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**Firstly I’d like to credit Tom Torero & Nick Krauser with the content of this post from a couple of brilliant podcasts I listened to a while ago. I think this is absolute gold and should be understood by everyone interested in getting higher quality women into their lives**


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This is a long one guys, but I wrote it because I think it’s bloody important.

**Firstly I’d like to credit Tom Torero & Nick Krauser with the content of this post from a couple of brilliant podcasts I listened to a while ago. I think this is absolute gold and should be understood by everyone interested in getting higher quality women into their lives**

Understanding Male Sexual Market Value (M-SMV) is key to setting out an effective personal development strategy when it comes to attracting the kind of women you want into your life.

The majority of guys don’t even know SMV exists, most just accept the cards they have been dealt and often settle for what they can get. These guys are your typical 9-5 workers who spend their evenings in-front of the TV and watching football in the pub on a Saturday afternoon.

Those guys who do take action and put in effort to develop themselves often do so without too much thought as to whether their efforts are effective.

So why is M-SMV important?

Well, before we get into the components of M-SMV, it’s useful to understand the basics of Sexual Economics.

Sexual Economics in a broad sense is a value exchange where the commodity is sex, just like in a regular free market economy.

In the Sexual Market Place we all have a value (SMV) and we’re genetically hardwired to seek out a partner with the highest SMV we can obtain. The very basis of life is to survive and reproduce and in order to do that we need to find a mate with the highest value we can, to give our DNA the best chance of surviving.

Like the regular free market economy, our value isn’t fixed and fluctuates over time under the influences of external market forces.

A woman’s SMV is simply based on her age and her looks i.e. men desire women who are young and hot. Any guy who says otherwise is lying. A woman will try to maximise her SMV by the only way possible, which is to try and improve the way she looks. If you need evidence of this just look at how big the women’s fashion & cosmetics industries are and the amount of “anti-aging” products that are available. Sound familiar?

However, M-SMV is a much broader spectrum of components and is more fluid than a females i.e. we have far more control over our SMV than our female counterparts.

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The Components of M-SMV

Male Sexual Market Value is made up of three main components, each with a number of sub-components. Each of these sub-components contribute to your overall SMV.

1. Ascribed

Ascribed sub-components are those which you have the least control over and are generally viewed as “the cards you were dealt.” I like to think of the ascribed component as your base value.

  • Age: Not massively important but still a factor which affects your value and something that you cannot change
  • IQ: As the old saying goes “smart is sexy..” It’s debated whether you can change your IQ, but what’s certain is you can put in effort to become more knowledgeable, which will increase your value.
  • Height: Again not massively important but still a factor which affects your value.
  • Looks: Don’t kid yourself, looks do matter. Unless you go down the route of surgery, you can’t change the way you look. You can however work out, wear fashionable clothes, stay well groomed, smell good etc..all these things will increase your value in this area.
  • Nationality: Like looks, Nationality does affect your M-SMV though you can’t change it.

2. External

External sub-components are those which are generally packaged with your Ascribed, the most common being how much wealth you have and your status in society.

  • Money: Simply how much you earn or have in the bank. Depending on which value delivery mechanism you are using (We’ll get onto that later) money can be an important factor that contributes to your value.
  • EcoSystem Status: Your EcoSystem status is basically your standing in a particular environment. For example, in a club are you the DJ, promoter, barman or a punter? Having a high status in a particular environment will add value to your M-SMV but this again depends on which value delivery mechanism you are using.

3. Learned

Learned sub-components are those which add the most value and those that differentiate you from the ‘average guy.’

  • Life Experiences: Are you the guy that leads a routine life or do you go out and experience new things? The more life experiences you have, the more value you’ll have.
  • Leading: Leading and being the decision maker is important. If you’re not leading you’re not maximising your potential SMV
  • Social Intelligence: Knowing how to present yourself in different social settings demonstrates social intelligence.
  • Escalating: Like leading, if you don’t escalate you’re not maximising your potential SMV.
  • Charisma/Charm: Also referred to as strength of character. Do you stand firm in the face of conflicting beliefs or do you change your viewpoint to please others? Being a strong character increases your SMV.
  • Non-Neediness: Neediness is known as the attraction killer. The economic term scarcity is what drives men to neediness. Creating abundance and being outcome independent will help stop you being needy and thus increase your SMV.
  • Male Polarity: Polarity is attraction of the opposites. You’re a man, be a man and this will increase your M-SMV.
  • Confidence: Very important. Remember confidence is not universal, it’s just situational competence so it can be worked on and improved.

As you can see, developing an effective personal development strategy to get more quality women into your life requires taking action to work on the sub-components of your SMV.

Knowing these sub-components means you can identify the areas which aren’t maximising their potential value, whether that’s developing an attractive style or creating a life full of new experiences.

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How do I display my SMV?

So you’ve spent time working on raising your SMV by putting time and effort into improving the sub-components, but unless you’re actively displaying your SMV to potential partners, it’s all a waste of time.

For our SMV to serve its purpose, we need to present it to women through a Value Display Mechanism. In other words, we need to be interacting with women and there are different ways we can do this.

Though there are different ways to display your SMV, it’s up to you to decide which sits within your identity of yourself i.e. do you want to be the lover and attract high quality women despite not being rich or famous or are you happy to use your money & status to be the provider? This is your choice.

Main Value Display Mechanisms

Good Looking Guy Game: Good looking guy game is just that. It’s using pretty much just your ascribed value to get the girl. If you are young, good looking, have a great body and are fashionable then that value alone will get you women. Because ascribed value is mainly in the visual, often it requires no work on your part as women will actively engage you.

Daygame: The art of cold approaching women outside of the bar and nightclub environment. Daygame is a combination of ascribed and learned value. Your ascribed value (especially if you don’t have much of it) needs to be complemented by your learned value in order to get the girl. Working on your learned value i.e. daygame skills will greatly improve your results.

Nightgame: The classic meeting girls in bars and nightclubs. Night game is a combination of ascribed and learned value just like daygame, however unlike daygame, your ascribed value is more important here. If you’re an attractive guy with a good body & fashion sense chances are you don’t need many of the learned attributes to get a quick lay. Learned value helps guys with lower ascribed value, think old “Mystery Method” school of thought.

Ecosystem game: Ecosystem game is primarily external value projection whereby status within a specific ecosystem is massively important. An example of this would be a nightclub owner. In his ecosystem (the nightclub) his external value is above and beyond that of a regular punter and therefore attracts high value women. Although effective. The caveat of this value display mechanism is that it’s not adaptable i.e. without the ecosystem the mans SMV is lower.

Provider game: Provider game is again primarily external value projection wherby assets are used in exchange for sex. At a base level, provider game would be prostitution i.e. the physical exchange of money for sex. Essentially provider game is where a man utilises wealth to raise his SMV to attract high value women, think a city trader who takes women out for expensive meals and buys her expensive gifts so that she’ll sleep with him. Again this is an effective value display mechanism but like ecosystem game, if the wealth disappears and the man can no longer provide, his value drops and the woman seeks value elsewhere.

Deciding which Value Display Mechanism you choose to use ultimately comes down to the type of person you want to be and recognising what value you already have and where you’re willing to improve.

Whatever you decide, knowing the basics of Sexual Economics, what makes up your Sexual Market Value and how to display it will greatly aid you in designing the most effective personal development strategy for you.

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