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Dr. Robert McDonals is the Creator of The Destination Method • Founder of The Telos Healing Center • Executive Director of Mental and Spiritual Wellness at The Center for New Medicine • Former Board Member of the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology • Co-Founder of • Co-Founder of • Internationally Known Trainer • Published Author

Dr. Robert Dee McDonald created The Destination Method, a transpersonal coaching method that offers a pathway to personal evolution at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of consciousness (see the Destination Method Page). Within The Destination Method, Robert created many models, including The Pathway to Purpose; The Seven Levels of Awareness, Virtues and Shadows; The Evolution of Genius; The Evolution of Self; The Seven Levels of Creation; and The Developmental Model.

Before creating The Destination Method, Dr. Robert was a Master Trainer and early developer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. As such, he is a pioneer in the fields of addictions, co-dependence and spirituality. He wrote Tools of the Spirit: Pathways to the Realization of Universal Innocence, (meta-Publications) with Robert Dilts in 1997. He also co-authored the best selling NLP book of all time, The New Technology of Achievement (William Morrow, Publishing) while writing Creating High Self-Esteem for Insight Magazine. He is also the co-author of two Nightingale-Conant Audio CD Albums: NLP: The New Technology of Achievement and Success Mastery With NLP.

In addition, Dr. McDonald created The Releasing Emotional Enmeshment Process, the only NLP procedure specifically designed to resolve addictions and co-dependence. It is featured in the NLP classic text Heart of the Mind and in John Bradshaw’s Homecoming. Robert is also the creator of the The Kinesthetic, Olfactory & Gustatory Swish Processes; The Self-Love Process; The Sanctuary Process; The Father Yes – Father No Process; The Good Mother – Bad Mother Process; The Self-Parenting Process; The Coupled Heart Process; The Forgiving The Unforgivable Process; The Healing Yes, Healing No Process; The Mission Detection Process; The Charismatic Self Process; The Womb of Wisdom Process; The Activation of the Creative Order Process; The Faith of a Mustard Seed Process; and many more.

Since early childhood, Robert has been fascinated with the nature and structure of deeply meaningful personal change, as well as how and why people express themselves. After resolving his own grief over his father’s suicide, and while earning a Master of Science Degree in Counseling and Mental Health, Robert wrote a manual for psychotherapists that provided specific methods to effectively resolve the grief felt by survivors of suicide. Today, having earned a Doctor of Divinity Degree from The Emerson Theological Institute, Robert continues his commitment to the practical application of the transformational aspects of psychology, language, spirituality, and singing. As a professional lecturer on interpersonal communication and mental health skills for over 40 years, he has taught thousands of people from all walks of life, across the USA and in 18 countries around the world.

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At the border of the psychological and the spiritual levels of reality, Robert discovered the Cycle of Co-Dependence, created the original Releasing Emotional Enmeshment Process, and designed Love and Limits: Assertion, Empathy and Forgiveness. Here is a sampling of his personal-transformation seminars which help resolve individual and group suffering through the marriage of meaning, purpose and compassion with skills, methods and technology:

On the Spiritual Level, as a result of his Doctoral studies, Robert created the first fundamental addition to the New Thought Movement and Centers for Spiritual Living in the past 150 years: The Activation of the Creative Order Process and The Faith of a Mustard Seed Process.

Dr. Robert’s personal mission in life is to heal and be healed. His vision is a world populated with healers. And his purpose is to create Heaven on Earth. All of his work reflects his mission and vision and is founded on the spiritual principle that behind every behavior, thought, feeling and experience are universally acceptable gifts and positive intentions, which often need additional modes of expression

Sample of his work already in :

The Walking Belief Change pattern,

Release from Enmeshment pattern

Collaborator with Robert Dilts-The tool of the spirit book

Success Mastery with NLP

After a long time of teaching Dr. Robert Dee McDonald has now released several invaluable DVDs

Watch and Learn from Actual Sessions with Volunteers

1. Resolving Anxiety and Depression

~Freedom from Fear and Numbness

2. Money: From Fearing It to Enjoying It

~Stopping Negative Thoughts

3. Resolving Childhood Trauma

~The 5 Levels of Trauma & The Basic Process

4. Resolving Trauma Process

~Utilizing Advanced Language

5. Compulsion Blowout

~Eliminating Desire for Pecan Pie and Other Sweets

6. Resolve Blocks to Weight Loss

~Stopping Negative Thoughts

7. Phantom Pain Resolution

~The Six Step Reframe Process

8. Resolving Self-Criticism

~The Auditory Swish Process

9. Money Beliefs:

~Resolving an Anti-Money Beliefs

10. Resolving an Allergy to Cats

~The End of Allergies

Get NLP Techniques & Client Sessions – Robert Mcdonald, Only Price $28

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