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This training enables you, among other things, to generate higher states of mind so that you can be at your best in life, in yourself, at work, with others, facing challenges, in health, etc., simply by using meta-stating process, such as Frame Games and Matrix Mastery Skills .

In this training you begin where PERSONAL GENIUS left. You will learn to use the meta-stating process of meaning-making to reveal the Matrix of your Frames within Frames. This will enable you to maintain and sustain your genius states, so that you can continue to enhance them to resourcefully face life in all of its varied challenges to achieve the type of mastery you want

LIVING GENIUS empowers you to Live Your Mastery as your way of being in the world. Are you ready for this adventure?

This 4-Day Training entitles you to Neuro-Semantic® Practitioner Certification.

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