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Hi Fellow JVNP 2.0 Partner,

Wow …

That’s all I could say. Jon Tarr and Kyle Bell are inviting you to Their Island Lifestyle Mastermind in St. Martin!

I know, you’re just as speechless as me. Jon and Kyle have run a million dollar Media Buying company and are absolute pros in their field. They have coached hundreds of people, turned them into excellent students, changed their lives forever and helped generate over 250 Million dollars over the past 3 years.

Just this past March one of their students generated over $300,000 in profit with NO marketing experience. The course is rock solid with 13 topics from selecting a niche, selecting an offer, building your campaign and the most important topic – scaling.

This is not where it ends. Learn how to master ad sources and select even better offers to differentiate yourself from a beginner Media Buyer to the Super affiliate that you want to be and that everyone else wants. This means even higher commission and more profit.

Opportunities keep opening up. Bring your knowledge to the next level and learn how to take on your own media buying clients and run traffic for them. This means be the entrepreneur you always wanted to be.

Change the lives of your customers and help them go from a complete newbie, who has no marketing background, to a successful entrepreneur offering THE life to themselves and to their family. Help your customer and your customer will help you. Karma.

Now let’s focus again on what’s in for you for sharing this incredible opportunity. As I mentioned, you can earn a trip to St. Martin and experience Jon and Kyle’s knowledge first hand. And the best thing is that they will also pay for your hotel and flight. You’re probably thinking there must be a catch?

Well there is. You’ll only need 20 initial sales. Now you can think of it as a catch if you want, but 20 initial sales to participate in a Mastermind and mingle alongside Nate Kennedy, Julian Farley, Michael Taggert, and many others isn’t really a catch, is it?

All sales must be in by June 18th, so be sure to get this up on your calendar now. Sign up for our affiliate program.

That’s not all. Of course, you’ll earn a very generous commission rate. Compared to industry standard (which is 50%) we will pay you 60% commission on our front end offer, which is priced at $347. Our upsells are paid out at 40% and 30% based on a $497 and $997 price point, respectively.

Get Island Lifestyle Blueprint – Jon Tarr & Kyle Bell’s, only price $52

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