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Hi, I'm Eric Chiew. I've been coaching property seminar since 2009, beginning with Savvy Investor Program, I have been consistently been featured in both national mainstream media like The Straits Times.

‍But I didn't stop there! I've decided that in this year of crisis from Co-vid19,‍ I have created this online platform to educate everyone on property investment

Throughout the course of coaching, buying & selling properties I've learned a lot about what works and what doesn't, how to grow 8 figure portfolio, and which successes which I want to help you to achieve.

‍That's why I created Savvy Millionaire Program®, to help people be a millionaire from properties too.

‍Savvy Millionaire Program® will start your property investment journey successfully, including a LIVE interactive 2 Day Class, a full comprehensive PDF notes for you to keep for lifetime, and access to a community of other investor ready and willing to share their advice with you.

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