 9: Paid Internet Advertising Strategies
  • Track 10: Getting Links to Your Web Site
  • Track 11: Guerrilla Internet Marketing Strategies
  • Track 12: Implementing Your Internet Marketing Strategy

CD 7: How to Triple Your Number of Doctor Referrals

  • Track 1: Building Your Professional Referral Marketing System
  • Track 2: What Referring Doctors Want
  • Track 3: Professional Referral Marketing Faux Pas
  • Track 4: The Role of the Practice Marketing Representative
  • Track 5: The Key Referrer Program
  • Track 6: Tactics for Cultivating and Sustaining Strong Relationships
  • Track 7: Professional alerts
  • Track 8: Program Sheets
  • Track 9: Practice Presentation Kit
  • Track 10: Bonding Over Food
  • Track 11: Courting the Front Office Staff
  • Track 12: Reverse Engineering Referrals
  • Track 13: Gifts to Referrers
  • Track 14: Proving Yourself to a New Referral Source
  • Track 15: More Referral Strategies
  • Track 16: Cross-Promotion
  • Track 17: Putting It All Together

CD 8: How to Hire Outstanding Creative Talent

  • Track 1: Most Important Next Steps
  • Track 2: Marketing Planning Process ‚ Review
  • Track 3: Marketing System Elements
  • Track 4: How to Hire Good Creative Talent
  • Track 5: Common Traits of Successful Practitioners
  • Track 6: Inspiring Success Stories You Can Learn From

Get Healthcare Marketing Strategies – Stewart Gandolf & Lonnie Hirsch, Only Price $49 

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