MultiFamily Investing Live Virtual Workshop

MultiFamily Investing Live Virtual Workshop


Enroll MultiFamily Investing Live Virtual Workshop course at Wisvalue. Discover the step-by-step process for investing in apartment buildings used by Canada’s leading Multifamily Investing expert, Pierre-Paul Turgeon. Price: $497.

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Canada’s ONLY Experiential Multifamily Investing Program that teaches you EVERYTHING you need to become a successful investor in apartment buildings

Discover the step-by-step process for investing in apartment buildings used by Canada’s leading Multifamily Investing expert, Pierre-Paul Turgeon.

Live Virtual Workshop
PLUS the Self-Study Online Course

October 29, 30 & 31, 2021

Between the Live Virtual Workshop and the Self-Study Online Training you will become a professional and know absolutely everything to become very successful with investing in Canadian apartment buildings.

What’s Included… 

Attend 3-Day Live Virtual Workshop

Live Q&A

Learn from Multi-Family experts

Work through REAL Multi-Family deals

ALSO INCLUDES Lifetime Access to

The Self-Study Online Course
& All Future Upgrades  

($2,497 + GST if purchased separately)

Over 70 In-Depth Training Videos

Propriety Worksheets that Make Investing a Breeze

Exactly How to Write An Offer And Make Big Banks Treat You Like a Pro

Let’s Get Right To It – What’s In The Training?

Both the Live Virtual Event and the self-study Online Course are split into 3 sections that reflect the sequence I follow for every one of my deals:

Planning and Selection

In this section you will lay the foundation for a successful investment by learning how to perform effective research and select a market and a property that will make a sound investment.

Due Diligence

In this section, you will collect and evaluate all the data and documents necessary to create a successful financing application.


In this section you will bring together all of the data and documents that you have collected and produce a top-notch financing application.

Each section contains everything you need to fast-track your success:

  • Worked examples to show you how I applied this material to a successful investment of my own
  • Worksheets to keep you on track
  • Input from Industry experts to give you an “on the ground” perspective

The Multi-Family Investing Blueprint

Below is an outline of my Canadian Multifamily Investing Blueprint that you get with the On-Demand, Self-Study Course.

Note: When you attend the live virtual event, this is the material that we will cover together.

By working through this Blueprint you will have my own step-by-step process to follow each time you invest in a Multifamily Property.

The Blueprint is designed to walk you through the entire process of investing in a Multifamily property, from research and selection, through making an offer and due diligence on the investment. All through the process, you are guided as to what data to gather to enable you to put to gather a Rockstar financing application.

1. Introduction

In this module, I cowl the simple concepts at the back of Multifamily Investing, and the attitude you want to need to succeed. The purpose is to put together you for the paintings ahead, and to make certain which you recognize the general method at the back of the Blueprint, so you have the first-class danger of success.

2. Planning and Research

This module is the primary, and arguably the maximum essential module withinside the entire course. This is wherein I stroll you via a number of the essential selections you want to make earlier than embarking in your Multifamily Investing journey. These selections will streamline the paintings you do during the system, making you greater efficient, and ensuring you seem expert. I additionally stroll you via the diverse steps for figuring out ability markets to make investments in, and acquiring listings of homes on the market in that marketplace that meet your criteria.

3. Making an Offer

In this module, you may study the essential components of creating an provide, beginning with the maximum essential point: your realtor will do the tough paintings for you! I cowl the principle factors of an provide, what to appearance out for whilst getting ready your personal offers, and a way to put together for the subsequent segment of the system as soon as your provide is everyday.

4. Assessing Property Risk

In this module, the primary of the Due Diligence Modules, I communicate approximately the maximum import piece of Due Diligence: Property Risk. If there are any troubles with the belongings itself, it’s crucial to find out them as quickly as feasible so you can both positioned a plan in region to mitigate the troubles or, withinside the worst case, stroll farfar from the deal.

5. Assessing Market Risk

This module, the second one withinside the due diligence system, builds at the paintings we did withinside the making plans module, wherein we targeted at the macro components of the marketplace. Here we have a take a observe the marketplace from the micro angle because it relates particularly to the belongings which you have beneathneath contract (everyday provide for). We examine the belongings’s performance (in phrases of common vacancies and modern condo charges) to common similar homes withinside the marketplace region. Our purpose is to decide if there may be a discrepancy that wishes to be addressed, or if there may be an up-aspect wherein the fee of the belongings may be increased (via way of means of growing rents).

6. Assessing Valuation Risk

For apparent reasons, that is the maximum content-in depth module withinside the due diligence system. In this module we get into quantity crunching to decide the approximate fee of the belongings the use of facts acquired from the seller and our marketplace studies to look if it’s in step with latest income of similar homes withinside the marketplace. We evaluation the principle valuation processes and the idea of cap fees and different key monetary signs you want to recognize. The purpose is to decide what financing can be acquired primarily based totally on the selected financing method.

7. Assessing Investor/Borrower Risk

In this module, the closing one withinside the due diligence system, we appearance what’s required from the investor/borrower to qualify for financing, and take a look at that the whole thing is in order. Areas protected include: competence, capacity, internet non-public worth, non-public ensures and kinds of felony possession systems for homes.

8. Financing Your Deal

In this module, we have a take a observe the 2 reassets of financing available – traditional and CMHC-insured financing – and talk the professionals and cons of every form of financing and their respective guidelines and effect on profit. We additionally examine one-of-a-kind financing techniques and the diverse situations wherein they may be implemented the use of real case studies. We additionally display you a way to convey collectively all the paintings from the preceding modules right into a top-notch financing software that your lender and/or CMHC will love you for it (and probable prevent lots of bucks withinside the system).

Remove the Guesswork with Tools, Worksheets and Checklists

Over the years I’ve been making an investment in Multifamily homes, I’ve created a gaggle of extra equipment, checklists and materials to aid my personal making an investment. As a part of the workshop, I’ll be offering you with the ones identical equipment to aid your personal Multifamily Investing journey.

For instance, there’s the Due Diligence Checklist, that will help you make certain you’ve got got all the files and facts you want earlier than beginning your due diligence checks, and the Multifamily Investing Spreadsheet, to remove the heavy lifting from the quantity-crunching involved.

Live Virtual Event Experiential Training

The key distinction with this stay digital event is the experiential training provided. I use a workshop layout to supply the material, to make certain you’ve got got a danger to paintings on examples yourself. This enables to make the statistics greater “real”. Each idea provided is tested with a labored instance from a belongings I personal – you may see all of the studies, due diligence and financing figures I collected, and stroll via the entire system with me.

Another essential a part of this workshop layout is your possibility to invite questions and talk every subject matter with myself and different enterprise professionals. The quantity of attendees on the Workshops is saved deliberately low to make sure most participation.

Virtual On-Site Property Inspection (with a Professional Inspector)

I even have organized for a expert belongings inspector to take you on a digital complete belongings Inspection (one of the important factors of your Due Diligence of any deal) at one in all my personal condominium buildings.

You will see, first hand, a way to perform your personal first-byskip belongings inspection (that can prevent lots of bucks), and additionally the styles of matters a expert inspector could be seeking out whilst assessing a belongings.

Multi-Family Experts

In addition to my personal teaching, I even have invited some of subject-depend professionals from the diverse professions linked to the arena of Multi-Family Investing. These professionals all paintings withinside the nearby place across the Live Virtual Workshops, so that they have intimate information of the whole thing you want to recognize approximately Multi-Family Investing in that place.

You may have an possibility to research from those professionals and, greater importantly, you’ll be capable of kick-begin your community of MF professionals.


Every attendee of the stay event has the possibility to print their personal replica of all of the slides from my displays for the Workshop.

These notes are yours to remove, and there may be lots of area on your to feature your personal feedback and mind to lead them to even greater valuable.

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