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Help Your Clients Build Strong, Sustainable Resilience So They Can Take On Life’s Most Difficult Challenges

Here’s How . . .

How do we help clients cultivate resilience? How do we help them change the way they respond to stress so that they thrive during challenges?

Introducing . . .

This program walks you through resilience – from its neurobiological origins to practical strategies and solutions.

How to Help Your Clients Experience the Life-Changing Transformation of True Resilience

A Comprehensive, Practical Training Focused on Helping Clients Develop and Maintain Stronger Resilience

  • The Part of the Brain We Must Target to Promote Resilience
  • How Secure Relationships can Rewire the Brain for Greater Resilience
  • The One Part of our Childhood That Most Impacts Resilience
  • How to Help your Clients Develop a “Positivity Bias”
  • The “Shuttle Diplomacy” Approach for Integrating the Two Hemispheres of the Brain
  • How to Help Clients Keep their Prefrontal Cortex from Getting Bumped Offline
  • How to Create a “Left Shift” in the Brain to Build Stronger Neural Connectivity and Resilience
  • How Compassion Training can Disarm Fear and Reduce Suffering
  • What Star Trek can Teach us about Sustainable Resilience
  • Case Study: How One Practitioner Regained Emotional Balance after a Tragedy
  • How to use Mental Training to Disrupt the Patterns That Lead to Self-Blame
  • The Powerful Stress-reducing Effect of the “Self-Compassion Break”
  • The Practitioner’s Vital Role in Helping Clients Reactivate Healthy Neuroplasticity

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