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Renegade Hypnotist Reveals  Techniques So Potent… So Downright Primal…  You can get ANYTHING you want from the Women You Desire!

Simply By Making Your Women FULLY Orgasmic!

Dear Friend,

Let’s face it… Every straight guy with a pulse has fantasized about having a beautiful woman satisfying his every desire.

Maybe you were the lustful king with a smoking hot slave girl wearing only lipstick and high heels, and she’s servicing you in EVERY way.

She blows your mind with rip-up-the-sheets sex, brings you wine, then feeds you a mouth-watering meal.

She’s your personal assistant by day and has hot monkey sex with you at night.

You eventually snap out of it, because after all it’s not possible.  It could never happen in reality.



Not only is it possible, I’ve done it.  Many times.  With every imaginable kind of woman.

373 women to be exact.

Best part, women LOVE it!  Or to be more correct, they love how being with a man who knows my Renegade Method makes them feel.  (I’ll show you why in a minute.)

The reason why guys can’t get a woman to be a personal love slave is simple. Women are harder to understand than Chinese Calculus, because they run on emotional rocket fuel.

Guys would rather be hit in the head with a brick than talk about emotional stuff.  But this is where guys drop the ball, because…



Women are emotion junkies!  And the guy you see taking home the hot girl… He’s been feeding her strong emotional juju.

Fact is, because most guys don’t know how to tap into a woman’s emotional cravings…

Guys can’t get the women they so desperately want!

Guys can’t satisfy or please the women they have!

Or guys constantly worry and stress out about how to make a relationship work!

But I can show you how to get what you want from high quality women.  Smart, successful, capable women.  Hot women.

The girls you look at and lust after… Whether she’s someone you want, or someone you’ve already got… Can be a screaming wildly orgasmic slut. But only for you!

One more thing… and this is important. What I will share with you has nothing to do with changing how you look, memorizing a bunch of lines, or going to a bar and trying to be a pickup artist.

Up till now I’ve only trained a handful of men in how to use my advanced conditioning techniques. They were my proof that any guy can learn my methods.

These were men I trusted to keep this lifestyle secret.  And likewise before I show them to you, you’ll have to agree to keep them secret too.

A key part of the Renegade Lifestyle is to hide in plain sight of ordinary humans!

I’ve been doing it for years.  My neighbors have no idea what I do, and when I walk down the street people don’t point and say “there goes that Renegade Hypnotist!”

Listen, If your life is like mine there are plenty of everyday problems and stress without having to deal with frustrations and worry about women.

After all, why can’t it be like changing the spark plugs on your car?  Where your father or your buddy just shows you how it’s done.

You might bang your knuckles a time or two, or even screw it up the first try, but then ‘snap’ you’ve got it!

What if it were really possible to get what you want from high quality women?

Smart, successful, capable women.  Hot women. A method that is effective and easily learned. And works with ALL women.

That teaches you a sense of self confidence and assurance that makes you stronger, more relaxed and unafraid

That isn’t about changing how you look, memorizing a bunch of lines, or going to a bar and being a pickup artist. And is a proven powerful way to get a woman to think ONLY about you!

Nobody has ever explained in plain guy talk, how you do this.

Until now.


The Renegade Hypnotist Project

Here’s what this is all about…

My name is Mark Cunningham.  I’m a professional hypnotist.  And like most hypnotists my clients  are almost exclusively female.

After years of Clinical Sessions, I realized a great deal of what passes for hypnotic technique is inefficient, old fashioned and just dead wrong.   Basically, it works in spite of itself.

But that’s not good enough for me.  I’m basically lazy so I want to do as little work as possible yet have wildly successful outcomes. So I began to develop techniques as a method to make humans change rapidily and have it be permanent.

My results were unlike anything the hypnosis world had ever seen because it was based on a powerful motivational method I invented called “Conditioning With Pleasure”.

Every male hypnotist has had the experience of a woman client coming on to them.  In fact for many it happens every day they go to the office.

But I noticed something unusual… Some women would have spontaneous orgasms when I used these techniques, even though I said nothing sexual.

And the results I got with these women were off the charts!  After just one or two sessions, they were relaxed, happy, confident and easily reached their desired goals.

Before long I started getting calls from husbands asking what I did, because suddenly he was getting laid like a rock star!  

Even better, she would bring him beer while he was watching football, tell him to go out with his buddies and have dinner waiting when he got home. Both would report how much happier they were and how much better their sex life was now!

I thought… Holy crap!

I’m on to something big here.

So I started to experiment outside of my clinical practice. I went ‘Renegade’!

I wanted to see what was really possible.  I went off the reservation and started to experiment in giving women pure pleasure.   I had to keep this project below the radar or risk a melt-down of my clinical practice.

My goal was a to refine my method so that it’s effective, easily learned and it works on ALL women I refined the technology to lethal effectiveness and to date have had 373 women go through my training program with 100% success.

And by success I mean these women are

  • Wildly orgasmic!
  • Relaxed and happy! (no more batshit crazy)
  • Highly responsive sexually!
  • Willing to do anything to please their man!

Even more important… All women dig it! They don’t just tolerate it or say it’s interesting… They Freaking LOVE it! (If you watched all the preview videos, you heard the girls say how much they love being a Mark Trained Girl.)

As word spread, I even had husbands offer to pay me $5,000 to run their wives through the program.

But I also wanted it to be something any guy could learn and use. So I setup a special one-time only seminar in Bangkok Thailand. Invitations to this $2,500 a seat event only went out to a list of trusted insiders who I knew could keep it secret.

34 men from 11 countries attended, and to my delight they got it. Some of these men got so good at my Renegade Method they had women fighting over them!

Some of them get regular invitations to sexy Parties where girls line up to be demo subjects. A couple even get paid.

And now, I’m opening up to guys like you.

But, you have to agree you'll ONLY use it for good!

Like I said earlier, the only way you get your hands on the Renegade Method is if you love women and agree not to use your new power foolishly. I don't want any calls asking how to get rid of women who are sexually addicted to you or stalking you. I mean it.

This is an exclusive club of men who will live the Renegade Lifestyle. Part of the price is being comfortable with power. Which means knowing when not to use it.

With that, here’s what you’ll get out of it…

  • How to boost your physical presence… desire… and attractiveness as a Man.
  • What women really want from men, but will never come out and tell you.  More specifically, you’ll discover what she needs from you… And probably isn’t getting… And why!
  • Secrets you can use to give women longer, stronger orgasms… the most deeply satisfying orgasms she’s ever felt BEFORE you ever have sex!
  • How you can unleash the unlimited power of a woman’s sensual mind to have intense sexual sensations and enhanced pleasure responses to your touch, your words, or simply being near you!
  • How to take ANY fear, guilt or inhibition she’s having sexually and make it dissolve from her mind… FOREVER!
  • How to connect with the special part of the brain that relays messages to her body and sexual organs, so you can give her waves of mind-blowing pleasure.
  • How to create a Feel-good Feedback loop so the more she does what you want, the better she feels and the more she wants to do for you.
  • How to free her from cultural programming so she can fully experience her natural sexual responses and fully act on them… With YOU!
  • How to take an already proven powerful and effective system (hypnosis) and take your sex life to a completely new levels of excitement and intimacy.
  • The mesmerizing method of Conditioning With Pleasure! (It’s like an aphrodisiac of the mind)
  • The fun way to electrify a woman’s ‘hard wiring’ with simple suggestions. (light up her whole body with only the sound of your voice.)
  • Give her the gift of “thought-gasms”, feelings of delightful pleasure whenever she is a success in her life.
  • How we humans create our own “Thought Traps” and how you can liberate your lover from being ‘stuck’ in one.
  • The never before revealed highly sensual methods of “Primal Hypnosis” that women find exciting and irresistible with a man they trust.
  • The complete sequence of leading a woman to be orgasmic
  • How to teach her to have the blow-all-your-fuses kind of pleasure she’s only dreamed about. (Any woman CAN, they just don’t know how)
  • How to be sure she trusts you 100% (These techniques won’t work without trust)
  • How to turn your self into a mental aphrodisiac.  Just being around you will drive her insane with lust.  (Or even just the sound of your voice)
  • Makes foreplay obsolete. Women do not need foreplay to be “in the mood” with these methods! (You can still do it, but only if YOU want too.)
  • How to give her mouth-open, moaning, toe-curling pleasure responses with a simple touch.
  • Dramatically increases the amount (and frequency) of Great Sex in a relationship!
  • How to give any woman over-the-top orgasms… every time.  Fake orgasms won’t even cross your mind (or hers) as a possibility.

This is THE SHORTCUT to making a woman feel the most powerful pleasure sensations she’s ever had in her life.

Doesn’t matter if you are a young man, or past middle age, single or married… The Renegade Training Method is based on scientifically verified information on how women are wired, and will help you experience a new sexual prime you never dreamed possible.

And when a woman gets these kind of emotions from being around YOU… She’ll want to make you feel good too.

And that’s just a small taste of what’s in store for you, when you start on the path of the Renegade Lifestyle.

I’ve already showed you a taste of what you find inside.

If I tried to tell you all that was possible, you probably wouldn’t believe me. And it’s not a problem. You’ll find out soon enough for yourself.

That’s when I’ll get the phone call from you raving about how amazing your life is.

Even if you like to sit around in boxers and a t-shirt and watch sports, You can still get hot women catering to your every want and desire… Without changing your lifestyle!

The Renegade Method was refined from over 40,000 hours of clinical hypnosis and combined with cutting edge scientific research, so it works, no matter what age or genetics,

In fact, ‘it’ always always works. The technology works, because this is based on science.

However, because it’s a method and a technology you have to put some effort into learning how to do it. But like learning how to ride a bike, once you’ve got it… You’ve always got it!

I’ve trained thousands of people in hypnosis from all over the world. I’m confident anyone who graduated high school can be trained to use these methods.

Also I promise there is no ‘jargon’ to memorize like you find in pickup programs.

You’ll see me working with different girls, each with her own unique challenges, while using the same Renegade Hypnotist Training process.

You’ll get detailed Session Notes where I map out what I’m doing and what you should pay attention to in that session.  I’ve never before provided this kind of detail about what I’m doing.

You’ll have access to me and my top students in the forums where you can ask questions about the sessions, the Renegade Hypnotist methods, or report back on your sessions with women and ask for guidance.

So you can have a couple of grande carmel machiatos at Starbucks, or you can discover how to fascinate and satisfy a beautiful girl. Your choice.

I’m sure once you see what’s inside, you’ll think it’s one of the best things you’ve ever done in your life.

So if at anytime you think it’s not for you… No harm, no foul. Just let me know and I’ll cancel your membership.

How To Make Women Fully Orgasmic!

The Complete 7-Step Renegade Training Program

($500 Value)

Look over my shoulder as I demonstrate each of the essential Renegade Training sessions. You'll see exactly how it's done with a variety of women. Shot in super High Definition using a professional Hollywood crew so you can observe what I do and exactly how the girls respond.

Many of these videos also includes my "Session Notes" to help you follow what I'm doing as I lead each woman through the Renegade process.

How To Hypnotize Humans

A Complete Course In Renegade Hypnosis

($250 Value)

Look over my shoulder as I demonstrate each of the essential Renegade Training sessions. You'll see exactly how it's done with a variety of women. Shot in super High Definition using a professional Hollywood crew so you can observe what I do and exactly how the girls respond.

Many of these videos also includes my "Session Notes" to help you follow what I'm doing as I lead each woman through the Renegade process.

Women Tell You What It's Like To Have Multiple Hypnotic Orgasms!

($79 Value)

Guys always want to know what it's like for the woman to be hypnotized, to have multiple hypnotic orgasms, and to go through the Renegade Training Process. So immediately after their final session we recorded each girl telling you what exactly what it was like for her.

Insider Secrets Of A Renegade Hypnotist

​($150 Value)

Over 60 short videos on topics from "How To Get Started" to "How To Build A Perfect Girl" to "Turning Yourself Into Crack For A Woman". These are me revealing to you the secrets of being a Renegade Hypnotist and living a Renegade Lifestyle. Which means… No more normal days for you!

Candid Interviews

($75 Value)

If you had the question in your mind, "Why the hell would a woman want to be hypnotized", you are not alone. And when you hear what the women have to see in these candid follow-up interviews you'll find out why. (Hint: turns out making them fully orgasmic makes their life better in every way!)

These interviews make it clear that women LOVE the Renegade Hypnotist experience.

Private Facebook Group

A secure place where you can open up and talk freely with others actively living the Renegade Lifestyle. You can ask questions, get tips & tricks, and also post your success stories where you know people will be discreet about it.

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