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The Essential Guide To Generating Consulting Clients



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The Essential Guide To Generating Consulting Clients

Video 1: Now!

"The Essential Guide To Generating Consulting Clients"

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Main Event – The Exact Methods I Used To Generate 18 Clients @ $1500+ Each In Only 60 Days.

Week 1

Picking A Niche Specializing (Why You Must Do It) Setting Your Fees Mindset Required For Results Expert Positioning

Week 2 

Setting Up Linkedin Properly Creating Your Irresistible Message Consistent Web Presence Ready To Start Linkedin Next Week Additional Sales Collateral

Week 3

Start Prospecting On Linkedin Contacting Prospects Linkedin Email Templates Following Up Properly (80% of sales) Process Automation

Week 4

Prospecting Using Direct Mail Direct Mail Templates Making It Work Without Phone Follow Up

Week 5

Getting The Sale Setting up The Sales Consultation Properly Conducting The Sale Call Getting Them To Say “YES” (not I’ll think about it) Locking The Deal Down Getting Paid

Week 6

Scaling Your Business Outsourcing Tasks Measuring Success Tracking and Testing Product Delivery


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