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Introduction to Eroticatrance

Erotic and Sensual Hypnosis Training Introduction to Erotic Hypnotic Response A Special Course in Guided Erotic Ecstasy

A Complete Introductory Course in Erotic Hypnosis Beginner’s Course

Brian David Phillips, Ph.D., C.H.

Open Your Mind to Guided Erotic Pleasure! The largest and most responsive sexual organ is the mind. Welcome to the mysteries of the mind, the realm where sensual imagination becomes realized and eXperienced . . . learn erotic hypnosis!

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Complete Instruction in Five HD Videos


Specialist Introduction to Erotic Hypnotic Response

Filmed during live trainings in Mindgasm Erotic Hypnosis in Taipei, Taiwan, August-December 2012, this is one of the most requested subjects currently taught by Brian David Phillips. This is THE basic introductory program in erotic hypnosis, covering basic simple hypnotic inductions to pleasure conditioning and how to leverage individual responsiveness and more . . . brought to you . . . techniques that can be applied to any appropriate context from therapeutically helping folks through intimate recreation for couples through entertainment or other contexts.

Yes, this is EROTIC HYPNOSIS . . . however, this is strictly an educational product . . . no, the product does not include nudity of any kind, you don’t need to be naked to experience incredible orgasmic pleasure (of course, in the privacy of your own home, feel free to use these amazing skills with or without clothing, that’s your option and you will indeed enjoy your options). This is mature material for consenting adults presented in a frank and forthright manner, openly explained, demonstrated, and discussed.

Many folks purchase this material for their own personal enjoyment or to spice up intimate relationships (we mean mega-spice-up) or to enhance their therapeutic practice.

This seminar is not just a course on video, it is truly an experience. Learn a number of processes, techniques, and approaches to erotic hypnotic response. These unique and powerful techniques help you open yourself to wonderful opportunities within a wide variety of contexts from the confidential setting of the therapy room to the public performance experience of the entertainment stage to the intimacy and romance of the bedroom . . . and . . . beyond.

While it is appropriate for beginners with no previous experience in erotic hypnosis (the attendees of the original filmed seminars had no previous hypnosis training), the material is not specific to basic practitioners, so more advanced practitioners will find some value in the material.

For your convenience, in addition to providing an excellent standalone Mindgasm Eroticatrance product (another HD video release), we are also providing extra-savings packages for those who wish to purchase our related products.

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Introduction to Erotic Hypnotic Response High Definition Video on USB at 1280X720

Open Your Mind to Guided Erotic Pleasure! The largest and most responsive sexual organ is the mind. Welcome to the mysteries of the mind, the realm where sensual imagination becomes realized and eXperienced . . . learn erotic hypnosis!

The Mindgasm Introduction to Erotic Hypnotic Response seminar is a very special learning experience in Romance and Intimacy Experiential Trance Techniques for Adults using our I-5 Protocol (Increased Intensified Intimate Imaginative Involvement). This course is an introductory overview on the use of experiential hypnosis or focused trance to intensify sensual experience and erotic connections (either as recreational processes for couples wishing to renew their own intimacy as well as for therapists intending to guide others as a means of overcoming difficulties and as appropriately applied to certain entertainment venues).

This material is for adults only.

This course is a practical overview on the use of certain hypnosis or focused trance techniques to enhance sensual experience. The material can be applied to a wide variety of therapeutic, entertainment, recreational, or social contexts when appropriately modified.


The experience is taught by Rev. Dr. Brian David Phillips, an internationally known and respected hypnosis practitioner, educator, author, and entertainer. Dr. Phillips is President of the Society of Experiential Trance, is the editor of the peer-reviewed Journal of Experiential Trance and was the founding editor of the peer-reviewed Journal of Applied Hypnotic Arts and Sciences. Dr. Phillips is the coordinator and chief instructor for the oldest English-language hypnosis and focused-trance practice group in Taiwan and is the owner and moderator of one of the largest online email discussion communities related to hypnosis and focused trance techniques. He has taught numerous workshops and seminars on hypnosis, focused trance, and experiential hypnosis as well as a number of webinars (web-based seminars) on these and related subjects. Dr. Phillips is an associate professor at National Chengchi University. Dr. Phillips uses rapid and instant hypnosis inductions routinely in his Waking Dreams Hypnosis Show, the only ongoing entertainment comedy hypnosis stage show in Taiwan.

Enjoy FIVE HIGH DEFINITION VIDEOS FILLED WITH SOLID EXPERIENTIAL TEACHING that offers complete instruction in MINDGASM: Introduction to Erotic Hypnotic Response and much, much more.

A Quick Note Regarding Manuals

Plese Note: There is no course manual included with this video set. While the video content may refer to a course manual, it is not included within the video set package. Course manuals are only available to live seminar attendees who do not access to the advantages of the video presentation which can be paused, rewound, and played back several times.

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