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Do you ever feel like you and your sacred work are the world’s best kept secret?

Or maybe you’ve just woken up to the fact that you have an important message, contribution or gift to give and are ready to share it with the world.

Or perhaps you’re in the midst of a major life transition, maybe even moving into prime time in your life, and you’re ready to play BIG!


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Especially for Coaches, Healers, Practitioners, Transformational Teachers & Heart-Centered, Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs

It’s TIME to Finally Create the Income, Impact & Success You Deserve…All While Staying True to Your Heart-Centered Values!

Join our community of kindred spirits and be guided step-by-step to master the mindset, skillset, and strategies of heart-centered online business so you can (finally!) get your business off the ground.

Do you ever feel like you and your sacred work are the world’s best kept secret?

Or maybe you’ve just woken up to the fact that you have an important message, contribution or gift to give and are ready to share it with the world.

Or perhaps you’re in the midst of a major life transition, maybe even moving into prime time in your life, and you’re ready to play BIG!

Whether you’ve been at your craft for 25 years or have only recently discovered your gifts, it can be excruciating to feel like you’re not fulfilling your potential or serving all the clients you know in your heart you could help. (If only you could reach them!)

You have a vision, a message, an idea, a dream that you know in your heart and soul will serve the world. You want to contribute and make a difference.

But here’s what I know to be true (and this kills me!) many visionaries who are heart-centered and purpose-driven, such as coaches, healers, practitioners, transformational teachers. and more, are struggling to make ends meet.

Despite working long days, you’re faced with the fact that the only way to make more money is to work more hours, and there are only so many hours in the day!

When you hear about things like “online marketing,” “list building” or “scalability,” it probably leaves you feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and mystified as to how to actually get started.

You want the prosperity and income you deserve, but you don’t want to leave anyone behind if you raise your rates, and you have no idea how to build a business model that will support you and those you serve.

And the balance you crave isn’t selfish at all, because it’s important not to sacrifice your personal happiness and health in order to help others be happy and healthy.

That’s why it’s important to harness the power of online marketing and social media, so that more people can find out about you and can hear your message and access what you have to offer.

But I know all too well how hard it is to try to build your business entirely on your own.

I was right where you are until I discovered the road to building an authentic business that was aligned with my values, allowing me to easily create right livelihood and have a greater impact…

And I want to show you how you can follow in my footsteps!

The first obstacle to your success is that most of us who are heart-centered and lead with soul and inspiration can all too easily get caught up in the mindset that marketing is bad or that selling is manipulative.

It’s easy to even become jealous of others in your field (especially those that are less talented than you!) but who seem to be hitting it out of the ballpark, making oodles of money, and have tons of likes on Facebook.

While you sit there with your heart filled with good intentions, serving your clients and creating incredible transformation for them, while also accumulating more debt and struggling to get anyone to even pay attention to your email newsletter.

Many entrepreneurs even fall into the trap of simply waiting around to be rescued by some knight in shining armor who will take all that marketing and selling stuff off your plate so you can just do the work you love.

But guess what? There’s no knight of marketing mastery coming, and you don’t need to be rescued!

In fact, it’s time for you to become fully EMPOWERED with the skills, mindset and network you need to allow your business to take off and reach the next level FAST.

And please don’t feel bad that you didn’t figure this out on your own sooner.

It’s absolutely not your fault that you bought into the “overwhelmed, mystified, frustrated, waiting to be rescued” mentality, because almost everyone working in the heart-centered field of self-development does…

And here’s why:

Entrepreneurship and the how-to part of running a successful business are actually something most coaches, practitioners, healers, change-agents, messengers, and therapists are never taught when they learn their craft.

We spend our time becoming better at our using our gifts for good, so we can end up with amazing skills that help our clients…but no one ever gives us a clue as to how to actually get clients in the door!

I’m taking a STAND for you today to truly empower yourself and activate your Inner CEO, so that the world gets to experience more of you and your gifts.

A New Roadmap that Aligns with Your Values and Demystifies Online Marketing So You Can Create Wild Success

Taught By a Coach & Mentor Who’s Built a Multi-Six-Figure Business in the Personal Transformation Space

In order for you to make the contribution you really want to make with your gifts, reach a larger audience, and substantially increase your income, you only need three things:

  1. A step-by-step roadmap that’s been proven
  2. A coach/mentor who you resonate with that inspires you
  3. A network and community to travel with on that same path to greater success.

Here’s the challenge of that first step: most online business and marketing trainings these days are taught by people who’ve only been successful as business coaches and tend to teach their students to do the exact same thing they’ve done.

And it almost starts to seem a bit like a pyramid scheme as they tell you that the best way to succeed in business is to become someone who, like them, offers trainings to teach people how to succeed in business…

Which is crazy!

And while those kinds of trainings might have great value and might actually work for people in some fields, they’re rarely right for life coaches or teachers who are trying to be successful in the fields of Relationship, Prosperity, Spirituality, Health, Women’s Empowerment, and many others.

The reason for this is that the people who are interested in Self-Development don’t respond to the same kinds of marketing approaches that work for business and marketing offers.

That’s why the training I want to give you is completely different.

I’ve had the privilege of creating a multi-six-figure business focused in the personal growth and self-development space…

And I absolutely LOVE to help people master online marketing!

I am on a mission to give other heart-centered entrepreneurs the simple and effective roadmap I’ve developed to help you reach your full potential, create an amazing income, and be of even greater service to the world—especially if you’re in the “softer niches” of personal transformation, growth and development.

That’s why I created this program and am so thrilled to be able to share it with you!

Amy Ahlers

Get Lift-Off Business Academy Digital Course – Amy Ahlers, Only Price $397



Lift-Off Business Academy

A 9-Week Online Training with Celebrated Life Coach, Bestselling Author & Multi-Six-Figure Transformational Teacher, Amy Ahlers

This brand-new 9-week program is Evolving Wisdom’s first-ever online marketing and entrepreneurial business training for coaches, therapists, practitioners, workshop leaders, change-agents, and personal transformation guides.

It will show you how to harness your gifts and monetize your mission while staying true to your heart-centered values!

Each week, you’ll receive a complete Training Module consisting of a Training Session Audio, a Recorded Group-Coaching and Q&A Session, a downloadable Weekly Inspiring Action Step & Challenge, along with access to recordings of all the sessions and a transcript of the Training Session.

Over 9 consecutive weeks, from the privacy and comfort of your own home, you’ll learn the step-by-step process for upleveling and building your business to be thriving, profitable, and joyful!

Here’s What You’ll Learn

Here’s what you’ll learn in this step-by-step process to unlock your heart-centered business blueprint:



Become a Rising Superstar

by truly owning your gifts and uncovering the unique value of your contribution.

In order to step into the role of Superstar, you need to develop a winning mindset that aligns with your soul’s calling.

In this first module you will…

  • Discover why you and your unique gifts matter.
  • Take ownership of your talents, gifts and growth edges so you can step into the public arena with confidence and authenticity.
  • The secret to handling so-called incompatibilities, and how they can deliver you the deep satisfaction and love you yearn for
  • Uncover your hidden, unconscious beliefs that are sabotaging your success
  • Investigate the five key fear areas that often hold changemakers back from going big with their mission

By the end of this module you will: Discover and Proclaim Your Gifts Publically


Become a Magnetizing Superstar

by identifying your ideal client that you are here to deeply serve.

Once you truly understand and own your gifts and create a winning mindset, it’s time to gain even more clarity on who you are here to serve. Here’s the truth: an aligned audience is waiting with bated breath for you to offer your gifts to them! .

You’ll discover…

  • Where your desire to serve overlaps your tribe’s needs.
  • How to unlock your authentic voice so your people hear you.
  • When to talk about your audience’s pain and when to talk about your audience’s potential in a way that aligns with your values.
  • How to create a 30-second elevator speech that lights you up!

By the end of this module you will: Have a tested elevator pitch.


Become a List Building Superstar

by ramping up your list with successful free opt-in offers that magnetize your ideal client.

If you ask any successful multi-six or seven figure business owner what one of their biggest keys to success is, they will undoubtedly talk about the value of their email list.

You’ll discover…

  • Why the size of your audience doesn’t necessarily equal money.
  • How to create heart-centered free offers that will allow you to expand your reach.
  • The secret sauce of list building through affiliate partners, tele-summits and more.

By the end of this module: A new (or your first) free gift opt in page. You can even use a program like leadpages, unbounce or hire someone on Fivvr to create it. Share it with our network.


Become a Money Manifesting Superstar

by discovering the highest leverage business models for coaches, therapists, healers, rising leaders, change-agents, and transformational teachers to create abundance and livelihood.

The truth is that one size does NOT fit all when it comes to business models and revenue streams.

You’ll discover…

  • The power of creating a business model that truly works for you and the lifestyle you want to have.
  • How to resist the temptation to adopt a business model that will become a monster you need to feed.
  • The key to beginning with the end in mind, so that you’re creating what you truly want.
  • Amy’s favorite business model for heart-centered entrepreneurs that will help you ramp up to six figures and beyond fast.

Challenge: Flesh out your 5 year business model vision and share it!


Become an Enrollment Superstar

by discovering the core skills and templates for one-on-one, in person, and webinar heart-centered sales that will have your new clients thanking you for the opportunity to work with you.

Selling is NOT a dirty word. In fact, enrolling your clients into your programs and offerings is a fact of being a successful entrepreneur. The key is to lead with service.

You’ll Discover…

  • A powerful selling mindset shift that will make your enrollment conversations joyful for you and your potential client.
  • An easy, foolproof script for your one on one and in person sales conversations that will lead to more people receiving your amazing gifts.
  • How to create a winning offer when doing a one to many format, such as webinar or selling from the stage.

Challenge: Put on social media or out to your list that you’re taking on 3 new clients and then practice your new enrollment style.


Become an Expansion Superstar

by learning how to do outreach on social media, cross-promotions, and advertising channels.

Expanding your message to reach more and more people requires leveraging the tools of the modern world, while also create authentic connections with fellow change-makers.

You’ll discover…

  • How to get out of the social media tornado of overwhelm and choose a peaceful path instead.
  • The keys to understanding which social media platform is right for you (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more!)
  • When to put money towards advertising and when to hold back.
  • The number one key to creating powerful cross promotions.

Challenge: Choose your best social media platform and do a daily post for the next week. See what lands and resonates (and what doesn’t).


Become a Communication Superstar

and learn how to create authentic highly valuable and impactful free content on video and in print for sales pages, blogs, social media, newsletters, and live in-person, to build your tribe and business with ease.

Authentic communication and connection is an underrated skill in the online world. Once you harness it, your business will take off in unprecedented levels.

You’ll discover…

  • How to determine the purest form of communication for you and your message.
  • Simple steps for creating videos that capture the truth of who you are.
  • How to write your blogs, sales pages and more from the heart so that your audience feels like you’re talking right to them.

Challenge: Do some Research & Development around how you best communicate with others and then JUST DO IT for 3 days in a row.


Become a Luminary Superstar

and uncover the next steps for your thriving business.

It’s now time for you to take your place at the table of luminaires you greatly admire. In this module you will be taken through a powerful graduation ceremony that will cement in the learning from the past 8 weeks.

You’ll discover…

  • How to start your day as an entrepreneur so that you keep your motivation alive.
  • A powerful ritual to keep your learning alive and allow you to claim all of your work and growth.
  • The key initiation and what to do when setbacks come.

By the end of this 9-week training you will have the following Tangible Results:

  • Ownership of who you really are and the impact you have with your Personal Branding work
  • Ideal Client Avatar so you get exactly who you’re here to serve
  • 30 Second Elevator Pitch so that you know how to answer the question; What do you do?
  • Opt in Page to increase or begin listbuilding
  • Your Personal 5-year Business Model and Roadmap
  • An aligned enrollment style that will convert your ideal clients
  • New social media campaign on your favorite channel
  • Communication skills so that you shine like the star you are.
  • New mindsets and incredible personal and spiritual growth to support you on your path.

It’s time you finally get lift-off as a visionary leader who is able to generate a thriving livelihood by realizing your authentic calling and making your greatest contribution.

Get Lift-Off Business Academy Digital Course – Amy Ahlers, Only Price $397


*PLUS New Bonus Series*

Accelerate Your Success Bonus Lift-Off Masterclass Series (Valued at $1,632— Yours for NO COST!)

One of the best things about being in the Lift-Off program is that Amy is going to give you the BEST resources, along with access to her personal secret weapons.

**We’ve created an exclusive package of Masterclasses to help you create Lift-Off in every area of your heart-centered, conscious business.**

Lift-Off Masterclass: Become a Superstar Author (Value: $197)

Do you long to bring a book into the world? Are you ready to become a bestselling author? In this powerful, inspiring series you’ll get two different and very unique perspectives on the book publishing industry.


SARK, also known as Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy, is a bestselling author and artist, with 16 titles in print and well over 2 million books sold. SARK is a laser beam of love that will inspire you like no other.

During this class you’ll discover:

  • The keys to finding your authentic writer’s voice
  • How to take small, powerful “micro-movements” to pure creative expression.
  • What to do when writer’s block and inner critics try to hijack your writing!


Linda Sivertsen (aka “Book Mama”) is a book proposal doctor, author whisperer, agent connector, idea-fairy, and huge-hearted cheerleader of creativity for writers of all genres–and every gold-plated publishing dream. In the past 20 years, Linda has authored & co-authored nine books (two New York Times bestsellers), and is the host of the top-rated literature podcast–Beautiful Writers Podcast–where she interviews many of the world’s most beloved authors for candid behind-the-scenes conversations. She’s the creator of the first-ever app to track the health of any relationship, and mama of the Beautiful Writers Group—because magic happens when you stop trying to do it alone.

During Linda’s class you will discover:

  • The ins and outs of the book publishing industry
  • What agents and publishers are REALLY looking for when buying books
  • How to create a winning book proposal

Lift-Off Masterclass: Become a Speaking Superstar (Value: $97)

Are you ready to share your gifts from the on stage? Ready to lift-off into the next level of your success as a speaker? This masterclass with superstar speaker trainer and coach, Jill Wesley, will knock your socks off.


Jill Wesley has worked as a corporate trainer, coach, professional speaker, and educator for over 20 years with experience ranging from executive coaching to delivering presentations to groups of 1,000 at some of the world’s top companies. She has been the “secret weapon” for leaders and entrepreneurs who give major keynotes on massive stages (TEDx, Wisdom 2.0, NPR, and global industry and user conferences) and she’s also Amy’s personal speaking coach for her talks at places like Women@Google. She’s the speaker coach for TEDxSanFrancisco and author of the soon-to-be released TEDx Prep Kit. She helps authors, coaches and entrepreneurs ignite a movement and change the world through TEDx talks.

During this powerful class you’ll discover:

  • How to craft an amazing talk that will leave people begging for more
  • What to do to ease your nerves before going on stage
  • The #1 secret to booking more speaking gigs.

Lift-Off Masterclass: Become a Social Media Superstar (Value: $297)

We all know that social media is one of the most powerful ways to grow your audience, increase engagement, and attract customers. But how, exactly, do you harness the power of social media? And which social media channels are the best for you?


Cory Huff built an entire Facebook marketing team at an agency, and then acted as a digital strategy consultant for Fortune 500s. Now he spends his days helping artists to dispel the starving artist myth by using the Web to sell art directly to their fans.

During this class you’ll discover:

  • A full overview of social media; what it is, why it works, and why you must do it!
  • The differences between Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest and how to know which one is right for you.
  • How to boost a Facebook post to specific audiences so you can gain fans, followers…and customers!


Jasmine Star helps entrepreneurs build a brand, and market it on social media. She’s an epic brander, world class photography, and Instagram wizard.

During this class you’ll discover:

  • What a brand really is and how to build one.
  • The benefits and payoffs of building a brand on Instagram
  • How to truly stand out and create raving fans


Gemma Went is a Business Strategist, Social Media Consultant, Digital Marketing Consultant, Online Business Consultant, and Mindset Mentor. She has a unique mix of business-smarts, psychological-insight, marketing-mastery and tech-geekery.

In this class you’ll discover:

  • How to decide which platforms are right for your business
  • How to find YOUR people on social media
  • A complete content planning and toolkit

Lift-Off Masterclass: Become a Copywriting Superstar (Value: $497)

One of the biggest keys to Amy’s success has been learning how to write love based invitations to her tribes, that actually convert so that your tribe finds you and works with you.


Michele PW is the CEO of the premiere direct response copywriting and marketing company today, catering to entrepreneurs and small business owners internationally who want to be more successful and profitable and feel good about their marketing and copy. Michele’s clients include the “Who’s Who” of Internet Marketing, such as Ali Brown, Lisa Sasevich, Brian Tracy and more!

The Love-Based Copywriting Kit includes:​

  • Love Based Copywriting eBook by Michele PW. so you can learn proven marketing, copywriting and business strategies that will help you fall in love with your business all over again (not to mention get your message out into the world and into the hands of the people who need it).
  • Love Based Email Templates: A packet of soul-centered “swipe files” filled with love that you can use as templates to write your own emails when you offer your divine gifts. This file is based on years and years of trial and error & will make your process faster and easier.
  • An exclusive interview with Michele PW and Amy Ahlers on Love Based Copywriting so that you can hear from the expert herself, about why Love Based copywriting REALLY works!

Lift-Off Masterclass: Become a Wealth & Creativity Superstar (Value: $397)

Claire and Shiloh are brilliant women will share their wisdom, tools and insights into how you can create more wealth and unleash your creativity in profound ways.


Claire Zammit, Ph.D.c, is Claire is an expert transformational teacher, leader, mentor and entrepreneur. She’s the founder of Feminine Power and co-founder of Evolving Wisdom, which was recognized by Inc. Magazine as #83 on the list of Top 500 fastest-growing companies in America.

During this class you’ll discover:

  • The step-by-step process of transforming your “wealth identity,” enabling you to more easily generate the resources necessary to unlock your greatness—in the specific ways that work best for conscious women.
  • Uncover and release the core hidden beliefs that hold you back from true prosperity, so that you can manifest the money, support, and true wealth you need to live your greatest vision—and elevate your family, friends and community to their potentials as well.


Shiloh Sophia has been painting, writing poetry, publishing books and teaching at universities, the United Nations, and in her own programs and around the world for over twenty years. She is the co-curator and founder of the Intentional Creativity Foundation and Cosmic Cowgirls, a woman and girl owned school that serves between 500 and 5000 women a month through revolutionary education, both virtual and on-location.

In this class you’ll discover:

  • The connection between your right brain and your business vision
  • How to commune with your muse to create success
  • A guided Intentional Creativity process to vision your next steps

Lift-Off Masterclass: Become a Technology Superstar (Value: $147)

One of the biggest things that can hold people back is technology. Maybe you feel like a you’re technologically incapable of creating a successful business in the modern age. Have no fear! Amy’s rockstar team has created two simple, easy to follow trainings on the only two things you’ll need to get yourself up and running: Creating an Opt In page and setting up a Mailing list!

Both Trainings Conducted by Sarah Mardell

Sarah Mardell is the Chief Operations Director and Goddess of Goodness for Amy’s company, Wake-Up Call Coaching Inc. Once a self-professed technophobe, Sarah is now a wizard at everything from InfusionSoft to LeadPages to WordPress. With a heart of gold and a spirit of service, you’ll love Sarah’s gentle, clear teaching style.

Session #1: Set Up your Email List and Opt In Box with MailChimp Step-by-Step Training by the end of this session you’ll have your email database and opt in box set up so you can list build and expand your audience.

Session #2: Create a Winning Opt In Page on LeadPages Step by Step Training by the end of this training you’ll have your very own opt-in page so you can collect names and email addresses of your ideal clients.

Just to summarize, the total value of all of the elements of the Lift-Off Business Academy Program is $7,332

  • The 9-Week Lift-Off Business Academy System of 8 Teaching Modules and 1 “Implementation and Activation Week” with Amy Ahlers (Valued at $2,000)
  • 7 Recorded 80-Minute Group Coaching Sessions with Amy (Valued at $2,000)
  • 7 Weekly Inspiring Action Steps (Valued at $800)
  • Complete Module PDF Transcripts (Valued at $600)
  • Custom Online Learning Portal (Valued at $300)
  • Online Community Forum for Discussion and Connection (Priceless!)
  • **PLUS New Bonus Series** “Jumpstart Your Income and Inspiration” With Our Inspiring Guest Mentors (Valued at $1,632)

Get Lift-Off Business Academy Digital Course – Amy Ahlers, Only Price $397

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