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Online Seduction is our BRAND NEW online dating / social media course that will teach you how to have HOT GIRLS delivered to your door daily. 



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One Comprehensive Course 2 World-Class Teachers 50+ Hours of Content


Learn Online Game From Two Masters

Online Seduction is our BRAND NEW online dating / social media course that will teach you how to have HOT GIRLS delivered to your door daily. 

You will learn how to get thousands of women showing you interest on dating apps such as Tinder, Bumble, or on social media apps such as Instagram!  

These are NEVER SEEN BEFORE strategies to allow you to acquire unlimited amounts of dating options, without all the bullshit that comes with online dating. 

You will never be short of options ever again




We've developed a foolproof system that will give you access to any girl you want

Through our combined 15 years in game, we have honed down the most efficient way to pull girls without ever leaving your house.

We have literally designed a step-by-step way to get girls off dating apps, and into your bed.

And we will walk you through each crucial phase.

This is a game, and we have unlocked the cheat codes.

What Exactly Do You Get?

Here's a peek at what's in store

A Primer on Online Dating

For any beginners, this will be your first stop. Includes everything you need to know about getting started, including concepts and mindsets you've never seen before.

The Ultimate Tinder Guide

A comprehensive course on the most popular dating app in the world. Absolutely everything is covered.

  • How to create the ultimate profile that will attract unlimited girls
  • A guide to shooting, editing and testing the perfect photos
  • Find out how you can MANIPULATE the algorithm to your advantage
  • A few other things we can't mention here…

Get Online Seduction – Bradicus & Justin Marc, Only Price $67

A Walkthrough on Messaging

A step-by-step process where you will be shown:

  • The best message to open a girl with
  • How to get her off your dating app and onto your personal contacts list
  • Multiple ways you can stand out from every other guy
  • A secret that will DOUBLE your results immediately

How to Maintain your Social Media

Take your online persona to the next level

  • Learn the most efficient techniques to portray yourself as high value
  • Use every tool at your disposal, including Instagram Ads and Stories
  • Get girls to message you first
  • Set up a system that will passively funnel girls to you with no effort

You will get SO MANY girls

Maybe you're a beginner who had no idea where to even start

Or maybe you've been around the block a few times and want to advance your game to the next elite level

Maybe you're Indian or Asian, and you want to learn how to break the stereotypes and get hot girls

Or maybe a boring white guy who wants to know how to stick out from the crowd

Maybe you live in Europe and you want to know how to get with a cute Russian chick

Or maybe you're in fucking Ethiopia and you want to pull Adelowabe from down the street

All of the above are real cases that Justin and Brad have coached.

And you know what they found?

This system works for EVERYONE

Online Seduction is NOT for you if

  1. You're scared of changes
  2. You're happy with your life
  3. You don't need any more women
  4. You're a feminist
  5. You think people should only meet in real life
  6. You don't want to put any effort into anything

Online Seduction IS for you if

  1. You want to be the best man you can be
  2. You're not satisfied with your life right now
  3. You want to fucking KILL IT with women
  4. You'll do what it takes to be the best
  5. You'll use every tool at your disposal for good
  6. You'll be a gentleman and give her the D


With any tier of Online Seduction

Online Seduction Mastermind and Online Seduction Success Strategies Membership

Become part of a lively community, get feedback on demand, and have a straight line to Bradicus and Justin Marc themselves

Introduction to Online Game

Get acquainted with a new way of meeting and pulling girls.

1. Brad and Justin's Stories

Learn how a 5 ft 4" 115lb Indian guy and a hardcase Aussie nerd climbed the ranks to become some of the best Pick Up Artists in the world

2. Mindsets

Find out exactly what it takes to get good with women, and why it isn't as hard as you might think

3. Stereotypes & Market Demographics

Let us show you how to bypass all your limiting factors and create an identity that women will be irresistibly drawn to

4. The Different Dating & Messaging Apps

Find out which apps are actually effective, and which are a waste of time. Every tool in your arsenal must be chosen wisely, and we explain the pros and cons of them all here.

The App

Get into the nitty-gritty of your online identity

1. Your Bio & Profile

We tell you exactly how to draw girls in and guarantee hundreds, if not thousands, of matches

2. The Perfect Photos

We go into copious detail in 3 videos on how you can take, edit, and test your photos to perfection

3. Game the System

We teach you how Tinder actually works behind the scenes, and a few secret things you can do to use it to your advantage

4. Multiple In-depth Tutorials

We don't just tell, we show. Here, you will be shown step-by-step how to use some lesser known apps

Tinder & Texting

Become more efficient with the biggest dating app out there

1. The First Message

Not only do we straight-up give you a suite of lines to use, we also teach you how you can construct your own openers that will get responses every time

2. Get Her Onto Your Messaging App

The next step in the master plan, and we hold your hand all the way through

3. Calling, Texting And Voice Messages

Multiple videos on the best ways to communicate with a girl, including one way that most guys never use

4. More Tutorials

Again, we can't give away everything. But each video in this section will change the way you see online game

Whatsapp Seduction

Now you're getting a steady stream of girls, you need a system to handle them all

1. Texting on Whatsapp

These principles can be used in any messaging app, but we recommend Whatsapp, and you will hear why

2. Mass Messaging

This is where your funnel gets interesting

3. Leads Management & Setting Up Multiple Dates

Now you're beginning to understand how crazy this shit gets

4. More Powerful Tutorials

And we show you how to do everything exactly


The Complete Tinder Pull Series

Ever wanted to see what a successful date as a master PUA looks like? Bradicus shows you in his full date infields, from Hello to Pull.

NUT by Justin Marc

The bible of modern pickup, this book covers everything you want to know about game. You won't need to read anything else after this.

1. The Fundamentals

Get schooled in the principles that form to core of any theory on game: The abundance mindset, opening, approaching, hooking, rejection.

2. Inner Game

Develop yourself, raise the vibe, be authentic, use value arbitrage.

3. Getting the girls you want

Comfort, logistics, intent, pulling.

4. Beyond Pickup

Make her fall in love with you, or have an open relationship, or partake in orgies, or all of the above.

Get the Advanced Tier to Unlock the next Features

Instagram Seduction

Secretly the best dating app out there, and we'll show you exactly why

1. Sliding into the DMs

We give you our technique to gaming girls that haven't even added you

2. Insta Texting, Profile & Photos

These videos will show you how you can tweak your game to perfection within Instagram

3. Insta Stories

Use this unique feature in Instagram to get hot girls to message you

4. Super Secret Insta Strategy

This is something that no one else teaches, but will get you women you never thought you could get

15 Video Field Reports

Brad and Justin take you through their favourite pulls from online game, including infield footage. 

10 Tinder Profile Breakdowns

Justin sifts through ten Tinder profiles and shows you why they do or don't work

Online Travel Manifesto

Discover how to push online game to its limits, no matter where you are

Fashion Manifesto

Justin gives his best tips and tricks on how to portray yourself in the best way possible

The Elite tier includes all of the above, plus…

Advanced Tinder Game

Take your Tinder results to the next level

1. Secrets

Learn a secret that will keep you on top of the Tinder pile all the time

2. More Secrets

Here we teach you how to break the rules even more than you thought they could be broken

3. Even More Secrets

More videos that we can't share here… but trust us, these alone are worth the money


We can't even tell you what's in this part of the course, but YES, tutorials are included

Be Her Fantasy 

If you could improve all aspects of your life, why wouldn't you?

  • Your fashion
  • Your grooming
  • Your hygiene
  • Your income
  • Your business
  • Your career
  • Your family relationships
  • Your dating relationships
  • Your social relationships
  • Your sex life
  • Your physical appearance
  • Your health
  • Your fitness
  • Your mental health

If there are two versions of you, and one of them has higher stats than the other, who do you think girls are going to go for? 

Justin's Fashion Manifesto and Become Her Fantasy Manifesto explore in-depth, nuanced concepts and strategies that he only teaches in person and to his online mentoring students.

"I had this one day where I slept with 4 women in 24 hours 

My mind was blown"

Learn how to use behavioural cues and aesthetics to portray an attractive identity that's also congruent to you.

Make yourself THE MAN in her eyes

Powerful Interviews

Learn how to orchestrate threesomes with To Catch A Cheater's Luis Mercado, find out how to employ absolutely ruthless tactics with David Bond, hear Mike Squattincassonova's experiences in pulling gold diggers without actually being rich, listen to Adrian Gee's advice on traveling and gaming, and much more.


Get Online Seduction – Bradicus & Justin Marc, Only Price $67

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