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This is Orin’s Divine Manifesting with the Seven Divine Wills and Divine Self complete course (Parts 1 and 2).  We have had a phenomenal response from people who have taken this course. Originally taught as a live seminar, people have written to us about the new ideas they have had since taking this course, of wonderful things they have manifested, a new level of peace they feel, a greater certainty that they have the power to create what they want, of synchronicity and doors opening. People wrote of getting funding for their projects, launching their world service in a larger way, and feeling supported by the universe in a way they had never experienced before. People said that they were finding that even the little areas of their life-the daily patterns, events, and activities-were changing, becoming more flowing, effective, and productive. 

Learn a step-by-step process for Divine Manifesting

In these courses, Orin teaches you an incredibly powerful and effective step-by-step process to learn divine manifesting. You will link with the Great Ones who transmit 7 qualities of Divine Will.  You will learn how to stand in the center of these powerful spiritual forces, aligned with the Divine Self, opening to the power, love, wisdom, vision, inspiration, illumination, abundance, clarity, harmony, and peace of the Divine Self.  This is the true you!  As you "stand" in the center of these spiritual forces, you will learn how to connect with them to expand your consciousness in every way into that of the Divine Self.  With this you have increasing ability to manifest those forms, circumstances, relationships and situations that are for your highest good and add light to all life.  

Work with Divine Will and the Seven Great Ones who transmit it for results

You will work with the seven Great Ones to greatly increase your inner light, to step through a doorway into a new level of illumination, to purify your aura, to align with your Divine Self, and to build a bridge of light to open to more light from your Divine Self. You will learn how to receive divine ideas and inspiration, to give life to your creations, to become magnetic to all you need, to receive guidance in every moment, and to build the etheric blueprint of what you want to manifest.

Clear obstacles to manifesting

You will clear all obstacles to manifesting what you want, dissolving all thoughts, beliefs, attachments, and limitations that would stop you. You will work with the devas, the Sacred Transmuting Flame, and other energies to manifest the highest possible forms, circumstances, and relationships. You will explore manifesting a new you as you evolve your desire body. You will start the process of creating a new personality with an inner structure of crystalline light that perfectly reflects your Divine Self.

Expand Your understanding of how to manifest

This second part of Orin’s Divine Manifesting course, Becoming a Master of Manifesting, will expand your understanding of manifesting, and give you processes you can use to bring through whatever you are creating in its most beautiful, radiant form, that will give energy back to you and bring you joy, harmony, abundance, love, and many blessings. This course offers a paradigm shift in how you can view manifesting, and you may never think about manifesting in the same way again.

Manifest a dream, live in a new rhythm, shift stuck areas

You can use what you will learn in this course to manifest a dream, to shift an area in which you feel stuck, to live in a new rhythm, to achieve a new quality of consciousness, or to receive a new, higher vision of your life and activities. You can use what you will learn to see your next steps and to create something fresh and wonderful in your life that is not even envisioned yet by your personality. You can learn to trust that you will receive the guidance you need in every moment, and let go of worry about the future.

Assistance in taking this course

You can know that you are ready for the shift being offered by your desire to participate in it. You may feel that this is an important step to take to transform your environment, manifest more abundance, and to experience around you the forms, relationships, and situations that reflect your inner light and beauty.

Know that everything you have done in the past has been an integral part of building the foundation for taking this step you are being offered. As you listen to these journeys, the door will be held wide open for you to express your new consciousness in the outer world. If this is the appropriate opportunity for you, everything you need to take it will be supplied by the universe. Your guides, Solar Angel, soul, inner teachers, and Divine Self always bring you all you need to participate in every opportunity that is the right one for you. 

This course begins when you enroll.  Orin will immediately begin transmitting to you to assist you in Divine Manifesting. You will call upon Divine Will and your Divine Self to assist you in opening to all the potential that lies within you to create what you want. This course can open you to a new understanding of manifesting that can be a paradigm shift in the way you manifest.

These are Orin’s most powerful courses to date on manifesting, and it works! 

Part 1, Manifesting as Your Divine Self includes the following Orin meditations: 

  • Program 1  Sanaya Talk: Why Link with Divine Will? Who Are the Great Ones? Setting Your Intention
  • Program 2  Sanaya Talk: What Is Divine Manifesting?
  • Program 3  Sanaya Talk: What Is Your Divine Self?
  • Program 4 Sanaya Talk: Instructions for Using the Journeys
  • Program 5  Manifesting with the Seven Great Ones
  • Program 6  Will 1: Power: Releasing the Old, Initiating the New 
  • Program 7  Will 2: Love: Awakening Spiritual Vision
  • Program 8  Will 3: Wisdom: Choosing from Infinite Possibilities
  • Program 9  Will 4: Intuition: Creating Harmony and Dissolving Limitations
  • Program 10  Will 5: Illumination: Transforming Your Thoughts
  • Program 11  Will 6: Inspiration: Expressing the Highest Light Within
  • Program 12  Will 7: Perfection: Manifesting the Divine Blueprint

You can order Orin's Part 1: Manifesting as Your Divine Self (MM070D) without taking Part 2.

PDF booklet with transcripts is an online product (there is no printed version that will be sent to you). The PDF for this product will appear in your Member's Area under "My Downloads" after purchase for you to view online, or to print.

Part 2: Becoming a Master of Manifesting

Part 2, Becoming a Master of Manifesting includes the following step-by-step Orin meditations to assist you in becoming a Master of Manifesting:

  1. 1.  Illumination–Moving to a Higher Octave of Light
  2. 2.  Identification–Becoming Your Divine Self
  3. 3.  Alignment–Building a Bridge of Light to Your Divine Self
  4. 4.  Purification–Refining Your Aura
  5. 5.  Inspiration–Receiving Divine Ideas
  6. 6.  Love–Giving Life to Your Creations
  7. 7.  Intention–Creating the Etheric Blueprint
  8. 8.  Freedom–Clearing Obstacles to Manifesting
  9. 9.  Action–Finding the Shortest Path to the Goal
  10. 10. Completion–Manifesting the Form
  11. 11. Divine Manifesting with the Sacred Transmuting Flame
  12. 12. Evolving Your Desire Body
  13. 13. Birthing a New You
  14. 14. Integration–Bringing It All Together

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