Invoking the “Destroyer of Diseases” Health Activation & Clearing


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Hello friends,

On the date when this clearing was recorded, it was during a month in which miracle consciousness is highly available.  During this time, a Goddess Archetype form known as the "Destroyer of Diseases" became highly activated.

Does it surprise you that we are using spiritual clearing work to help resolve health challenges?

Remember that your bodily health is an expression of your consciousness, and that health challenges always have their roots in unprocessed unresolved energies from this and from past lives.

Remember — a fundamental quality of the Universe is Wholeness.

Wholeness means completeness, all parts working well, and working together in harmony.

We are each here to re-present the Divine attributes of the Cosmos in our own bodies and lives.  Therefore, it is natural — and Divine — that we should seek a greater expression of health and wholeness.

This does not mean that it does not matter what we eat or what physical therapies we participate in — but if we are running inner blocks to health and healing within our consciousness, we may not feel motivated, empowered, and resourced to fulfill our unique Divine Destiny of Health at all.

We may be hitting up against blocks to healing, and not know why.

So it is essential for you to continually clear and resolve old programs while invoking the power of Higher Vibration Divine Archetypes of healing so that you can begin to express more of your innate Divine qualities of Health.

This type of work can prevent health conditions before they manifest, because all health conditions express from the "need" of the soul to resolve certain issues that way.

By doing clearing work like we're going to do here, you resolve the issues in the soul first, preventing the need for a discordant physical manifestation (or for continued discordant physical manifestation).

Experiencing, revealing, and expressing higher amounts of Divine Health as your body and mind is a spiritual practice first.

It all starts with your consciousness, with your desire to be more free and fulfilled in the body.  It enables you to fulfill more of your unique potential.  Join us!

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