Knowing God – Reverend Jim Lee


Receive advanced spiritual principles and practices that can take you into direct experience of the Divine and give you an enhanced ability to create sacred communities based on wisdom and joy.


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Receive advanced spiritual principles and practices that can take you into direct experience of the Divine and give you an enhanced ability to create sacred communities based on wisdom and joy.

The 20th century gave us a remarkable flowering of new understandings of God and what it means to walk a spiritual path, as teachings and practices from around the world blended, hybridized and sparked new possibilities.

At the heart of this flowering, the Progressive Spirituality movement brought a synthesis of wisdom teachings, profound new metaphysical understandings and a deeper sense of the ways human consciousness co-creates our reality.

From a few pioneering founders, Progressive Spirituality denominations grew into thousands of communities worldwide committed to a globally-centered path that embraces the wisdom from multiple religious lineages and harnesses more of the power of our minds to access our souls directly.

Entering a New Era

And now, as the 21st century gathers momentum, people are no longer satisfied with merely hearing about deep metaphysical truths on Sundays. Many of us yearn to live in a state of Divine connection and communion every day.

Entering this new era, we are each called to actualize the full promise of our spiritual paths: To stand in our full truth, power and glory as emissaries of God, messengers of the Divine, and servants of Spirit.

At the same time, our increasingly interconnected world faces countless crises, from environmental to economic – many of them derived from feelings of separation from God and each other.

What we need is a clear path to intuit and co-create a higher plan for humanity based on sacred principles. The challenges of our world can only be met effectively by humans who embrace and share a path that is more whole and aligned with Divine truth.

That’s where you come in.

You have likely been committed to a path of self-knowledge and personal growth, deepening your understanding of metaphysics and the disciplines of the mind that allow you to become a more powerful co-creator.

And while you respect and honor the Progressive Spirituality lineages, you may realize that evolution is always unfolding and current teachings and practices are also evolving beyond the original founding vision of the movement.

Fulfilling Your Higher Purpose

You recognize that you are here for higher purposes. You have your own mission from God, which likely involves establishing an intimate, deep and profound mystical connection to really know God directly and enact your higher mission.

In searching to fulfill this mission, your heart may hunger for more passion, reverence, vulnerability, truth and wisdom – and more love.

Your soul may ache for a deeper liberation than you have yet experienced, a more ecstatic surrender into the arms of the Divine.

The old teachings that you once found illuminating may not fulfill you in the same way.

And this is a good and sacred thing. Your hunger is a signal from your being to God that you are ready for your next step – to enter into the mystery of sacred partnership with the Divine, knowing yourself as a miniature God-ling, infused with the same consciousness that permeates the vast universe – a consciousness that connects you with all of life.

Entering into the Mystery of Divine Knowing

As you enter into this next stage – a dance of mystical communion – you will begin to receive more guidance for enacting your soul’s plan and creating communities filled with love, wisdom and joy.

You will learn to take the journey from the higher mind into the Sacred Heart, where the alchemy of your full self can happen.

This is a natural evolution that comes to every soul at a certain stage of the spiritual path.

So if you’re ready to transform faith and belief into a direct union of God and your higher Self, then you are ready to know God.

Knowing God is not an intellectual understanding, although a foundation of intellectual knowledge can be helpful. It’s a total-body-mind-emotion-soul direct “knowing” of the truth.

And this truth reveals something beyond the anthropomorphic, punitive God of the Old Testament. It reveals a God who is both transcendent to this world and immanent in every being.

God is both out there and within us. In truth, you are in God, God is in you, and we are all aspects of God. Jesus said, “I am in my Father, ye are in me, and I in you.”

The truth of your Divine identity and oneness is liberating and radical. As it sinks into the roots of your being, it gives you the foundation for building a wholly new kind of world. In this new world, war and violence are banished. Love replaces fear and justice, separation and lack.

When you plug into the higher truth, you’re essentially connecting to the spiritual power grid. You have more energy, enthusiasm, passion, wisdom and knowledge about how to navigate life’s challenges.

There are, of course, stages of unfolding this realization and you do go through a phase of entering into that higher state and then falling away for some time. You glimpse the higher possibility and then the chaos of modern life or challenges of family pull you back into your neurotic, conflicted and isolated self.

But you still make progress, step by step, to becoming the divine human you are capable of becoming.

And that is where the Knowing God course comes in. It is more than a virtual program; it is an ignition of the next stage of the spiritual path that has been pioneered by 20th century Progressive Spirituality visionaries, now led by a 21st century visionary Reverend Jim Lee.

The Importance of a Skilled and Sacred Guide

When Marianne Williamson left Renaissance Unity after some years as a minister, she recognized that she needed to be succeeded by someone who truly understood the depths of the lineage and the best of Progressive Spirituality teachings AND understood how to bring it forward the next level.

That is why she chose Reverend Jim Lee. He is truly a man of God and a guide to mystical realization while remaining firmly grounded in social justice and building heaven on earth in practical and tangible ways – a man of sacred engagement.

Over the seven modules of Knowing God, Reverend Jim will guide you beyond your metaphysical knowledge into direct mystical knowing and teach the practices for truly embodying this wisdom in your daily life and community.

This seven–module journey is a complete and powerful roadmap, containing truly transformative practices and a community of support for going beyond the paradigms you’ve inherited and entering into a new relationship with God and spiritual life.

You’ll learn to access your inner intuition for more direct and powerful guidance that you can tap at will.

You’ll learn to open your “higher eye” and align it with your “human eye” so that your behavior and decisions are sourced from cooperation with the universe.

You’ll learn to tap into the TRUTH which is present beyond everyday perceptions of reality.

You’ll learn practices that lead to directly knowing the Divine and then apply this in everything you do, in every moment.

After seven modules in this virtual course, your ultimate classroom will be your life and you’ll have new spiritual tools and understandings to help you manifest a higher octave of your being.

If you choose to join the 7-module journey of Knowing God, you will:

  • Deepen your direct connection with God and come to know the Truth that all is sacred, regardless of outward appearances.
  • Come to understand the greater purpose for your soul, and how it can contribute to an unfolding, holistic path of awakening.
  • Move away from strictly a metaphysical understanding of Progressive Spirituality and its practices, and into a mystical knowing of God in every moment and cell of your being.
  • Learn how to apply this living knowledge of the divine in your work, relationships and acts of service.
  • Begin making decisions about your life that are solidly grounded in Spirit and the highest good for all.
  • Join a community of other spiritual pioneers who are ready for the next phase of the divine, evolutionary adventure that is continuously unfolding.
  • Embark on a journey in the latest teachings of one of the world’s most respected Progressive Spirituality leaders, at this critical time for the planet and humanity.

What You’ll Learn in These 7 Modules

In this 7-module transformational training, Jim will guide you through spiritual insights and tools and understandings to help you manifest a higher octave of your being that is ALWAYS connected to Source.

Each contemplation and training session will build harmoniously upon the next, so that you’ll develop a complete, holistic understanding of the practices, tools and principles you’ll need to sustain a direct, living connection with God.

Module 1: Spirit Evolving Part 1

(Recorded November 11, 2014)

This module explores the historical development of spirituality and its relationship to religious structure – how structure has served along with the challenges it presents. Using the Progressive Spirituality Movement as a model, we will examine the significance of the forces that initially came together to launch an entire movement and their rise to becoming an evolutionary spiritual milestone on the planet. This model can be used to bring awareness to any religious organization as well as to the spiritual life cycle of one’s personal journey.

In this first module you will:

  • Learn to recognize and tap an inspirational spark that inspires your spiritual.
  • Learn about the evolutionary life cycle of the 5 M’s: the message, the man, the movement, the machine and the monument to become more consciously aware of natural cycles in your personal spiritual practice.

Module 2: Discovering Your True Inner Divinity:

Radical Love (Recorded November 18, 2014)

This module is designed to be a living instrument for a deeply authentic relationship with the Inner Divine. Everything begins with our God concept. The term “God” throughout history has become infused with erroneous meaning, that when stripped away reveals Radical Love.

Now is the time for God to evolve beyond religion and become alive within us as Radical Love. Through simple exercises, you will expand your concept or belief in God and go where you have never gone before.

In this second live session, you’ll begin to:

  • Discover your belief structure through an exploration of your personal history with the word “God.”
  • Uncover a more authentic relationship with your inner divinity through the embodiment of Radical Love.
  • Based on this new, more mystical knowing of Spirit, design your new personal Credo (belief statement) using the tools of theology, ontology, psychology, cosmology and philosophy that Reverend Jim Lee will be sharing with you.

Module 3: Heaven Meets Earth

(Recorded November 25, 2014)

Embodying Radical Love requires that we make peace with our humanity. Common beliefs about our humanity range from total disgust to mild tolerance.

In this module, we move beyond the concept of mere tolerance for the limited part of our being and see how not only is it tolerable, but that it plays a positive role in our spiritual development. We will explore the positive significance of Spirit in its free, expanded nature, beyond time and space, coming to life within the limitations of the three–dimensional world of duality.

In this module, you will:

  • Discover the positive role duality plays in your life in bringing more conscious awareness to your divine identity.
  • Learn how, using a simple set of tools, perceived limitations can be a gateway to an even greater sense of freedom.
  • Learn practical tools designed to reintegrate fragmented parts of yourself and discover a renewed sense of spiritual power.

Module 4: Reframe Your Reality

(Recorded December 2, 2014)

Very often on our spiritual journey, we have the experience of great inspiration being followed by a major setback that seems to move us off course. There is an old saying: “We take one step forward and then two steps backward.”

In Progressive Spirituality, this is what is meant by chemicalization or “second force” and is brought about by introducing a new idea that contradicts inner belief structures. In this module, you will learn to reframe your perceptions of this process and uncover its true intention, which is really to be a friend in your moving forward. With greater awareness of the beliefs that no longer serve us, we can become more intentional and impactful.

In this module you will:

  • Learn the difference between what is true and the “Truth.”
  • Identify inner belief structures which no longer serve you.
  • Gain effective tools designed to reframe any challenging condition or circumstance and embrace a more authentic way of being.
  • Learn to maintain your connection with Source despite the “second force.”

Module 5: Daily Practices for Spiritual Embodiment (Recorded December 9, 2014)

Life is a dynamic teacher, providing us opportunities in every moment for our ever-evolving spiritual awareness. Similar to traveling in a vehicle moving at 100 miles an hour, making the choice to be awake and aware, moves us into the driver’s seat of our spiritual lives.

Developing an effective spiritual practice is crucial to creating and maintaining an awakened, love-based, joy-filled state of consciousness. In this module, we will explore the four states of consciousness: sleep, awake, aware and conscious. The four simple, spiritual exercise or practices you will learn to support you in remaining conscious are:

  • The Heart Connection Exercise
  • The 10-Second Meditation
  • The Fear-to-Love Shift
  • The Observing-the-Observer Exercise

Module 6: Creating Heaven on Earth through Sacred Action (Recorded December 16, 2014)

The natural inclination of Radical Love is to offer itself in service to others. Love looks to constantly pay itself forward. When we authentically extend ourselves in this way, we are completed and not depleted. We experience the sense that we are giving from an overflowing inner cup of joy.

In this module, you will hone in on your personal, unique way of being of service to the world and lay the foundation for its implementation through:

  • A small Group exercise on sharing Love
  • Developing a “Stand” for the world
  • Creating your personal vision statement
  • Creating a sacred action project or empowering an existing project

Module 7: Spirit Evolving Part 2

(Recorded December 23, 2014)

In the first session on this journey, we discussed the universal evolutionary process of spirituality. In this final module, we will put an evolutionary spin on our own personal journeys.

An authentic spiritual journey is dynamic rather than static in nature. It will always lead us out of our comfort zones and into the unknown. By choosing to consciously ride the wave of your own spiritual evolution, you align with its true nature and it remains alive and vibrant in you. In this final module, you will:

  • Learn to embrace positive change as a vital part of your spiritual practice.
  • Learn to take a multiple-perspectives approach and constantly seek out new ways to develop awareness.
  • Develop a deep trust in your inner authority.
  • Learn to envision and anticipate positive outcomes in every situation.

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