Language Guru Mastering The Milton Model

Language Guru Mastering The Milton Model


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Here’s The NEW WAY To Learn
Friends And Clients.

How To Use The Milton Model Fluidly And Naturally With Customers, Colleagues,
… Even in case you didn’t get it to paintings seamlessly for you
even in case you are clueless approximately what to suggest,

And even in case you’re struggled to grasp it withinside the past!

Dear Friend,

This letter is ready a very exceptional method to studying that Milton Model that gets rid of any worry of getting “caught”, gets rid of ‘forgetting’ to exercise it, gets rid of the confusion approximately which sample you have to use or what to suggest, and pretty frankly … simply can be the maximum vital communique education you ever make investments in.

But earlier than I inform you why, permit me inform you a brief story…
“The Milton Erickson Test

That Richard Bandler Failed!”

(But Inadvertently Changed The World of Hypnosis & NLP…)

One morning in January 1953,  communique researchers, Jay Haley and John Weakland had been dispatched with the aid of using famend anthropologist Gregory Bateson to Arizona, Phoenix to examine a person with a awesome communique talents who should gain ‘magnificent cures’ via most effective words – his call turned into Milton H. Erickson M.D.

The researchers, a great deal to Bateson’s surprise, got here returned from their first assembly with Erickson absolutely confused.

So Gregory went right all the way down to Phoenix for himself, to discover what happened.

But while he returned, he couldn’t keep in mind anything.

So in the future he stated to Richard Bandler, an up and coming star:

“You have to study hypnosis. Not simply any hypnosis.

You have to study from Milton H. Erickson from Arizona.”

And off Richard went to study from Erickson with the assist of John Grinder.

When Richard walked in to Erickson’s office – there in the front of him turned into wall-to-wall certificate of diplomas, tiers and each award and accomplishment one should imagine.

The message turned into clear.

Milton took hypnosis very significantly and had made it his lifestyles paintings for others to understand that that is some thing really well worth having. So he turned into very unique approximately who he allowed in to the returned of his residence to study from him.

His imaginitive plan to weed out folks who sincerely desired to study for entertainment (together with degree hypnotists etc.) or con guys turned into to position them via a chain of hypnotic checks.

(Milton continually determined the fakers, and of path did some thing to them…)

When Milton met Richard the primary element he desired to understand turned into why he desired to study hypnosis, because he wasn’t a psychotherapist.

After Richard defined he turned into despatched with the aid of using Gregory and desired to version him, he stated:

“OK, you’ve got got simply 2 checks you should pass.”

The first turned into a riddle.

Erickson’s riddles had been well-known for now no longer making a great deal feel to the aware mind. They had been extra like Zen koans aimed toward a person’s unconscious, whose secrets and techniques should most effective be unlocked in a trance in which the layered language, significant pauses and factors of ambiguity Erickson turned into a grasp of, should cause the proper response from a worth student.

Bandler handed the primary check with flying colours.

Milton responded, “Good. Now directly to the second one check.”

He passed Richard a unmarried web page, written with the aid of using a female and stated:

“Read this and inform me the female’s age, career and analysis.”

Erickson turned into well-known for his capacity to make connections, diagnose clients’ troubles and generate the suitable solution – via apparently inappropriate non-public details.

Richard study the web page and took a wager on the female’s age and career and stated:

“I can’t come up with a analysis due to the fact I don’t understand what the picks are. I don’t have any psychology in my background.

You should make it more than one choice…?”

Erickson responded:

“You have to understand the analysis. Obviously this female is a schizophrenic, is 31 years vintage and her career is a inn clerk.”

He then confirmed Richard how he related the dots so easily.

Richard had failed the second one check.

But Richard isn’t understanding for giving up. So he used Erickson’s very own styles returned on him, and brought a number of his signature sharp-wondering humour while he stated:

“Milton how is this so familiar to you?”

Erickson regarded returned at Richard and stated:

“Do you recognize what a WISEGUY is?”

Richard responded:

“Somebody who GETS what they want.”

“No.” Milton responded as he shook his head from facet to facet.

“So do I must cross returned to school, examine analysis and cross spherical to hotels?”  Richard asked.

“Noooo…” commanded Milton…“Go in to the returned NOW.”

And off Richard walked to the returned of Milton’s residence and with John Grinder they advanced a progressive version – The Milton Model which lets in a professional practitioner to gain dramatic and a long way accomplishing modifications in thoughts, emotions and behaviours the usage of sincerely words – with anyone – and frequently out of doors the aware awareness of the listener.

No surprise many don’t forget it the maximum strong and realistic communique version in NLP.

So why aren’t extra humans Wizards with it?

After listening to from heaps of college students all around the world, it’s due to the fact of…

“ONE Glaring Omission In Most People’s Training…”

For a long term there was a trouble withinside the manner the Milton Model is taught with the aid of using each conventional hypnosis guides and NLP trainings.

Almost anybody teaches the Milton Model as a fixed of ‘artfully vague’ language styles modeled from Milton Erickson.

Frequently overlooked by both students and teachers alike is an implied assumption that:

  • the hypnotic language patterns are what creates the magic  
  • AND that they are all you need to know to create change or influence others to do what you want

This is dead WRONG.

It’s a popular idea to tell people:

“Learn the Milton Model and you’ll be able to hypnotise anyone, anytime and do change work as good as Milton Erickson.”

But that, I’m sorry to say is…


Fantasy thinking.

Because of ONE glaring problem…

Merely Hypnotising People Does Not Change Them!

If you have any experience with hypnosis at all then you’ll know that merely hypnotizing people doesn’t change them.

It’s true that just about anyone with the right training can guide a person in to a hypnotic trance…

… but then what??

What do you do?

Once you have someone in a trance what do you suggest to create an actual change in their thoughts, behaviour and feelings?

Most students don’t know because their training just taught the Milton Model as a set of DISCONNECTED language patterns and fail to show them how the model connects to the rest of the hypnosis and NLP.

How it can be used as an incredible tool of persuasion, influence and change in ordinary everyday contexts.

As a result students struggle to use it beyond therapy contexts.

Do you?

Even those that do apply them to formal hypnosis often suggest excessively about “going deeper” and “relaxing” and frequently…

  • overdo the hypnotic induction or
  • give incredibly bland and generic suggestions that are never going to work.

Fact is: You can stack as many presuppositions, double binds and ambiguities as you want in to one sentence to confuse and disorient a listener – but that isn’t going to create the desired change.

Merely hypnotizing people doesn’t create change.

You need to do something else.

And know something else if you want to be able to use the Milton Model fluidly and naturally with customers, colleagues, friends and clients in everyday ordinary conversations and contexts.

But before I reveal those to you, I want you to know… 
The Real Reasons Why

Extraordinary Communicator 

Milton Erickson Was An 

(That you’ve probably overlooked…)

Milton Erickson was a man ahead of his time.

An innovator in therapy and hypnosis, widely regarded as the world’s greatest medical hypnotist and an extraordinary communicator.

But how did he become that good?

It wasn’t like there was a lack of other people practicing hypnosis at that time.

The answer lies in Milton’s past.

You see Milton was a skilled clinician first and foremost.

He qualified as a medical doctor and psychiatrist and brought that experience to his hypnotic work with clients.

So he had extensive clinical experience as a healer and change agent when it came time to determine where to intervene and what changes he wanted to facilitate with his clients.

(This is something most students of hypnosis lack!)

As a hypnotist, Milton was truly brilliant.

He understood that merely hypnotizing people doesn’t change them.

So he didn’t just fling suggestions at the client and hoped something would stick.

He was strategic in his approach to change.

Before he started giving suggestions he determined what outcomes he was seeking for this client, designed interventions to achieve them and then crafted his suggestions and tasks for the client to follow.

Throughout the interaction with the client, he observed the impact of his and the client’s communication and would tailor and adjust his approach to the person he was working with.

His clinical smarts, his strategic approach to therapy and his commitment to tailor his suggestions to each person he worked with elevated his hypnotic work and are what made him such an extraordinary communicator.

And perhaps this is why Erickson wrote that the model Bandler and Grinder coded from their modeling of him were:

“far from being a complete description of my methodologies”.

That’s why so many students fail to use the Milton Model transformationally like Milton was able to with his clients.

It’s because of 3 reasons…

Why So Many Students 

Struggle With How To Use The 

Milton Model Transformationally… 

If you want to leverage more of the potent communication patterns of Milton Erickson so can use them for your own purposes in whatever context you need to and applications you want beyond therapy…
… you need to overcome:

1. Outdated Ideas (Lies) About Hypnosis…

Most people, including many trained hypnotists think of hypnosis as a special situation unlike other situations in life.

Hypnosis is commonly perceived as having someone close their eyes and sleep while the hypnotist uses hypnotic language patterns and a hypnotic voice to drive the person further in to trance.

And anything other than that people don’t see as hypnosis!

If you’ve had training in hypnosis maybe that’s what you were taught too.

However – this common stereotyped ritual is just one style!

So long as you think that way, it WILL greatly limit where, when and how you use the Milton Model.

You’ll fail to see see all the opportunities to use the Milton Model in ordinary everyday conversations…

… at work, with customers, colleagues, friends and clients.

You’ll miss out on all the quicker, easier and better…

… ways to have people take action

… change their mind

… go with your suggestions

… improve their life

And of course you’ll miss out on…

.. all the benefits, admiration and respect you’ll enjoy when people see you an exquisite communicator who has the remarkable ‘gift’ to change people’s minds and lives using only words!

It’s like having a Ferrari and leaving it parked in the garage because the guy who sold it to you said it can only drive it if it’s on a special track!


Why limit yourself?

If you want to do hypnosis without ever mentioning trance, if you want to use the Milton Model naturally to combine multiple patterns in elegant ways and do so confidently – you need to let go of mistaken notions you have about hypnosis.

And one of the first to get rid of is this idea that the Milton Model is JUST for therapy!

You can use it in…

  • Business
  • Sales
  • Coaching
  • Consulting
  • Parenting
  • Persuasion
  • Teaching
  • Training
  • Managing
  • Negotiating
  • And many more.

Basically any context where you communicate with one or more people and want to be highly effective at communicating hypnotically to create specific results.

But to use it well you need to recognise that…

2. The Milton Model Is An Incomplete Framework* 

The Milton Model is great for creating trance states – BUT a trance isn’t enough to create a transformation.

You know this to be true because you’ve seen it or experienced it for yourself, right?

Merely hypnotizing people doesn’t change them.

Fact is you need to know more than just a bunch of language patterns to know how to use the Milton Model fluidly and naturally to create transformational effects.

And you can begin to do that once you realise…

3. The Milton Model Patterns Tell You Nothing About What To Change Or How Change Occurs… 

That’s not their purpose.

They pattern by their nature are naturally trance inducing when you use them well but they are not where the magic happens.

What you do after you have someone in a trance is what really matters… right?

Problem is:

Most students have no idea:

… what they should suggest

… or how to suggest it

… and struggle with how to combine multiple suggestions for potent affect

Maybe this is true for you too?

If so, it’s not your fault.

  • What if there was a way to gain clarity about how to use the Milton Model like a Guru with friends, family and clients?
  • What if you could discover what to suggest and be confident that every suggestion you make was moving the client closer to the outcomes they wanted, even when in eyes wide open state?
  • What if there was a way to combine suggestions elegantly and with precision so you know with certainty precisely what you were doing and could use the Milton Model patterns transformationally?

Well there is.

If you want use the Milton Model fluidly and naturally with customers, colleagues, friends and clients in real world contexts, you’ll want to get your hands on the NEW way to learn the Milton Model that…

… fills in the gaps in your knowledge

… clears up any confusion you have

… eliminates any fear of getting caught

… shows you how to use the Milton Model fluently and naturally with anyone in everyday life.


Language Guru

Mastering The Milton Model

It’s the most complete system for learning how to use the Milton Model fluidly and naturally in ordinary everyday conversations with customers, colleagues, friends and clients…

… so you can use hypnotic communication like Milton Erickson did but in ordinary conversations and real world applications!

(And earn the respect and admiration from friends, family, colleagues and clients for your remarkable ability to create genuine value to their lives.)

This home study system takes a very different approach to teaching you the Milton Model.

As soon as you begin Module 1, you’ll immediately see how Language Guru Mastering The Milton Model is different from anything you’ve tried

(which is why it works so much better).

Here’s why.

You know the typical formula for Milton Model trainings?

It goes like this:

Tell you the history of Bandler and Grinder going to Phoenix to meet Milton Erickson. Then tell you some (outdated) ideas about hypnosis and trance (usually with a bad impression of Erickson thrown in) …

… followed by a (boring) example of each of the Milton Model patterns and perhaps concluding with a ‘hypnotic trance’ and the suggestion that your ‘unconscious mind’ has got it.

You’ve probably seen that before, right? That’s what everyone does.

Well, we ain’t doing any of that!

We decided to do something much better.

The Guiding Principle of

The Milton Model 

Language Guru Mastering 

Language Guru Mastering The Milton Model takes a very different approach to other trainings on the Milton Model.

You are going to learn to work with the principles behind the language patterns, rather than trying to replicate and copy what someone else has said.

Right from the start, it eliminates outdated hypnotic bamboozle and hypnosis complexity that results in students being unable to use hypnotic language as fluidly and skillfully as they want.

Unlike other programs that leave students stuck…

  • with a stereotyped, and greatly restrictive use of hypnosis…
  • thinking that the hypnotic language patterns or the hypnotist is what creates the magic of change (they don’t.)
  • leaves students wondering what to suggest…
  • clueless about how to combine multiple suggestions together
  • And confused about how to use it in everyday life…

Language Guru Mastering The Milton Model changes all that.

It teaches you an integrated, easy to follow way, to master the Milton Model refined over 30 years of real world practice by one of the world’s finest master hypnotists and NLP master trainers – Michael Breen. 

And much more than teaching you hypnotic language patterns (just 20% of the course) you’re going learn ALL THE OTHER THINGS missing in other courses…

 that you need to know and be able to do – if you want to use the Milton Model really well!

A NEW Approach That’s Different & Better  

We knew this program needed to be different than anything else out there.

That’s why when Michael and I started planning this training last year we took our time to meticulously research the most common frustrations and problems students have with learning and using the Milton Model.

We sent surveys out to thousands of NLPers and hypnotists all over the world and as soon as responses started flooding in Michael and I got to work.

The feedback was amazing. 

I put together a 15-page outline and arranged a conference call to discuss it with him.

Michael’s said to me:

“That’s quite the shopping list Tom!

There’s about 60 days’ worth of training in that spec.

But, don’t worry – I have a plan to give you everything you want.

And boy he wasn’t kidding.

Imagine being admired by your friends, colleagues and clients for your incredible communication and change skills… 

…being able to hypnotise one person while talking to another, without either even noticing the other had gone in to a trance, all without any apparent sign of traditional hypnosis being used… 

Imagine being able to hypnotically persuade others to change their mind, change their behaviour and feel great through a seemingly ‘ordinary’ conversation on the telephone, over a meal or across a meeting room… 

….and afterwards having them thank you for providing real and genuine value to their life.

And imagine being brilliant at getting people to agree to things, where you are able to influence your family, colleagues and clients to change their point of view, change their thinking and get on with getting on – without any fuss! 

(Rather than talking and talking but never doing.) 

Imagine creating elegant suggestions on the fly and combining language patterns easily, where your listeners willingly and happily follow your suggestions as if they were their own…

…and comment afterwards what remarkable skills you have — while referring others to you.

And imagine a program that shows you how to become this good… that gets you to think differently about hypnosis than you have before, shows you a better (and vastly SUPERIOR) way to use the Milton Model… 

…while simultaneously teaching you the principles behind the Milton Model and the broader context and skills you need to know if you’re going to be an extraordinary communicator who gets better year-after-year.

Well that’s what Michael has designed in to this training.

And thankfully we figured out a way that doesn’t take 60 days to learn!

Michael’s compressed the essential knowledge, his best insights and tools – everything you need to know and do to start seeing results right away into 58 powerful instructional VIDEOS, you can watch from the comfort of your own home.

We’ve organized this unique course in to 8 modules starting with…


Change Agentry

What You Need To Know

Unlike other programs that teach you language patterns and hope that something sticks, everything you’ll learn here is designed to teach the underlying principles for how you use the Milton Model elegantly so you can use it in your own work or personal life, conversationally.

Long before you know what to suggest, you need to know a bit about how change happens. That’s what we’ll cover here.

You’ll Learn:

  • Change Dynamics: How humans extrade and the way they keep away from converting…
  • Change Clarity: Discover the easy system for growing extrade. All extrade may be organized in to certainly considered one among three belongings you want to do.
  • The NeuroScience of the Unconscious: The wonderful discovery from neuroscience that turns our expertise of conventional hypnosis and the ‘subconscious mind ‘on it’s head (however excellent news – makes your task simpler!
  • The important cause you’re serving as a hypnotist that many hypnotists miss
  • Where to Look When Things Aren’t Working: Discover the important perception approximately ‘models’ that nearly all of us misses
  • Exactly What Is The Real Magic of Change: Why hypnosis is now no longer the magic and what clearly is that Milton knew and maximum hypnotists and NLPers absolutely miss!
  • What To Focus On: The #1 issue that while you recognise it, and hold it the front of mind, makes doing hypnotic, extrade or influencing paintings a lot simpler.
  • What To Avoid: What Milton Erickson criticised Richard Bandler and John Grinder approximately – which maximum of NLP and plenty of hypnosis faculties have overlooked – to their detriment.
  • The Milton Model in Context: There’s a cause why such a lot of college students are uncovered to the Milton Model however can’t use it properly. Michael suggests you why and the easy steps you may do to keep away from growing needless problems
  • Micheal’s Go-To Questions to parent out what the consumer needs so that you don’t make a totally not unusualplace mistake that many do
  • Deep Insights On Language: Michael stocks deep insights approximately language, belief and the way everybody can discover ways to use the Milton Model elegantly and use it effortlessly in regular contexts. It’s by no means been simpler to end up clearly excellent.
  • Increased Hypnosis Confidence: How to increase extra self belief and Why Michael recommends you don’t use hypnotic scripts and what he shows instead…
  • Change Catalyst: Discover what Michael’s five yr assignment was, that converted his extrade agentry and hypnosis paintings (this assignment is natural genius and some thing everybody can do)
  • The Hidden Problem with Hypnosis and the important thing insights approximately language
  • A Simple Trick To Instantly Access A Powerful Hypnotic Voice: This one is so smooth you may do it in seconds and immediately extend the tremendous effect you’ve got got on others and make it lifeless smooth for a person to comply with you in to trance.
  • Shortcut – Make Change Quicker: Michael suggests you a clear-cut, easier manner to do faster extrade.
  • Debunk Outdated Myths & Make Trance Easier: Discover and ultimately debunk the properly supposed however outdated thoughts which have been maintaining you back… and study a higher manner to create extrade that calls for much less effort.
  • Gregory Bateson’s Brilliant Insight About Communication: Get this and you’ll prevent demanding approximately manipulating others… so that you can exercise your talents fear free.
  • Instant Change – Demystified: Discover how using just five words, Michael were given a pupil to prevent smoking!
  • What To Suggest: Discover what you want to recognise so as to create guidelines. Once you realize this, making guidelines will become easy and clear-cut.
  • Framing Change So It’s Desirable: How to offer and body your guidelines so it makes converting clear-cut and non-threatening
  • Change Ethics: Who need to decide what the adjustments are? It’s now no longer what you think.
  • What You Should You Study, That Will Make You A Better Change Worker
  • Counter-Intuitive Insights About How Real Change Occurs: Hear Michael’s counter-intuitive thoughts approximately how actual adjustments arise that you’ve overlooked…
  • The #1 Thing You Must Pay Attention to With Clients: Do this and your task will become a lot simpler. Ignore or forget about this (as many college students do) and you’re task goes to be an awful lot, an awful lot more difficult and take manner longer.
  • What Great Changes Agents Do Religiously: Change paintings doesn’t ought to be a wish and a prayer! Once you apprehend the secrets and techniques of extrade agentry — extrade paintings will become an awful lot, an awful lot simpler and straightforward.


The Hypnotic Mindset

Being a hypnotic communicator doesn’t start with the language patterns you use, but with the mindset you hold about yourself, your client and hypnosis.

As you know, your mindset influences your non-verbal and verbal communication and so has a huge impact on your ability to influence others, and guide someone in to a trance.

That’s why in module 2 Michael teaches you…

  • The Right Attitude: If you’re going to succeed and be a real service to others you need to have the right attitude
  • Reality Bending Insights: Most students think the ‘technique’ is the part that creates the change. Michael shares a radically different point of view most hypnotists miss.
  • Session Management – Pro Tips: How you manage your sessions matters – not just for the outcome but also about the risks you undertake when you offer change services to others. Get the skinny on essential tips you need to know.
  • Attitude Enhancer: Hear Michael share what preparations really matter and what kind of work simply can’t be put off or overlooked — if you want to be a great hypnotist or change agent.
  • Duty of Care affects anyone who helps others professionally or even when doing ‘practice’ sessions. Find out what expectations this under appreciated aspect of change work could have on you…
  • What To Attend To: Discover where you awareness should be (hint the answer isn’t found in a script)
  • Why Hypnosis Isn’t a Procedure or Just One Thing: (Track 10:41) Many hypnosis schools (unintentionally) handicap their students because they try to make hypnosis a procedure – in doing so they miss one of the most important parts of the hypnotic process that Milton Erickson excelled at…
  • The 2 behaviors Milton and every top hypnotist mastered and you can too, once you make one mental shift
  • Antidote to the Complaint “I Don’t Have Enough Time to Practice”: Once you realise this tip, you’ll never complain that you don’t have enough time to practice.
  • How Change Can Be Easy And Straight Forward when you pay attention to the one thing EVERY client brings in to the session
  • Milton’s Warning: The critique that Milton Erickson gave Bandler and Grinder, that you need to know about if you want to be a great hypnotist and change agent
  • Overcome Common Stumbling Block: Hear Michael’s surprising perspective on certifications, labels and who creates the change. Overcome this stumbling block and it unlocks the door for you to operate without a safety net and without that you must know all the ‘answers’…


The ‘COSSE Framework’
Change in 5 Moves

Students of the Milton Model struggle, and frequently fail to use it fluidly and effectively because they don’t know how the Milton Model fits in with the rest of the NLP and hypnotic toolkit.

In Module 3 we zoom way out and Michael teaches a simple 5 step framework we created that makes getting results with the Milton Model much, much easier… because you’ll finally know what direction you’re heading in and what you need to say – for the client to go ahead and change.

You’ll Learn:

  • Discover a powerful 5 step framework for creating change, that will make your hypnosis work multiple times more effective and change work quicker…
  • Hear the ‘Hypnotic Music’ and graduate beyond scripts: If you struggle to use hypnotic language fluidly, you’ll won’t once you understand use this.
  • How to Deliver Silky Smooth Suggestions: A simple foolproof way you can do in minutes a day to get really good at hypnotic suggestions – that doesn’t involve you doing any hypnosis.
  • Uncover The Master Change Checklist: Discover what you need to check and get right first, before you ever make a suggestion… Do this and change work becomes much much easier and automatic.
  • Avoid ‘Solution’ Syndrome: How to avoid advising a solution before you know if you’re solving the right problem.
  • Create Quicker Change: Master the ONE factor that determines everything else – that most novice and even many experienced hypnotists complete miss….
  • Gain Counter-Intuitive – Brilliant Insights For Easier Change Work: Discover why what you say (your stories and suggestions etc.) are the last thing you choose if you want to create powerful hypnotic experiences.
  • What things goes 1st, 2nd, 3rd: Michael reveals the simple 3 step thinking tool he uses to arrange his communication so that you can can create hypnotic communication that lands on target…
  • Handy Heuristics: Learn multiple helpful heuristics to think through and figure out how you can create an easy set of instructions for someone else to follow – to get the outcomes they want.
  • Greater Possibilities: How to think through what the client says they want and how to organise your thinking so you can enrich their model of the world and create greater sense of possibility
  • Easy Ways To Practice: How you can become better at using the toolset while watching Netflix!
  • Watch as Michael Demonstrates Multiple Hypnotic Styles: There are multiple ways to achieve the same outcome using hypnosis and several different hypnotic styles. Learn the principles to hypnotic communication and you can choose whatever style you please…
  • The 1 Response You Must Get If You Want To Hypnotise Anyone… get this and change work becomes easier… lose it and you can use all the suggestions you want – they won’t be acted on
  • Join Michael for the Imagination Experiment: And discover the secret behind many so called ‘hypnotisibility’ tests…
  • What Suggestibility Tests Really Are: It’s not what you think…
  • The surprising truth about what hypnotisability tests are and are not
  • The Novelty Test: Discover the test Michael uses to help students and clients become aware of how their body experiences novelty – that unlocks whole new experiences and resources…
  • Go Beyond Hypnotic Tricks: Discover a more useful way to utilising trance experiences that doesn’t involve tricks and is far more elegant as a means for sequencing specific changes…
  • Know When It’s Working (And Not): Hear how master change agents know if what you are doing is working you don’t need to hope anymore or wonder if their unconscious has got it – you’ll know once you understand and use this…
  • Discover The Gold Standard For Change: Discover ‘the only thing that matters’ when it comes to evaluating if a change that occurs (hint – it is in their subconscious!)


Master The Patterns 

Behind The Patterns

In Module 4 we shift gears again as Michael delves deep in to patterns you need to know – that work behind the patterns.

If you’ve struggled to understand what you should be doing and how language works to create trance-formation; you’ll love what Michael reveals in this module…

You’ll learn: 

  • Milton Model in Context: Understand and begin to explore how language comes to represent experience so you can learn to become exquisite and masterfully intentional in how you communicate with others…
  • Trance Delusion:  Watch as Michael unpacks the big assumptions about trance and hypnosis that most hypnotists miss which create unnecessary confusion.
  • The 3 things you must be clear on FIRST before you ever make a suggestion.
  • Erickson’s Theory on Hypnosis:  It’s the opposite of what most schools teach! Don’t be left behind.
  • The Syntactic Search: Hear Chomsky’s brilliant insight about how we process language and create meaning and why it has profound implications when seeding suggestions
  • Discover what pro hypnotists actually do … that’s far more useful than being artfully vague
  • Common Traps To Avoid: Learn the 3 most common traps that get in the way of learning and becoming really good with the Milton Model and how to avoid them.
  • Practice Advice: The days of struggling, forgetting! or finding it difficult to use the Milton Model patterns to create the outcomes you want – are over once you use what Michael teaches here
  • 5X Your Impact: Leverage the two types of feedback that are at the heart of doing effective change work.
  • Hear how Stage hypnosis is not what you think and let Michael reveal to you how the magic really works.
  • Why you want to work with people who you find challenging (The secret fast-track to becoming good)
  • Why the words in a script are not a trance induction
  • Anxiety Relief For (New) Hypnotists: Dissolve any stress you have about using or doing hypnosis with others once you totally rethink what you think you know about the role and purpose of the hypnotic operator and the listener
  • Trance Made Easy: Discover the handful of things you need to do well so creating powerful transformational experiences and giving suggestions that stick become easy.
  • The Master’s Question: Discover Michael’s killer question that guides your brain to choose structures that occur above language patterns – and allow you to evoke powerful trance experiences
  • More Applications Beyond Hypnosis: Discover why and how the Milton Model can be used beyond ‘hypnosis’… why limit yourself to closed eye process to use this wonderful toolkit?
  • The expert tip to having people who don’t know you well – follow every word you say
  • What To Remove: Discover the two things Michael recommends you remove from your practice that many hypnotists falter on
  • Rethink Covert Communication (And Become Better): Many students misunderstand the purpose and mechanism underpinning covert communication. We live in a sea of influence – find out what you really need to know…
  • Discover #1 Question To Ask About Thinking that you can use to guide your thinking to get more of what you want… and better help friends, family and clients
  • Enter The Sci-Fi of The Mind: Discover the amazing thing about the mind and nervous system that makes language so powerful and underpins how people stay stuck and become unstuck… use this insight from science to your advantage…
  • Uncover the surprising insight about negative thinking that you’ve missed!


Master The Milton 

Model Patterns

After teaching you the patterns you must know if you want to use the Milton Model like a guru, Michael guides you step-by-step giving you demonstrations of each of the Milton Model patterns and how they work…

… showing you how easily and conversationally they can be used, combined and stacked to create powerful trance-formational experiences…
You’ll learn: 

  • Learn The Milton Model Patterns In Easy To Use Ways: Michael teaches you a better way to learn the Milton Model patterns so they become fluid and natural, not a list of patterns you’re forced to memories but never use!
  • Deep Insights On Language: Discover how language works and what it’s for
  • Elegant Ways To Trigger Someone To Join You For A Trance: Discover the simple trick that invites others to participate and co-create the experience your are building.
  • Critical Distinction About How To Ask Questions So It Triggers Action: Michael’s been using this one idea all over the world for remarkable success
  • The BIG difference in how we use the Milton Model and the Meta Model that leads to transformation…
  • The Two Meta Structures For Building And Linking Ideas that every hypnotists and story teller needs to know – this
  • Precision Influence: Discover which pattern allows you to expand the canvas your listener draws on or choose to close the door in their mind and direct them to a different reality… (super powerful)
  • Magic In Action:  Discover the simple linguistic mechanism by which our maps and the world are magically made the same
  • Programming In Action The remarkable insight about language that’s been concealed from you – yet is of great importance if you want to use language like a master
  • Why if you know the Meta Model, it’s straightforward to quickly acquire skill with the Milton Model once you understand this one thing
  • Hear how the same language patterns can be used to create different effects – when you know how to use language intentionally
  • Accelerated Learning Strategy: Michael shares his go to strategy for acquiring the real skill with the Milton Model fast and generating suggestions easily and fluidly – by doing one simple exercise
  • Vital Insight On Change Models: Michael shares key insights about the nature of models, what to look for when choosing a model to learn from and the #1 thing to avoid doing
  • Mistake To Avoid: Made by many hypnotists that relies on hope  – but after going through this course you won’t have to hope; you’ll know you’ve created the change…
  • Elegant Way To Use Truisms you can use with anyone
  • Discover which suggestions are the “heavy lifting” of suggestions and which are “seasoning” suggestions for your toolkit
  • Michael’s secret for remembering where you are going with your suggestions that uses the natural ‘syntax of language’
  • The pattern Richard Bandler and Michael Breen used to get really good with the language patterns
  • A Great Strategy To Learn The Milton Model: Discover the step-by-step strategy Michael used to pattern Milton Erickson and become a guru of the Milton Model in just weeks!
  • What you must be mindful for when reading language patterns vs. hearing someone speak them
  • Ambiguities – the right way and wrong way to use them and which one gets you
  • Why you never have to technique people and how to avoid looking lame! Discover far more elegant way to use the toolkit.
  • A Better Ethical Way Than Using Binds: Discover What Michael recommends you instead of using single and double binds that doesn’t require you to strong arm or trick anyone.
  • Mind-bending distinctions about time and memory and how you can use verb tenses to make change happen elegantly in a moment!
  • Elegantly Use Verb Tenses: Master the simple structure you’ll want to follow that makes problems a thing in the past
  • Watch and listen as Michael demonstrates how the whole Milton Model can be used to invite someone in to a trance
  • Expert Analysis Debrief: Michael takes you through every pattern and suggestion shared so you can fully integrate the patterns and see how easily and elegantly the toolkit can be used
  • Why the style of hypnosis you use is not the most important thing
  • The ‘Cargo Cult’ of Hypnosis you’ll want to avoid…
  • The 5 word hypnotic induction you can use to guide a person in to trance
  • The one word ‘power induction’ to trance that affects millions of people
  • 5 Questions Expert Change Agents and top hypnotists use that will keep you track to doing effective change


The Meta Milton Model

(The Secret Sauce For Quicker Change…)

For decades Michael Breen has been teaching students how all of the models in NLP connect and are integrated – which makes the job of using the toolkit much, much easier when you can see the big picture and know how they all work.

In this module Michael reveals for the first time to a public audience how the the Meta Model and the Milton Model function together.

You’ll learn: 

  • Advanced Knowledge: Learn the magic trick behind how the Meta Model and Milton model function and can be used transformatively (And in unexpected ways…)
  • How Milton Model patterns of suggestion can be embedded easily within the structure of the Meta Model to build up generalizations and create accepted conclusions (Advanced tricks)
  • Watch & Learn Advanced Uses: See how easily you can use the inherent structure within the Meta Model to create highly effective directionalised communication so you can become a phenomenal communicator envied by others
  • Direct Thoughts: Discover the role of abstract and specific communication in either planting specific thought and ideas inside a person’s mind or having them populate the thought-space you created with their own imaginations (Powerful)
  • How easily ideas can be linked and things that don’t exist created through the inherent feature-set in language
  • What Forest Gump’s Mother Didn’t Know that will allow you to enjoy a more fulfilling life
  • Combine Models For Greater Effects: Michael shows how to combine and use the Meta Model and Milton Model patterns to create powerful effects – see how easy it is to use sentence fragments, seed ideas and combine suggestions to setup a key learning change
  • Change Tricks: How to use suggestions and questions to break up unhelpful nomiliszations and create a different set of ideas that make a new way of acting possible.
  • How to build a narrative going from specifics to generalizations and using language to nudge someone to populate meaning from within their own map/model.
  • Amplify And Accelerate Your Results: Discover how the Meta-Milton Model can be use to amplify your results – resulting in you working less yet having change occur quicker
  • A key difference about how Michael uses the Milton Model in business that you can do too to ‘stay under the radar’ and be able to create better results for your clients
  • The vital role of modal verbs in how people experience their world and what you are looking to do when telling stories
  • A Magic Secret Around Change that is you can use with everyone


Advanced Tips & Tricks

Michael Breen is renowned for his elegant use of hypnotic language to entrance, transform and teach in ordinary everyday conversations.

In module 7 Michael takes out the ‘big yellow highlighter’ and reveals many of his best tips and advanced tricks that will take your communication and hypnotic influencing skills to a whole new level!

You’ll learn:

  • Learn The Milton Model Patterns In Easy To Use Ways: Michael teaches you a better way to learn the Milton Model patterns so they become fluid and natural, not a list of patterns you’re forced to memories but never use!
  • Deep Insights On Language: Discover how language works and what it’s for
  • How To Stack Realities – The Real Secrets: Imagine weaving images creating multiples realities so that people became en-tranced in your stories and one reality slipped into another and another… discover how that in this video!
  • Jump Cut Hypnosis: Discover the tricks to using hypnotic language like a Guru – stacking realities and jumping between stories like a Hollywood Director – setting the stage for your suggestions to be acted upon (Uber Useful.)
  • Analogue Marking: Tips and real world applications on how to use analogue marking like a pro…
  • Story Telling Tips: Should you make up stories or only tell stories that are true? What are stories for? Get Michael’s expert insights…
  • Counter-Intuitive (And Brilliant) Insight About Change Models you need to know – and why we really use them.
  • Multi-Colored Storytelling: Discover the foolproof method to bring life, color and vivid sense of reality to your stories and anecdotes. Make your anecdotes pop with color and richness…
  • Deliver With A Great Sounding Voice: Learn about what affects the sound of your voice so you can create a pleasing sound that holds attention
  • Command Attention Effortlessly: Discover the core attitude and skills that allows you to show up and express yourself in a way that instantly commands attention.
  • Evoke Respect & Elevate Your Confidence: Uncover how Michael is able to speak and lead some of the most powerful people in the world without any nerves by using a keeping 5 things front of mind
  • How To ‘Set Out Your Stall’ Like A Pro: Do this well and many times you’ll already have achieved the change work – before the work is done!
  • The simple trick to making your change work go quicker
  • Make Change Occur Faster… by slowing down! (This is counter-counter-intuitive but works like crazy)
  • Time Your Suggestions & Change Work To Perfection: Discover what Michael evaluate first before making suggestions and timing them so they are acted upon with ease. Listen as Michael lays out step-by-step his strategy for effortless change.
  • Master The Pause: A perfectly timed pause can be transformative – discover what you need to know.
  • Working At Many Layers At Once: Learn vital insights about what it really takes to work at many layers at once and what skills you must have fully under control
  • Indirect v Direct Suggestion: Discover what you need to know and what Michael suggests you focus on so that you can work with many different types of people with ease…
  • Future Pacing & Inoculating The Change: Learn how to future pace and bed in the change so it lasts long after you’re voice has left them.


Bringing It All Together 

In Module 8 Michael connects you to the few vital things you need to stay focused on so you can use the Milton Model in everyday contexts naturally and fluidly to create powerful effects using ordinary conversation.

By the time you complete Module 8 and the assignments you’ll have everything you need to become really good with the transformational tool!

You’ll learn: 

  • Michael’s best tips on how to implement and fully integrate what you have been taught so you can use the Milton Model naturally and fluidly in any context you wantWhat To Do Next: What you need to do 1st, 2nd and 3rd to become really good with this toolkit (do this and you can get good in days and weeks with very little effort at all.
  • Simple Practice Routine: Discover how with just 5-10 minutes of practice a day – you can become a Language Guru with the Milton Model once you use the strategy Michael outlines…
  • Discover endless opportunities to apply the Milton Model and why using this toolset is so much fun and rewarding!
  • Troubleshooting Tips: After you’ve completed this training you’ll have learned the principles and unique frameworks to help you troubleshoot your own work – so you know exactly what to correct so you can quickly error correct and create the outcomes you want with ease and fluidity.
  • How To Raise Your Game: Michael’s advice on how to raise your game and where to look to do so you can’t help but get better year after year…

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