Part-Time Youtuber Academy - Ali Abdaal

Part-Time Youtuber Academy – Ali Abdaal


Available course Part-Time Youtuber Academy – Ali Abdaal – Learn how to grow your YouTube channel from 0 to 100,000+ subscribers and transform it into a sustainable, income-generating machine. Without quitting your day job.- Price:$115

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Part-Time Youtuber Academy – Ali Abdaal course is available you will get instantly after payment only $1495 $115.

Learn How To Grow Your YouTube Channel

Learn how to grow your YouTube channel from 0 to 100,000+ subscribers and transform it into a sustainable, income-generating machine. Without quitting your day job.

Making Money from YouTube

I started making YouTube videos in my final year of medical school at Cambridge University. It was Summer 2017 and I started off with 0 views, 0 subscribers and $0 in revenue.

18 months later, my YouTube channel was at 100,000 subscribers and was making as much money as my full-time job working as a doctor in the UK. And now, as of October 2021, my channel has over 2 million subscribers and I make over £100,000 ($130k) each month, with 5-10 hours of effort each week. I know — it’s bloody ridiculous.

The Secret to 100,000+ Subscribers

Over the past 3 years, I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to build an audience from scratch, provide value consistently, and monetise in a non-spammy way. I’ve spent over $30,000 in courses and coaching programs to try and find the secret sauce that helps grow a channel and a business.  And you know what? There’s no secret. It’s mostly just a matter of —

  1. Producing content that your audience finds useful
  2. Posting this on YouTube once a week
  3. Repeating this for at least 2 years

That’s all it takes. I can guarantee that if you follow this simple, 3-part formula, your life will change in ways you can’t imagine. For a start, you’ll learn incredibly useful skills, you’ll generate ‘passive’ income, and you’ll make friends with amazing people from all over the world. You might even get messages from fans about how your content has changed their life.

But sadly, as with all things, getting started and maintaining quality + consistency is easier said than done.

The Challenges of Being a YouTuber

  • It feels daunting to create videos for 2+ years. You won’t see much growth, or money, in the early stages.
  • You’ll have to get over the fear of judgment from friends, family and strangers on the internet.
  • You’ll have to work out what you’re going to talk about + why anyone would care what you’ve got to say.
  • You’ll need to learn about cameras, microphones, lights, video editing and post-production.
  • You’ll worry that you’re going to run out of ideas.
  • You’ll be thinking about the YouTube algorithm, while also trying not to think about the YouTube algorithm.
  • You’ll end up negotiating with brands and having to develop your own negotiation skills to do it.

And you’ll have to do all this (and a lot more) while juggling your job, studies, relationships and health, while also doing your best to enjoy the journey and avoid burnout.

This is hard. It takes a lot of work.

But it’s also really fun, and if you can make it work, it’s genuinely life-changing.

The real “secret”, if there’s one at all,  is that you need to build a SYSTEM around your content production, so that you can efficiently pump out useful content that grows your audience and revenue, without it taking up large amounts of your own time.

Instead of thinking of your YouTube channel as a personal project, you want to think about it like a machine. A machine that takes inputs in the form of ideas, refines them into valuable content that your audience loves, and efficiently monetises itself across multiple asset classes.

I’ve built such a system for my channel and business, and I can help you build yours.

The Part-Time YouTuber Academy

The Part-Time YouTuber Academy is a 6-week live online course where I’ll teach you everything I know about how to build and grow your YouTube channel into a sustainable machine that churns out valuable content for your audience, and generates healthy passive income for you, without having to quit your job.

It’s based on the Infinite Content Engine, the system I’ve developed to grow my channel from zero to 2.2 million subscribers (with $1,500,000+ in annual revenue) while working full-time as a doctor.

We ran Cohort 1 in November 2020, Cohort 2 in March 2021 and Cohort 3 in June 2021 serving over 1,000 students in the process and producing fantastic results and glowing testimonials.

Cohort 4 will run from 1st November to 10th December. Each week, we’ll have a combination of live Zoom lectures, Q&A Office Hours, homework video assignments and small group sessions to help you kickstart your new channel or build upon your existing one.

Core Live Lectures will run twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays at 16:00 GMT / 09:00 PT / 12:00 ET. Each live session will have 60-90 minutes of teaching, followed by an open Q&A with me. All the sessions will be recorded (and you’ll have lifetime access to them) so you can always work through stuff at your own pace if you prefer that approach.

Each week, we’ll also have a series of Guest Workshops featuring people like Pat Flynn, and small group sessions to help you get the most from the course.

By the end of the 6-week course…

You’ll have kickstarted your YouTube channel (if you haven’t yet), with 6 published videos.

You’ll have the next 3-6 months of content planned out, and a solid, streamlined system to sustain this.

You’ll be much more comfortable in front of a camera, with techniques to boost your charisma.

You’ll get my recommendations for gear and studio setups for all budget levels, so you can level-up your production value while being focused on your content.

You’ll know how to refine your niche, and you’ll have a system that ensures you’ll never run out of content ideasThe Idea Generation Machine.

You’ll have a method (the HIVEs Framework) for structuring your videos in a way that appeals to your audience and to the YouTube algorithm.

You’ll understand how to accelerate your growth by efficiently repurposing your content to multiple platforms with the Artery Method.

You’ll understand the various monetisation options available to creators, and you’ll know how to use them to generate passive income for yourself, or high-quality leads for your business.

You’ll know the value of building a team as soon as you can afford it, and you’ll have a roadmap for outsourcing your editing and hiring extra team members.

Who’s the Course for?

‘Serious’ Beginners

You recognise YouTube as an incredible opportunity to build an audience, have an impact and generate passive income.

You haven’t yet taken the plunge into publishing videos, but you know it’s something you want to do.

But you’re willing to take your new YouTube channel seriously from day 1, and want to invest time and money up-front to set yourself up for success.

In 6 weeks – You’ll…

  • have launched your YouTube channel with 6+ published videos and ideas for the next 3-6 months of content
  • have a clear roadmap for gear upgrades
  • be much more comfortable talking to a camera and putting yourself out there
  • hit the ground running with effective systems that mean you’ll never run out of content.

Intermediate YouTubers

Congratulations! Your channel’s already up-and-running and you’ve got the best side-hustle in the world.

But you’ve realised that continually coming up with good ideas and consistently churning out valuable content is quite hard. And that growing and monetising your audience is even harder.

You’d love to treat your channel as more of a business but maybe the idea of ‘managing a team’ feels intimidating, and you wouldn’t know where to start anyway.

In 6 weeks – You’ll…

  • have our own Infinite Content Engine will be up and running.
  • never run out of ideas
  • have a systematic framework for keeping the engine churning
  • appreciate the immense value of building a team, and know how to take the first steps to outsource annoying things like video editing
  • make progress towards hiring your own staff, if you’re at that level

Entrepreneurs & Freelancers

You see YouTube as a great platform to engage with your target audience and generate new leads (or brand awareness) for your business.

But starting (or growing) your YouTube channel is always pushed to the bottom of your endless to-do list. It falls into that classic important-but-not-urgent category and so it never gets done.

You’re now ready to take action and to put in the work to make the platform work for you and your business.

In 6 weeks – You’ll…

  • have launched your YouTube channel with 6+ published videos
  • have an understanding of the Fundamentals of YouTubing
  • have a solid lead-gen strategy, with ideas for the next 3-6 months of content through your own Infinite Content Engine.
  • be able to work through the course at your own pace if the 4+ hours of content and homework each week for 6 weeks is too much of a commitment for your already busy schedule.

Bloggers and Podcasters

You already create content that your audience loves. But you might reach a far larger and more diverse audience through YouTube.

The issue is that YouTube can be intimidating. It’s a very different skillset (albeit with some overlap) to blogging and podcasting. And the bar for production value seems to be ever-increasing.

You recognise that if you could add video to your already beefy skillset, it would benefit your blog, podcast and the business you’ve built around it. Especially if you’re selling your own products, you can price a video course very differently to an e-book.

In 6 weeks – You’ll…

  • have launched your YouTube channel with 6+ published videos.
  • have an easier time of this than the other students, because you already know how to create content – this is just a matter of transferring those skills to a new medium
  • have ideas for your next 3-6 months of content (probably more, depending on how much you’ve already created)
  • pick up some workflow tips for your blogs/podcasts from a Part-Time YouTuber

What’s withinside the Course?
Here’s a load of records approximately precisely what we cowl withinside the path. It’s a whole lot of stuff, and the 6 weeks is going through in a flash, however you may have lifetime get right of entry to to all of the video recordings and path cloth so that you can constantly revisit matters in case you want to 😀

1. Core Course Modules
By the stop of the path, you’ll have the following three-6 months of content material deliberate out, and a machine for constantly developing content material that your target target market (and the YouTube algorithm) loves, with out burning out. Through our middle stay lectures (Mondays and Thursdays 1600-1800 GMT) we’re going to cowl —

Build — Finding your niche, nailing down your audience and cost proposition, constructing your studio, the satisfactory equipment at extraordinary price range levels, getting cushty on camera, minimising friction in filming films. If you are a beginner, those periods can be best for you. Even in case you’re now no longer, you may possibly study plenty of beneficial matters (we have got had college students with 100k+ subscribers who cherished those periods).

Conceive — How to in no way run out of content material thoughts. We’ll assist you construct your very own Idea Generation Machine, the usage of our 6-component framework for shooting thoughts from numerous reassets and systematically producing your very own. And we’re going to communicate approximately satisfactory practises for titles and thumbnails, arguably one of the maximum critical functions of a a hit YouTube channel.

Construct — How to shape your films in a manner that appeals to each your target target market and the YouTube algorithm. And a way to upload aptitude and branding in your films to make visitors fall in love together along with your channel.

Create — How to create a content material calendar and use parallel processing to reinforce your productivity, so that you’re in no way confused through forthcoming video deadlines. And a way to correctly remix and distribute your content material throughout extraordinary structures to maximize attain and diversify your commercial enterprise. We’ll communicate approximately the energy of an electronic mail list (you have to have this from day 1), and the distinction among personal vs public structures to make your commercial enterprise greater anti-fragile.

Expand — How to outsource modifying (hint: you have to be doing this as quickly as you begin making money), and a way to paintings closer to constructing a group of writers, researchers, editors and assistants round your channel, at the same time as final extraordinarily profitable.

Monetise — How to maximally monetise your content material with Adsense, backed films, associate partnerships and your very own products, with out pissing off your target target market. I’ll display you the actual numbers in the back of the $100k+ according to month that my YouTube channel generates, and the stairs I took to get there.

Live Session Timings

We’ll have 2 stay periods every week for six weeks. They’ll be on Mondays and Thursdays, 1600 – 1800 GMT. Each consultation may have 60-ninety minutes of middle coaching and interactive sporting activities, accompanied through an open Q&A. If you can not make the stay periods, do not worry – we’re going to add the Zoom recording inside 1h of the consultation ending, and we’re going to have a properly edited video with timestamps geared up inside 24h of the consultation.

2. Homework Video Assignments
The Homework Video Assignments are the unmarried maximum critical a part of the path.

If you can not (or may not) decide to publishing 1 video every week, this path is not for you. You may not get a whole lot cost out of it. It might be like signing up for a fitness center class, displaying up to look at the tutorial, and now no longer doing any exercise. It is probably interesting, however it would not get you any results.

You can not develop on YouTube with out constantly setting out films, at the least as soon as per week. Yes, there are exceptions, however in general, you want to submit at the least as soon as per week to face a threat of status out.

Each week, we’re going to come up with a video undertaking, so that you can contain writing, filming, modifying and publishing a video in your channel. When you are done, you may hyperlink your video on our network platform so that everybody can comment, and we’re going to offer unique remarks on each video undertaking this is submitted.

three. Our House System
While cohorts of 1,000 college students are extremely good for making new friends, every so often a smaller, greater intimate institution is higher for duty and support.

That’s why we are breaking the cohort into Houses of 30-forty college students. You’ll meet together along with your House for an hour as soon as per week, in a small institution House Party Zoom name facilitated through your Housemaster.

How it Works

Timings – Once you have signed up, we’re going to ask you to pick out the time slots that satisfactory fit you for the House parties. We’ll type college students into extraordinary homes primarily based totally on YouTube revel in and time preferences. You’ll meet your housemates and get your House Party calendar in Week 1 of the path.

House Parties – During every House Party, we’re going to take you via institution sporting activities and breakout rooms that will help you develop your channel, and you will be capable of ask any questions and communicate via any issues or problems you are having together along with your housemates and Housemaster.

House Points – As an introduced mode for duty and amusing, we’re going to be awarding college students with House Points for finishing assignments and different matters at some stage in the path. The House with the maximum typical factors will win the House Cup, and each scholar withinside the House gets a unique prize on the stop of the path. 😉This turned into extremely good amusing in Cohort three and brought about a whole lot of pleasant opposition in the cohort and taken the Community together.

4. Community + Support + Accountability
Remember how I stated that constantly publishing films every week is the way you develop on YouTube? Well, this will become a whole lot simpler whilst you have a network of friends, colleagues and supporters all doing the identical issue and cheering every different on.

1. Open Office Hours

Each week, we’re going to have Open Office Hours with a handful of fantastically a hit YouTubers. These periods can be run as a Q&A and come up with a threat to invite inquiries to Thomas Frank, Jack Edwards, Nasir Kharma, Hannah Witton, Mayuko Inoue, Simon Clark and greater. These are a extremely good possibility to get an perception into the reviews of those YouTubers who have gathered a wealth of understanding at some point of their time developing content material on YouTube.

2. Community Support + Q&A

In every of the 12 Zoom calls (two times per week), there’ll be adequate possibility to invite me any and all questions you want to. On pinnacle of that, you’ll have lifetime get right of entry to to our Community wherein you could ask and solution questions with me, my group and the opposite college students.

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Part-Time Youtuber Academy – Ali Abdaal course is available you can Download Instantly after payment!

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