Robust Statistics - Peter Huber

Robust Statistics – Peter Huber


Enroll Robust Statistics – Peter Huber course at Wisvalue. The first systematic, book-length treatment of the subject. Begins with a general introduction and the formal mathematical background behind qualitative and quantitative robustness.  Price: $75.

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The first systematic, book-period remedy of the subject. Begins with a standard creation and the formal mathematical historical past at the back of qualitative and quantitative robustness. Stresses ideas. Provides decided on numerical algorithms for computing sturdy estimates, in addition to convergence proofs. Tables incorporate quantitative robustness records for quite a few estimates.

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Although numerous main scientists withinside the overdue 19th and early 20th centuries possessed a clear, operational knowledge of the concept of sturdy statistics, the sector became now no longer diagnosed as a valid place of the research till the mid-1960s. Briefly, a statistical approach that exhibits insensitivity to deviation from its very own assumptions, is sturdy. The gift extent represents the primary systematic, book-period exposition of the subject. The remedy right here is theoretical, with the strain on ideas as opposed to on extensive mathematical completeness. 1 affords a standard creation and overview. 2 carries an account of the formal mathematical historical past at the back of qualitative and quantitative robustness. three introduces the M-, L-, and R-estimates, and Chapter four treats the asymptotic minimax principle for vicinity estimates.

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