Master Flexibility Trainer (Week 1-4) - Dan Van Zandt

Master Flexibility Trainer (Week 1-4) – Dan Van Zandt


Enroll Master Flexibility Trainer (Week 1-4) – Dan Van Zandt course at Wisvalue. The Master Flexibility Trainer course will show you how to become one of the best flexibility experts in the world. Price: $152.

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Master Flexibility Trainer (Week 1-4) - Dan Van Zandt 1

The Master Flexibility Trainer course will show you how to become one of the best flexibility experts in the world.

Get better results for both your own training and with others, faster.

Get more clients.

Get a higher earning potential.

Get ahead of an industry which is still a decade behind the research.

Lead the evolution of flexibility training!


…is it?

The Master Flexibility Trainer course is a 16-week online program of study that will teach you the foundation of everything you need to know about flexibility: what it is, why it is essential to health and athleticism, how to train it effectively, and how to coach it to others. The course is the distillation of nearly a quarter of a century of professional research and teaching experience by one of the world’s foremost authorities on the subject. It is the most in-depth science-based education programme on flexibility training and coaching available anywhere.

…will I learn?

You will develop a fundamental understanding of flexibility, why the body adapts in particular ways to training inputs, and how to tailor those inputs to achieve the optimal outcome for each client based on their goals. The evolving syllabus incorporates the 12 Core Competencies of Flexibility Coaching:

  1. Structural Kinesiology – learn how the arrangement of the body affects and is affected by movement.
  2. Biomechanics – know how the cells, tissues, and systems of the body behave according to the universe’s physical laws.
  3. Neurophysiology – discover how to work with the nervous system to improve range of motion and enhance other motor abilities that are influenced by flexibility.
  4. Motor learning/control – learn how to strengthen coordination through ranges of motion to expand the body’s physical capabilities.
  5. Exercise physiology – see how chemistry plays a role in the acute and chronic adaptations of the body to physical training.
  6. Sport psychology – use cutting-edge techniques and strategies to get the most out of your clients during training.
  7. Neuromusculoskeletal injuries – learn to identify common injuries, why flexibility should be the cornerstone of the rehabilitation process, and how to get clients back doing the things they love as soon as possible.
  8. Pain science – understand the intimate relationship between pain and range of motion and how to target flexibility training to reduce pain levels.
  9. Examination and assessment – know how to determine a person’s flexibility needs and learn different ways to assess current capacities to inform the training programme.
  10. Coaching skills – acquire the skills necessary to help people achieve their flexibility training goals.
  11. Scientific literacy – know how to find, understand, and interpret clinical research and develop the critical thinking skills needed to apply sound research conclusions to your practice.
  12. Business skills – learn how to run a successful coaching business doing what you love.

…will I get?

You will get lifetime access to:

  • Nearly 30 hours of recorded video lessons that you can watch as many times as you want – with full transcripts!
  • The exclusive Flexibility Research Forum, a growing online community of health and fitness professionals from all over the globe where you can engage, ask questions, and exchange ideas and information. Includes a chat room and instant messenger functions!
  • 60-minute group support calls with Dan and other members of the Flexibility Research community held twice a week, every week.
  • An archive of previous group support calls featuring countless pearls of wisdom – currently more than 60 hours of content and growing all the time!
  • Early access to podcast episodes and long-form articles written by Dan.
  • Exclusive discounts on future online courses and in-person events.
  • An opportunity to earn money by referring other people!
  • NEW FOR SEPTEMBER 2021: Exclusive access to the Research Review Group, a monthly study session where members of the community come together to discuss interesting and emerging research about human movement.

Upon graduation, you will receive:

  • A custom printed certificate complete with unique features like a security hologram, which is mailed to your home address wherever you are in the world.
  • A gift package including stationery like engraved pens and bookmarks.
  • Master Flexibility Trainer t-shirt.

…is an “evolving syllabus?”

The path makes use of modern-day quality evidence. However, researchers make discoveries each day, and the collective expertise base is constantly updating. The Master Flexibility Trainer path syllabus evolves to preserve tempo with the ones discoveries. The path can try this due to the fact it’s far written and taught through a person who has been reading, digesting, and making use of flexibility studies to his clients’ education each day for nearly 25 years. The Master Flexibility Trainer path will usually be the maximum up-to-date flexibility training programme withinside the world.

…is flexibility important?
Flexibility is the key to everything you need to do together along with your frame. If you need strength, endurance, speed, agility, or coordination, you want flexibility. None of these matters occurs with out flexibility. You can’t do anything together along with your frame with out flexibility. At its maximum fundamental definition, flexibility is the cappotential to transport your frame. Understanding what flexibility is and the way to teach it successfully and effectively will allow you to enhance different humans’s capabilities to transport their bodies.

…must I do that path as opposed to others?
We actively inspire you to are seeking for out a huge style of education stories to increase your expertise. But no different system has ever protected the challenge of flexibleness education and coaching as thoroughly because the Master Flexibility Trainer path does. We do now no longer say this lightly; individuals who be a part of us after taking each different main path available in the marketplace say it. Flexibility is paramount to bodily cappotential, be that keeping a completely practical frame via your senior years or excelling at your favored sport. The Master Flexibility Trainer path will provide you with the quality training possible at the aspect of fitness this is maximum essential to human beings. Much of what the health enterprise teaches approximately flexibility is thoroughly incorrect. Some education vendors go away enormous gaps of their content material. Others are hastily seeking to backfill the holes which have been made obvious through Dan’s teachings; this consists of diploma guides at universities. The Master Flexibility Trainer path will usually lead the way in flexibility training.


Become an Amazing Coach
Excel withinside the 12 Core Competencies of Flexibility Coaching and have a a success profession coaching different humans to enhance flexibility, motion capabilities, and first-class of life!

Lifetime Access
Never pay two times to get right of entry to the records you already paid for! Never pay expensive “licensing fees”! Pay as soon as and get right of entry to it as oftentimes as you need. Get weekly assist requires life!

Tons of Content
Almost 30 hours of middle video lessons; limitless weekly assist calls; watch recordings from preceding assist calls; ask limitless questions and community with fellow beginners from across the world!

…is the path delivered?
It is a sixteen-week on-line path. You will get hold of your login info to the Flexibility Research Forum inside 24 hours of signing up. The first module will open on September 26. The closing modules will open each Sunday at 7 pm UTC after that. The first organization assist name will take vicinity on Sunday, September 26. (There are  calls in keeping with week; the opposite takes vicinity on Tuesdays.) You could have get right of entry to to the organization assist name archive whilst Module 1 opens on September 26. You can examine and publish content material withinside the Forum from these days also. The path is sixteen weeks however you could entire it for your personal time. There are no deadlines. You can watch the lessons, attend organization assist calls, and ask questions as oftentimes as you need.

…will I be assessed?
You will entire a written task on the stop of every module, along with a various quantity of questions primarily based totally upon that week’s content material. You do now no longer want to finish an task earlier than you could watch the following module. You can’t fail the assignments due to the fact the path is a developmental getting to know programme. Its cause is to equip you with the expertise and capabilities you want to be an first rate flexibility coach. You might be given as lots assist as necessary to recognize any query you get incorrect till you’ve got got a strong draw close of the material.  The very last evaluation will check your cappotential to layout an powerful programme primarily based totally upon diagnosed education needs. You can retake the very last evaluation as oftentimes as needed till each you and Dan are assured for your capabilities as a flexibility coach.

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