Listing Expireds – Borino

Listing Expireds – Borino


Available course Listing Expireds – Borino – File Size: 1.4 GB – This system has already helped over 12,000 real estate agents to get out of a rut… End the grind of endless hours of prospecting- Price: $45

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Listing Expireds – Borino course is available you will get instantly after payment only $297 $45.

What you’ll learn:

How To Attract A Flood Of Warm Leads and Motivated Sellers Right NOW

The Complete System To List Expired Listings

This system has already helped over 12,000 real estate agents to get out of a rut… End the grind of endless hours of prospecting… Get motivated leads to come to them… And build a profitable, predictable, and ENJOYABLE real estate business.

Will YOU be next? 

When was the last time you spent the whole weekend with your family?

Some agents work their butts off: long hours, prospecting, following up. And they still worry where their next commission will come from.

Some agents make a bundle and play golf on weekends.

The difference? The successful agents have a SYSTEM.

Hey, it’s your coach Borino. Sometimes they call me “The Expired Guru”. I’ve been involved in real estate, marketing, and coaching real estate agents just like you for over 20 years now!

I got my license in 1989 – the WORST possible time to start in real estate.


I was beyond broke. Things got so bad, I became homeless and I had to live in my old car.

But I met a great mentor named Art who showed me how to tap into a endless stream of motivated seller leads – expireds. I developed the system I want to share with you…


1 Contact

Let’s suppose you contact one good expired per day.You look at five or even ten, but only one is worth going after. That’s 240 contacts in the next twelve months.

60 Motivated Leads

Let’s assume that half of those relist with the same agent. That leaves 120 potential leads. Now let’s say that one half of those are crappy homes or non-motivated sellers.You’re left with 60 actual good leads.

15 Listings

And only half of those turn into listing appointments. That’s 30 listing appointments. And let’s be conservative again, and you only list 50% of them. That means 15 listings. From only one contact per day.

Obviously this is just a hypothetical scenario and I am not implying you will get these results. But is it possible? Can you make just one contact per day? What if you made two?

How will the extra commissions change YOUR lifestyle?

See, the change you’re thinking about is not just about the money. Your spouse would finally stop doubting you, for one. But it’s even more than proving something. It’s a lifestyle. And peace of mind. 

Introducing The Expired PLUS System

A NEW Approach To Expired Listings

Building TRUST Through Multiple Marketing Channels

The Road To Respect, Peace Of Mind, And Freedom In Real Estate

The Expired PLUS Is A Complete System

  • Where To Start
  • Where To Get Phone Numbers
  • What To Say
  • What To Mail
  • How To Set Appointments

Getting Past The Do Not Call Registry.

No Soliciting. Gated Communities.

No Phone Numbers.

The solution: MAIL. Use the Expired PLUS marketing artillery to reach even the hardest-to-reach sellers. And convert them into warm leads and clients.

No more cold contacts. These pieces will make the expireds feel like they know you — and TRUST you. Let the direct mail do all your heavy lifting. Now isn’t that an easier way to get business?

The Expired PLUS Contains


So you can relax, be real, and be YOURSELF

Seriously. Wouldn’t you feel better if the sellers were friendly and pleasant to you?

  • NO uncomfortable selling or hype
  • NO aggressive, pushy “closing”
  • NO “lines” that insult the sellers’ intelligence
  • NO manipulation or pressure
  • NO traditional scripts used by other agents

Stand Out Instantly From Your Competition

Trigger Incoming Calls From Sellers

It’s 2017, but some agents STILL show up only with their business card. You will have a professional brochure and an 8-page resume, custom-designed for expired listings.

You don’t have to sell yourself. You don’t have to explain how YOU are different. Let your marketing do it for you!

You get two versions: New Agent and Experienced Agent. It contains everything a seller wants to know

  • Who You Are
  • How You Are Different
  • Why The Seller Should List With YOU

You Will Also Get:

  • Free trial of the RedX System
  • Free trial of the Realty Juggler Contact Management System
  • Free trial of the Listing University Coaching
  • Access to private Mastermind group
  • Priority Customer Support

Let’s get  course by click check out right now!

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Listing Expireds – Borino course is available you can Download Instantly after payment!

Original Price : $297 – Wisvalus Price: $45

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File Size: 1.4 GB

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