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Increase Your Income Exponentially!!!

As a 25 year sales professional, William Horton knows that in order to make the money you want, you have to sell. You have to sell your services, your beliefs, your passions, and your ideas. He kept seeing hard-working people get further and further behind, because they didn’t have the tools to help them get ahead. Most sales classes get lost in details that don’t work, and are taught by people who have never had to sell something a day in their life.

By using some simple NLP techniques (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), you can open new markets, double your sales, and win people to your way of thinking with little or no effort.

Here’s what NLP 4 Sales Online Training has to offer:

Module 1: A Selling Mindset

  • Easily Develop a Proper Selling and Business Mindset
  • Accept Yourself as an Elite Sales Person
  • Apply your sales knowledge to becoming a better parent, therapist, business owner, or spouse!
  • How to sell your ideas
  • Realizing that a terrible thing happens without selling…NOTHING!!!

Module 2: NLP 4 $ales Model

Inside Module 2, you’ll discover…

  • How to market yourself
  • How to apply my techniques to your world
  • Practice

Module 3: Learn to teach An NLP 4 $ales Course

  • Master the skills by teaching them
  • Work on Marketing Your Course
  • Create a talking points template
  • Turn potential prospects into $$$

Module 4: A Selling Machine!

Learn to “Flip The Switch” to become a GREAT SALES PERSON, and when to cruise!

  • Model your behaviors after top sellers
  • Learn the beliefs and attitudes of high sales performers
  • Let it rip, gain unshakable confiendence
  • Make $$$ before class is over!

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