Mind Of A Trader – Alpesh Patel


When it comes to trading what makes a winner? Is it inborn, or can it be learned? Is there a psychological secret? 



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When it comes to trading what makes a winner? Is it inborn, or can it be learned? Is there a psychological secret? 

Don't worry about looking for the answers. It could take you a lifetime. Learn about what it takes to be a consistent winner instead. It could take you far. With contributions from Bernard Oppetit, Bill Lipschutz, Pat Arbor, Jon Najarian, David Kyte, among others. 

This book explores the trading philosophies, behavior, and tactics of the world's top traders, identifying successful strategies and winning ways in the markets.

It answers the question "what makes a great trader?" and "how can I profit from what they know and do?"

Interviewees include: Bill Lipschutz(former dealing with director and international head of overseas exchange, Salomon Brothers); Bernard Oppetit (international head of fairness derivatives, Banque Paribas); Pat Arbor (chairman, Chicago Board of Trade); Jon Najarian ("SuperTrader", director, Chicago Board Options Exchange); Phil Flynn (vice president, Alaron Trading); Paul RT Johnson, Jr. (senior vice president, ING Securities, Futures & Options); Neal T. Weintraub (ground dealer and writer of Tricks of the Floor Trader), and plenty of more.

The intellectual techniques main to buying and selling excellence and income are defined inside this ee-e book from the mouths of these that enjoy, live, breathe, and love the markets. What do pinnacle buying and selling techniques and minds have in common? How can the listener use this statistics to his or her very own benefit and income?

I do now no longer need a unmarried buying and selling listener to shut any bankruptcy and feel, "what relevance does this should me?" The naive trust there's a mystery to buying and selling fulfillment, and that they look for it, however withinside the incorrect places, consisting of steeply-priced buying and selling programs. With enjoy they comprehend that the most effective mystery to fulfillment is difficult paintings and talent, and that they prevent searching out every other mystery. Finally, with wisdom, they stumble throughout the name of the game to buying and selling fulfillment with out even looking or knowing it.

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