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The Soul Alchemist Level 2 Certification just got a MASSIVE update.

Before the entire certification consisted of only 2 videos and it had a little over 4 hours of recorded material. That being said it was a phenomenal DNA Activation training.

Yet the newly updated Soul Alchemist Training now has:

– 6 different training videos (1 for removing implants, 3 for DNA Activation, 1 for heart chakra opening and 1 for manifestation)

– More than 9 hours of recorded material!

I sincerely believe this is one of the best and most complete DNA Activation Trainings you can possibly get certified in right now.

This coming Sunday, September 8th the price for the Soul Alchemist Level 2 will go up to reflect the added value. Please read below to find out what has changed, what’s new and how you can still get the training at its original price before it goes up.


The Soul Alchemist Level 2 training is really a 4 in 1 certification. In it you’ll get certified on how to perform the following sessions:

1) Clear unnatural implants and seals

2) Activate the 12 strand DNA and the Golden Rishi DNA

3) Opening the heart charka

4) Advanced Higher Self Manifestation


1ST SESSION (Training Time 1:27:58)

In the first session I will be explaining the minute details about:

– What are unnatural implants and seals

– Where in your energetic body these implants and seals are located

– How the affect DNA Activation, higher sensory perception and the connection to your Higher Self

– How to remove these unnatural implants and seals

– How to connect to your Higher Self and read energy signatures

– Learn how to open and close a session

– Learn the full protocol to clear implants PERMANENTLY

In order to demonstrate this protocol I facilitated the removal of 7 seals that disrupt the natural flow of life force energy through the bio-energetic system. Then participants got to practice how to remove other high priority implants and seals.

However, instead of just facilitating the Implants Clearing session I will be telling you everything that I’m doing and how I do it. You will get a behind the scenes look at how I work.

Get In Light Ment – Gustavo Castaner, Only Price $77


1ST SESSION – (Training Time 1:37:31)

DNA Blockages and Incarnate Identity

In the first session of the DNA Activation Training I will be explaining the minute details about:

– What is DNA Activation

– What is ascension and how is connected to the Angelic Human Evolution

– What is your Incarnate Identity

– How to remove DNA blockages on all strands of DNA

– How to harmonize the 1st three strands of DNA (physical, emotional and mental bodies)

– How the chakras are related to your DNA strands and levels of consciousness

In this session we removed DNA blockages and then got to work on strands 1, 2 and 3. I also shared additional resources to optimize your physical body (including what you eat), your emotional processing abilities and your ability to think clearly.

2nd SESSION – (Training Time 1:42:16)

Part 1: Soul Identity and DNA Activation Strands 4-6 

In the second session of the DNA Activation Training I will be explaining the minute details about:

– What is your Soul Matrix and Superconscious mind plus their location within this time matrix

– 3 Levels of consciousness found within your Soul Identity

– The process of Soul Integration

– The 4 Functions of the Superconscious mind

– How strands 4, 5 and 6 are connected to your chakras

– DNA Activation of strands 4-6

In order to demonstrate this protocol I will perform a Soul Matrix DNA Activation. Then I will have participants practice this activation on themselves and each other.

In this session you will gain a lot of understanding about the first level of your Higher Self and how you can EMBODY IT!.

3rd SESSION (Training Time 1:16:18) Over-Soul Identity and DNA Activation Strands 7-9

In the second part of the DNA Activation Training I will be explaining the minute details about:

– Your Over-Soul Identity

– What is your Planetary Mind Matrix or “Planetary Logos”

– How your Higher Self creates numerous identities as it “steps down” through the process of involution

– The location, colors and dimensions that correspond to your morphogenetic chakras (8-15)

– DNA Activation for strands 7, 8 and 9

3rd Session Part II: Avatar Identity and the Golden Rishi DNA Activation

During the final part of the DNA Activation Training I will be explaining the minute details about:

– Avatar and Rishi Identies

– The true definition of Avatars and Ascended Masters

– The true meaning and origin of Christ Consciousness

– The Higher Self of planet Earth and their names and locations

– How ascension will look like

– DNA Activation for strands 10, 11 and 12

– What is the Divine Trinity and Primal Life Force Currents

– The dynamics of how Source individuated through the process of involution

– The true nature of kundalini

– Golden Rishi Unity Consciousness DNA Activation and guided visualization

In this session we finally arrive to the HIGHEST levels of your Higher Self. These two powerful DNA Activations will leave you buzzing with energy and connect you to the clearest source of guidance.

Bonus Training and Healing Sessions


In this training session I will be explaining the minute details about:

  • How to cultivate unconditional love
  • My favorite tools and strategies to keep the hear chakra open and flowing
  • The different levels of love

Plus you’ll receive 5 powerful energy activations for the heart chakra:

  1. Heart Chakra Frequency Balancing and Opening
  2. Heart Centered In Unconditional Love Activation
  3. Heart Wisdom Compass Activation
  4. Heart Chakra Relationship Cleanse
  5. Omni Love Cellular Memory DNA Activation

2. YIN AND YANG MANIFESTATION (Training Time 1:18:44)

In this training session I will be explaining the minute details about:

  • Manifesting from your Ego Vs. Manifesting from your Higher Self
  • Using Yang energy for manifestations
  • Using Yin energy for manifestations
  • My two favorite manifestation techniques and the protocol to perform each technique
  • How to use your sexual energy to supercharge your manifestations, including a very detailed manifestation technique to use while making love.

Then you will receive 4 energy activations using different Harmonic Resonance Codes with the intent to:

  1. Manifest In Alignment With your Avatar Self (12th dimensional self)
  2. Aligning Your Free Will with Higher Self Will
  3. Surrendering to Divine Right Timing and Divine Right Order
  4. Cultivating One Pointed Focus

As you progressively activate your DNA, embody your Higher Self and raise your frequency your manifestation abilities will become more powerful and faster.


In this training you will learn the minute details about:

  • True origins of the Indigo Children
  • The different DNA Templates of each Indigo
  • The different missions of each Indigo
  • Merkaba mechanics

Plus you’ll receive DNA Activations specifically made for Indigos and their 24-48 strand DNA Template.

BECOME A SOUL ALCHEMIST LEVEL 2 Certified Practitioner

With this certification you’ll have a full DNA Activation session series that will allow you to activate all 12 strands of DNA for the Angelic Human DNA plus the Golden Rishi DNA.

The investment for this Practitioner Certification is 1987 (regular price $3000).

You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll be performing DNA Activations on yourself and others.


Gustavo Castañer

Founder of In-Light-Ment and Ascended Relationships

Get In Light Ment – Gustavo Castaner, Only Price $77

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