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Negotiate and Grow Rich Advanced Training Would You Like to Learn How to Handle Every Negotiation You’ll Ever Face as a Real Estate Investor?

The single most important skill you need to make money investing in real estate is NEGOTIATION.

With this intensive program, you’ll learn directly from Peter and David who are revolutionizing the way investors negotiate things that aren’t available anywhere else.

You’ll learn how to handle and exactly what to say in every major negotiating situation that you’ll ever face as a real estate investor. Plus you’ll also learn two powerful models of human behavior that when you apply them will instantly supercharge your results in any negotiation exponentially!

Get Negotiate and Grow Rich – Peter Conti and David FInkel, only Price $139

Section One: The Big Picture of Powerful Negotiation

Why negotiation is such an important skill

Personal skills assessment

Section Two: The Instant Offer System

The five steps to get motivated sellers to say “yes” to your creative offer

The five keys to closing the deal

Three sure-fire tricks to get the best price

Seven negotiating pitfalls – and how you can avoid them

Section Three: 27 Fundamental Negotiating Skills

How to build rapport to gain trust and get the deal

Reluctant buyer language patterns and how to use them

The secrets of getting or making concessions

Section Four: 32 Advanced Negotiating Skills

How to use hypnotic language to get what you want

Six reasons why selective hearing pays off

How to use personality styles to mold your negotiations

Section Five: Advanced IOS Secrets for Terms Deals

Exactly what to offer on the big four Purchase Option deals

Seven places to get cash to buy properties

How to negotiate cash deals for 50 to 75 cents on the dollar

Section Six: Successfully Negotiating Through Realtors

The five pitfalls of using realtors and how to avoid them

Six things to never tell an agent if you want to close the deal

Top twelve things you should never agree to when buying

Section Seven: Negotiating at the Closing Table

How to protect yourself from last minute concessions

Six ways to control the closing

Section Eight: Negotiating with Lenders, Mortgage Brokers & Other Investors

How to get the best rate and terms possible from your lender

How to beat the bankers at their own game and out negotiate the professionals

10 Things you must know when negotiating with another investor

Section Nine: Discounting Debt

How to get lenders to say yes to your short sale offers

How to get lien holders to accept pennies on the dollar

Section Ten: Negotiating With Tenants

Five keys to successfully get your tenant to do what you want

The single most important law when negotiating with tenants

How to get property management companies to manage your portfolio for HALF their normal fee for up to two years (this one idea is so simple yet effective it will pay for the course)

Section Eleven: Negotiating With Contractors

Eight danger signs to watch out for when negotiating a contractor contract!

How to get the best VALUE for your money!

How to get contractors to give you fair and honest deals!

Section Twelve: Closing Thoughts

How to use tag team negotiation to fine tune your technique

Tips for negotiating over the phone

How to effectively go through your contracts

Get Negotiate and Grow Rich – Peter Conti and David FInkel, only Price $139

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