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This is a 12-week live, outcome-focused “done together” program and digital asset bundle where you come in with the offer you’ll create in Offer Cure and Funnel Rx, and walk away with a fully outlined, ready-to-deploy profitable online launch campaign by April 1st, 2020.



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Launch Gorgeous is a 12 Week, Step-by-Step ‘Done Together’ Program Helping You Create Repeatable and Profitable Launch Campaigns That Sell Your Digital Products


This live program will help you sell, even when you aren't actually selling… using proven launch strategies. This works whether:

  • You’re selling a digital course, a membership site, or a coaching program.
  • You have a tiny list or NO list (fact: our most successful students start with a zero list)
  • You use organic or paid traffic.
  • You’re launching your first or 50th digital offer.

WHEN WE SAY "PROVEN" we mean it

Over the last two years, we’ve had thousands of our students implement these doable strategies and yield profitable results, not to mention the results we’ve had in our own business too! 

We’ve tested and perfected the launch process to make sure what you’re getting access to is fully optimized for your launch success. 

FACT: Our last launch yielded over $125,000 in sales in just 7 days, on a $197 product!

PSA: Launch Gorgeous is NOT an online course.

This is a 12-week live, outcome-focused “done together” program and digital asset bundle where you come in with the offer you’ll create in Offer Cure and Funnel Rx, and walk away with a fully outlined, ready-to-deploy profitable online launch campaign by April 1st, 2020.

We know the reality of content overwhelm, so this program will begin AFTER you’ve completed Offer Cure and Funnel Rx. We’ll begin fresh in January!

Get Launch Gorgeous – Julie Stoian & Cathy Olson, Only Price $167


As with all our products, during each phase you’ll get an all-meat, no-fluff training, homework assignments, and our signature shortcuts that ensure by the end of the program, you are READY to open the doors and launch your offer.


Weeks 1-2  Build Your (Hungry) Audience

Repeat after us…

“Never build your offer in a vacuum” – This is why 9 out of 10 launches fail.

Build a warm (hungry) audience a.k.a an email list of primed prospects who are engaged, excited, and can’t wait to devour your paid offers… instead of you launching to crickets or waking up to Zero payment notifications.

Do this right and you can look forward to celebratory champagne clinks instead of drinking to calm the PTSDs.

By the end of this phase, you'll be actively growing an audience.


Weeks 3-4 Lock In Your Profitable

Launch Campaign Strategy

Webinar? Video series? Emails? Oh My!

Say goodbye to decision overwhelm as we help you get Swarovski clear clarity on a launch campaign strategy that works for you.

You’ll know exactly what daily step(s) to execute for your pre-launch, launch and post launch without feeling bouts of paranoia because you’re afraid you’ve forgotten to “take care of something”.

By the end of this phase, your entire launch plan will be built in impeccable detail.


Weeks 5-6 Craft Your Profitable Offer Design

Launch with uber confidence when you do one of two things in this phase:

1. Construct an irresistible offer from scratch

2. Improve an existing offer so compelling prospects can’t say no.  

A great offer is the difference between your head hitting the pillow the night before cart opens, dreaming of a flurry of payment notifications and laying awake incessantly worrying “is my offer good enough?” (Trust us, you don’t want that).

By the end of this phase, you'll have your offer and "Minimum Viable Funnel" built and ready to go.


Weeks 7-8 Turn On The  (Non-Fake-Urgency) Pressure

Learn how to build viral worthy online buzz well in advance of your actual product launch. Use our anticipation and pressure building strategies so you know exactly what to say (in your sales and marketing copy) and make your launch announcement with a bang. 

The good news? You won’t need boatloads of cash, an Eiffel tower photoshoot, or the personality of a slick oiled used car salesman to “pressure” your leads to buy.

Warning: These strategies will cause mass hysteria breakouts (read: a frenzy of signups on your waitlist page followed by conversions on your sales page)

By the end of this phase, you will be engaging with your audience, building pressure, and getting people excited to buy.


Weeks 9-10 Launch Plan Execution  & Delivery

Create a rock solid plan to deliver “the goods” in a timely (and non-overwhelming) manner. 

Here’s the thing with failed launches: It’s either that they’re content heavy and marketing sparse or vice versa. For a successful launch, you’ll need the perfect balance of both.

In this module you’ll learn exactly when and how to release each product with clockwork precision (and without losing your mind).

By the end of this phase, you'll be prepared to handle all the details of your launch week, including onboarding and customer service questions and inquiries.


Weeks 11-12

3… 2… 1…


Buckle your seatbelt…you’ve got all the pieces of your launch together and it’s time for blastoff.

Together we’ll map out exactly what will happen during launch week all the way down to frenzy generating social media posts, high converting emails, stories that are memorable and hook the readers, pull at their heartstrings, and ethically charm them to open their wallets!

Dig into a treasure trove of highly curated swipe files, templates, checklists, and case studies to ensure there are no launch failures.

By the end of this phase, you'll have CUSTOMERS! Your launch will be blasted off and money will be coming in.

Here’s How You’ll Master All The Above…


StrategicTrainings + Strategy + Key Assignments + Shortcuts. + Help + Time To


We’re going to begin LIVE January 13th, which gives you the chance to get through Offer Cure and Funnel Rx as we close out 2019. 

We did this for two reasons

  1. In our Offer Cure course, you'll map out an irresistible Offer, and with Funnel Rx you'll start building out your incredible Funnel.
  2. We want you to get all that done, so you’re ready to hit the ground running with us in January! 






A rising tide lifts all boats.

We couldn’t agree more, and that’s what we promise with our private members-only FB Group.

This isn’t just a random “throw in” or a place for superficial rah rah support.

It’s a curated community of highly engaged fellow launchers who can get even the most launch averse, tech averse, or copy averse entrepreneur(s) unstuck in a matter of minutes and propel them to action. 


Don’t let a lack of design skills or hiring expensive graphic designers delay or kill your launches. 

Now you can transform your launch assets into beautiful, on brand and profitable cash-flow machines with: 

  • Hot-off-the-press gorgeous presentation slide decks (includes strategic planning and writing your presentations). 
  • Customizable launch funnel assets (read: waitlist page, landing page, sales page, etc.) 
  • Brand-envy social media graphic assets (released in Jan, Feb, March 2020).

Get up to $500 of free Funnel Gorgeous templates to use for whatever you need for your launch! 


Need to get your burning questions answered, clarity if you’re stuck, or our eyeballs on your launch campaigns? 

You got it! 

With Julie and Cathy in your corner, you’ll turn your frustration into an endless stream of “heck ya, I did that” moments.  

We’ll go live once a week (outside of the scheduled strategic trainings) to answer questions and help you get unstuck.

Get Launch Gorgeous – Julie Stoian & Cathy Olson, Only Price $167

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