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There are 22 Modules in the program and the titles of the videos are as follows:

Module 1: Mind Bending Language & Hypnotherapy

Module 2: Turning Unconscious Moments Into ‘MBL’ Magic Moments Demonstration

Module 3: Finding The Real Problem Using MBL Questions Demonstration

Module 4: Probing Questions Demo, Demo Mentoring Debrief & How To Have Mind Bending Language Flow Naturally

Module 5: Concrete Vs Abstract Thoughts & MBL Questions Demo

Module 6: How To Elicit Similes & Metaphors Demo, Using Symbolic Language For Change Demo & Demo Mentoring Debrief

Module 7: Dealing With “Problem Clients” Demo & How To Positively Hijack Their Resistance

Module 8: Basic Pain Control Demo, Advanced Pain Control Demo & Demo Mentoring Debrief

Module 9: The Story Of Ambrosia & How To Use MBL Intelligently

Module 10: Pre-framing, Reframing and Out-framing Using MBL & Personal Trance Themes

Module 11: Negative, Neutral And Positive Unconscious Moments & Accessing Resources To Create Transformations

Module 12: Student Freestyle Sessions & “Increasing Your Discipline” Demo

Module 13: Unconscious Moments Demo Mentoring Debrief & In-depth MBL Questions and Answers

Module 14: Student Demo – “Not Socially Fitting In” With Real-Time Coaching From Igor

Module 15: Demo Mentoring Debrief & Troubleshooting Problems

Module 16: Using Hypnosis & MBL For Medical and Health Issues

Module 17: “No Holds Barred Hypnotherapy” & Student Demo “Fear Of Starting A Hypnosis Practice” With Mentoring Debrief

Module 18: How To Extend Unconscious Moments, Hypnotic Therapy Loops & Student Demo: “Accessing The Unconscious” With Mentoring Debrief

Module 19: Student Demo On A Real Client With Igor Real-Time Coaching & Mentoring Debrief

Module 20: Using The Power Of The Present Moment & How To Do Hypnotherapy Over The Telephone

Module 21: Student Demo With A 2nd Real Client

Module 22: Demo Mentoring Debrief, Generative Vs Remedial Change & Hypnotic Benediction

Modules 1-4

In Mind Bending Language Mentoring is a very thorough and detailed program where you’ll watch and learn as I coach a great group of hypnotherapists in each step of the process. And then I hope you’ll take time to do all of the exercises yourself with your hypnosis buddy to cement the theory into experience.

We’ll start with Modules 1 to 4.

Modules 5-7

Next up, in Modules 5 to 7, if you’re already a hypnotherapist, or have practiced hypnotherapy I’ll bet that you’ve already run across “problem clients” and I’m going to show you how to hijack their resistance and make it work in your favor.

Modules 8-11

Welcome to Modules 8 to 11 of Mind Bending Language Mentoring, I think you’re going to find the training in these modules priceless when it comes to helping other people.

If you’ve ever witnessed another person who’s in pain, you know how life and joy sucking that pain can be, especially if it’s chronic from some physical debilitation or serious illness.

So now you’re going to learn how you can help someone lessen or become completely free of that pain in these modules. You can truly bring hope and help to give someone their life back with these skills.

Modules 12-14

Welcome to modules 12 to 14 of Mind Bending Language Mentoring.

In these modules you’re going to see some great demonstrations of students working “freestyle” while I mentor them every step of the way in the hypnotherapy process.

This is the real value of having a mentor to work with you in actual hypnotherapy sessions because it fine tunes all the little nuances that make your work really powerful in helping someone find true change.

So enjoy these hypnotherapy demonstrations!

Modules 15-18

Welcome to modules 15 to 18, I’ve got some powerful demos and invaluable tips for troubleshooting problems with clients for you.

The group of hypnotherapists I’ve brought together have had enough experience to know the problems that can arise with people coming in for therapy, so we’re going to spend some time troubleshooting those problems in these videos.

If you’ve had experience doing hypnotherapy, I’m sure you’ll relate and find answers here as well.

We’ll also look at how you can use Mind Bending Language to effectively work with people who have medical and health issues to help them with their healing process.

Modules 19-22

Welcome to modules 19 to 22, the final section in our Mind Bending Language Mentoring program.

It’s all well and good to practice with fellow hypnotists, hypnosis buddies or family and friends who have volunteered to let you practice with them. What happens though, when you have to take your hypnotherapy skills out into the ‘real’ world and work with ‘real’ clients?

I think you’re really going to enjoy watching students work with people outside the group that they’ve invited to come in to participate.

Thank you again for joining us on this program and I hope to be able to continue your hypnosis journey with you in the future, with our other home study or live events.

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