Javanese Magnetism


What to learn in the Javanese Magnetism training:


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What to learn in the Javanese Magnetism training:

  • How you can change your state in a few seconds to get access to attract all kind of energy in the universe.
  •  How you can get any energy from the universe easy and very quick.  Attract: Star Energy , Moon energy, solar energy, earth energy, … any energy for the purpose you wish or need…
  • How to create a receiver into your body to receive a greater energy. How to strengthen it and to attract … and to access energy to use instant … these energies for healing, attracting a goal, protection, love and relationship, every object you wish!
  • How to get in contact with spiritual guides, holy spirits, higher light beings, masters or even angels can obtain their assistance through the Universe or Cosmos.
  • How our spiritual brothers / sisters (to open in Javanese esoteric tradition, when we were born) to let them help us after we made access to them, namely: “Kakang Kawah (amniotic fluid), Adi Ari -Ari ( placenta), Getih (blood) and Puser (Navel).
  • How to use a mantra, not just reading, also create mantra! Specifically to achieve or attract your target. What would you like to achieve or do in your life?
  • How to create a visual aide in Ultimate Javanese Magnetism ™ working 24/7 for you to attract customers for example …
  • How to transfer energy to another person, with intent and energy transfer, easier, faster, stronger and clearer.
  • How to set up a protection against negative influences and how this negativity can be destroyed for yourself, loved ones or customers.
  •  How to make you more popular with your aura or energy field around you. How you will enhance your charisma.
  • How you can feel energy with your physical body, clearly and in a few seconds … Not only with your heart or intuition … But actually feel the energy.
  • Learn the secret of “Ultimate Javanese Magnetism ™” and also the techniques to extract huge amounts of energy from the universe.
  • How to mesmerize and hypnotize people with strong energy or assist in healing. Or simply combine it with what you already do in life.
  • How You can create a strong connection in terms of energy such as hypnosis “the report” but without one word, only with energy! This connection can be seen on YouTube in several videos. If people can be completely integrated on each side. Change in behavior, healing. Simply by giving a powerful suggestion. People in this state are super receptive to your suggestion.
  • How to make your intent stronger so it will work like a laser into the subconscious of the subject and burn your suggestion into the brain. Ideal to break patterns in humans and install a new program so they feel much better.
  •  How to create a stronger protection, for example in an accident (the function of a helmet for example …) Your car itself and many other things that can give you an energy shield to protect yourself and your passengers.
  • How to use a self-defense technique without really learn self-defense, which is very useful in unpredictable situations, you will notice that when you start to work with these forces seldom you will be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

You will be more in the right places at the right time.

  • How you “inner strength” can increase in only one day, so you can use breaking a metal or a hard thing as a brick. Superpowers.
  • How to get in Javanese esoteric tradition access to the gods.
  • How to transfer energy to water for healing or influence how to make magnetized water. For a stronger connection … we are about 2/3 of water and water has the ability to take over the programming. It is a superconductor … we use it to our advantage.
  • How to calm an angry person, and this in a few minutes, usually even in seconds.
  • How to increase libido in another person, in a few seconds.
  • And much more.

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