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Imagine walking in the desert and suddenly you see a snake in front of you.

Immediately, your heart begins to pound, your palms get sweaty, the mouth gets dry, and you have catastrophic thinking about being bitten.

Imagine that you are able to stop and take a closer look….and when you do so , you realize that there is NO SNAKE….it’s JUST A ROPE.

The moment you see that the snake is a rope it’s game over, you have seen through a psychological illusion and all those “real” physiological responses disappear… NOT through positive thinking… or from implementing complex strategies… but from simply seeing through the psychological illusion.

Jørgen is convinced that what people call mental illness such as depression anxiety, phobias, compulsions, PTSD and trauma etc are mostly just variations of seeing a snake where there really is just a rope.

So the psychological illusion model of hypnosis and change-work is a systematic way of fusing thought experiments, hypnotic phenomena, games and stories to help people penetrate the illusions that are behind their unnecessary suffering.

So people don’t just consciously get the “oh it’s just a rope” they FEEL & KNOW it with a full embodied response!


What Can I Expect From The 3-Day Live Training?

Jørgen believes that people attending any workshop should become co-creators of the workshop! In other words, it is skill as a trainer, that allows him to expose you to this material flexibly so that you get the information and skills YOU specifically need to understand and develop the artistry of this model.

So… put any thoughts of rigidly sticking to a powerpoint… out of your mind!!! Phew!!!

However, the event will include the following:

Direct Experience

Thought experiments, hypnotic phenomena, games and stories to help people penetrate the illusions that are behind their unnecessary suffering.

Live Demos

One of Jørgen’s favourite ways to teach is through live demo’s of the principles that he is talking about! There will be plenty of watching this way of working live and seeing how he works with real difficulties and challenges.

Hand's on Support

Direct interaction and access to Jørgen throughout the training where he can personally guide and input your learning experience!


This is NOT one of those events where we are interested in getting 100’s of people to attend! Jørgen is keen that we keep the class size to a manageable number (no more than 40) so that there is enough time and space to really interact with people and give the personal direction needed to learn this way of working.

|More than his book if you get the chance to meet the man, or attend a training he is delivering… DO IT! You will be blown away and inspired!John Phelan

NLP Trainer, Echelon NLP

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