Scott Bolan – Speed Summit Las Vegas 2008 – Yates J Canipe, PhD – Rev. Vince Wingo


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We’ve Decided to “Break the Code” of “the Secret” For You into Instantly Workable Street-ready Skills You Can Use to Get Anything You Want (From Yourself and from Anyone Else!) the Moment after you watch these all-new DVDs!!!

The most important question you could ever ask Personal Power & Persuasion Skills…

What does NLP, Hypnosis, Mental Warfare Secrets, Ninja Mind Control, Huna Manifestation & Healing Secrets, Modern Achievement Science and Unstoppable Persuasion & Influence Technologies possibly have to do with GETTING ANYTHING YOU WANT out of life, RIGHT HERE AND NOW?

The answer: Everything!

And when you understand and apply it, Magic Happens in YOUR daily life.

Think for a moment “what do I really want?” Is it…

  1. More money?
  2. The ability to permanently change habits, feelings, relationships and results, without effort?
  3. Higher energy levels?
  4. Unstoppable Magnetic Confidence?
  5. The plan, skills and secrets of starting your own info-product empire, so you can stay home                  

and sleep in while making more money than you ever did at work?

Or could it be…

  •  How to conceal your intentions and plans from others for maximum strategic results?
  •  Reading another person’s body language at a glance?
  •  How to know if someone is lying?
  • How to know what cards they have?
  • How to win at ANY game you want to play in your life?

My friend ALL of these things, every single one of them, you can easily discover in an incredible new DVD set taken from our 2008 3-day weekend in Las Vegas with me, the “Mental Warfare Master” Scott Bolan, and the renowned Dr. Yates Canipe, the “Speed Genius” (the man who pioneered the modern men’s self-help movement and unleashed the world’s most popular Seduction course and it’s creator on the world to phenomenal results!) and our very special guest (read further!)

Now listen. Right off the bat may people think this kind of stuff sounds over-the-top. That’s because most people never take the time to think or learn “outside of the box.” They’re stuck in what they’ve been taught and programmed with and never get the results they really want.

They think things like this aren’t possible. Many years ago, these were the same people who believed the earth was flat. They put Christ, Socrates, Galileo and others who thought in better newer ways to get better results, to death.

They put the man who discovered germs and told people to wash their hands into an insane asylum.

These types of people still exist today. They’re called “the masses.” They scoffed and chided the Wright Brothers for saying they were going to build a machine that men could fly in (known as the Airplane)

These types of things sound very unusual or unbelievable to them, and so they scoff and are skeptical. And they never get out of the box. They live dull, boring, complacent and mediocre lives.

But here’s the good news. YOU are not one of the masses! You wouldn’t be on our list if you weren’t a thinker – someone who knows there is an edge to get the things you really want out of life. That’s why you’re here now. You looked for something different, something better, and you found us off the beaten path. And that means

You Now Have Access to Secrets and Skills that No One Else Has!

I don’t want to offend anyone but I’ve got to say it like it is: This gives you an unfair advantage over the rest of the population. Period. I hate to say it that way, but that’s the way it really is, so why the hell not? The simple fact of the matter is that for people like me and my associates…

These seemingly “Magical” Powers are a Daily Reality.

I say “seemingly” magical because they only seem that way. In fact they are not magic, they are an undiscovered science.

I say undiscovered science because it is still not acknowledged by mainstream society.

Much in the same way a round earth was not acknowledged by the mainstream! Does that make sense?

Listen up, friend because if you want MORE out of life –

 More Fun!         More (and better) Sex        More Passion        More Health

 More Money        More Happiness        More Success!        More Love

 More Skills        More Personal Power        More Confidence        More Magic

– then this is going to be the most important announcement you’ve ever read…

Consider this moment, right now as you read this, the “turning point” moment in your life where all of your dreams and goals become a reality, because in just one incredible weekend with me, Dr. Yates Canipe and our special guests, you will discover the incredibly powerful yet stunningly simple

Secret Science of Total Life Mastery

We’ve decided to “break the code” of “the Secret” for you into instantly workable street-ready skills you can use To Get Anything Your Want Out of Life (from Yourself and from Others) the moment you walk out the door!

Never before has this combination of Skills and Master Trainers of the Personal Change, Empowerment & Persuasion Arts been brought together under one roof!

The Universe Brought Us Together to Do This for You

Before we talk about it, I want to start off by telling you about something EXTRA!

Dr. Yates Canipe (the man who revolutionized the men’s improvement arena by unleashing Ross Jeffries and his bestselling Seduction course on the world) will personally leads an evening session on the DVDs for all of those interested in

The SCIENCE of Seduction


If you’re thinking that Seduction is all about picking up chicks and getting laid, you’re couldn’t be more wrong. Sure, it works like a charm for that. But Seduction is NOT Deception. Deception guarantees failure, if you use deception you may get temporary results, but eventually you will fail. Why not instead have a lasting success that is the real thing?! Here’s how! And…

There is SO MUCH MORE to Seduction that it works even better for! I’m not talking about sexual seduction, I’m talking about Persuasion, Influence and Magical Art of Rapport and Masterful Results.

Think about it, how would you like to…

  • Seduce your Audience?            
  • Seduce your Target Market?            
  • Seduce your Group?
  • Seduce your Circle of Influence?             
  • Seduce your Office?

Look, I don’t know how to say it any other way, so I’ll just go ahead and say it:


Want your own proof? You will get to practice these drills right in the privacy of your living room with the DVDs and see it for yourself instantly.

Thousands of men have been helped to achieve maximum success in all areas of life, from business success to personal change, from relationships and romantic fulfillment to healing, thanks to the groundbreaking work of Dr. Yate’s and his revolutionary new “Beliefs” course

The feedback is phenomenal and overwhelming!

And let me ask you a question. Right now what would your life be like if you absolutely knew

The SCIENCE of Mind Reading

Imagine being able to read another persons thoughts and intentions as easily as reading a traffic signal. Would that be a valuable skill to have in your life? Just what could you do with such a skill? Wouldn’t it be great to have that power?!

Well, now is your chance to have it, forever, by getting the Speed Summit DVDs. Yates and I will leave no stone unturned in making sure you Understand and Apply these skills. You can take it home with you and keep it forever. AND You will discover…


You will be taught the way I taught cops and undercover agents at my Combat Academy. You will discover the secrets I teach only to private clients including Attorneys, Law Enforcement, Military, NLP masters, PUA’s, psych profilers, Hypnpotherapists and attendees of my Mental Warfare Secrets workshops.

Think about it right now: How many times will someone lie to you during the course of your life? And, what will it cost you? Wouldn’t it be better to KNOW when they are lying; to know HOW to detect, and correct, those who lie or are about to lie to you?

Of course, knowing this puts you at an unfair advantage over others, because they won’t be able to keep any secrets from you!

And, you could easily convince others of anything, true or untrue, when you learn the strategies, tactics and exact sciences of persuasion in the Speed Summit DVD course. But I know you won’t take unfair advantage of others, because your conscience won’t permit it.

That’s the unique thing about a Warrior. They use their strengths and powers for good, and to manifest an overflow of great things in their lives and the lives of others.

There is a force inside you, a kind of “spiritual intuition” that discerns all things, good and bad. This intuition is very powerful, and magnetic. However, 99.9% of the entire population is programmed, BY DESIGN, to lose this intuition.

Listen: have you ever had someone lie to you or take advantage of you, and later you said to yourself “I KNEW that was gonna happen.”

A little voice inside you told you that you were being lied to, but you rationalized it away and “allowed” it to happen, even though you knew better. I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Likewise, have you ever been in a situation where you were told about something that was totally true and beneficial, but you rationalized it away, and later said to yourself “I KNEW I should’ve done that!”

I think we all know what it feels like to miss out on something awesome that we didn’t have to miss out on.

Don’t let that happen again. Get off your duff and take action right now by getting the Speed Summit course while you can! click here or call Yates at 1-580-931-8689

It’ll be worth more to you than just about anything you’ve ever learned.

Yates nearly had to break my arm to convince me to even teach this stuff.

Much of I learned directly from a former FBI agent. Then I added my countless years of experience in Security and Bodyguard Work, working for Collection Agencies, and being on both sides of the table in countless ruthless high-dollar business negotiations, as well as cutting-edge NLP, Hypnosis & reversed Ninja Mind Control technologies (yes there really is such a thing, and in the Speed Summit DVDs you’ll get to discover just how real it is).

Get Scott Bolan – Speed Summit Las Vegas 2008 – Yates J Canipe, PhD – Rev. Vince Wingo, Only Price 62$

You will be taught the “underground NLP” way, and you will discover

true and authentic Ninja Mind Control.

Yes, I said Ninja Mind Control. I’m not talking about the Hollywood image of a guy in black pajamas. I’m talking about the real true and authentic ninja that inspired the movies. This is not about pajamas and kicking and samurai swords. I’m talking about things like

the 9 gates” to enter into someone’s mind at will

This information is so valuable and rare, if it’s all you got out of the Speed Summit it would be worth it at ten times the price. If you doubt this for even one second you are wrong. Dead wrong. And I can easily prove it to you.

And forget what you thought you knew about NLP!

Yates and I have an EXPLOSIVE and SHOCKING new NLP breakthrough never taught to anyone anywhere before. This is brand spanking new and will shake up the NLP world like never before. YOU will be the first to learn it and use it for stunning results.

By the way, did I mention that this is all just on on the first few DVDs? We’re just getting warmed up here! Wait ’til you see what we’ve got lined up for you in the rest of the course!

The SCIENCE of Info Product Empire Building and Ad Copywriting!

What I’m about to tell you may seem like bragging, but it’s not. It’s simply a statement of fact. My mom is definitely going to tweak my ear anyway and say “Scott, it’s not nice to brag.” But it’s not bragging when I say this because it’s true, so I’ll just go ahead and come out and say it…

Are you ready? Okay, here goes:

I’m one of the most successful info-product marketers on the planet.

There. I said it. Of course, you probably already knew that anyway and that’s how this letter found it’s way to you, but let’s get to the point:

I can write an email and go to bed, and wake up to more money than most men make in a few months of hard work.

I’ve had single weeks of passive income where I make more than most men make in a year!

Sure, there are a few who are more successful than me. A few, and only a few guys in the mainstream. Like maybe three or four. That’s it.

But that’s the way I want it, because I like it outside of the mainstream. I get to make my own rules. I get to go where I want, do what I want, and I don’t have to kiss ass for political and business reasons.

There’s nothing better than life on your own terms!

Want me to show you how? And here’s the real shocker that separates me from the mainstream guys: I write my own ad copy and I have never taken a class or read a book on it and I did not copy anyone else!

The other guys pay Dan Kennedy tens of thousands to go to his workshops (and rightfully so, Dan is the man and worth every penny). But I stumbled into this business before I even knew who Dan and all these guys were, and

Within a year I was making Boatloads of Cash while sleeping in!

True story.

So how do I do it?

  1. I decided on the LIFESTYLE I wanted, and

    1. How Much Money I wanted

    2. Where I Wanted to Live

    3. How I Wanted to work (and that meant sleeping in and never working for others)

    4. What Skills I would need to accomplish this

  1. I saw where I wanted to go. I Decided specifically what field I wanted to conquer. (in fact, no one else does what I do specifically – I created my own genre! yes, there are many great self-help guys, motivational speakers, business coaches, consultants, Hypnotherapists, PUA’s, NLP coaches, Martial Arts masters, etc, but I’m the first one who combined it all and distilled it down to it’s Warrior Essence)

***In the Speed Summit DVDs I will show YOU how to do the same thing – how to make yourself the Unique and ONLY one in your industry who can offer what you offer. This is the famous “USP” – Unique Selling Proposition that differentiates you from everyone else out there and has clients beating a path to your door with bundles of cash in their hot little hands!***

  1. I future paced and brought back the specific actions I’d need to take to get there.

Now, so far you might be saying “sure, I understand that. Anyone can do that.”

Well, maybe anyone “can”, but do they actually “do” it?

Most folks have this Knowledge but they do not UNDERSTAND it. There is a huge difference between Knowing something and Understanding it. It’s the literal difference between success and failure in ANY industry. There are even people who Understand something, but don’t “Know” it. People call them “lucky” but in fact they’re not lucky, they simply unconsciously “understand.” This is THE difference and you will discover it in the Speed Summit course!

  1. And here’s where it gets great: I used the Ancient principles I’d discovered in my studies of the ancient Warrior Arts. It was mind-blowing to discover the ancient origins of NLP in the Indian Thugee & Ninja cults. We’re talking POWER beyond description here, flat-out Magic! Armed with that Understanding…

  1. I did it all intuitively and instinctively. Then AFTER having huge success at it, I distilled my formula down to it’s essentials. Yes, I “canned” it for future use. How could I not? I stumbled on a formula that’s making me filthy rich! And now, I’m going to “clone” it by sharing it with YOU at in these new Speed Summit DVDs!!!

I’ve never shared all of my secrets for this before, but at the Speed Summit, I personally SHARED THEM!

Now YOU GET them directly on these underground DVDs! You can go out and use them to build your own empire, or to write ad copy for your current business that will have customers beating down your door by the truckload.

Yates and I answered questions during and after the workshop, all caught on film! In fact, ANY thing you could possibly want to know about Info-Product marketing, any aspect of it at all, you’ll probably find in these all-new DVDs!!!

Is that fair enough?

Listen, if you’re anywhere near being “in the loop” of the Seduction/NLP/Self-Empowerment world you know damn well that my ad copy is irresistible. There is a methodical magic behind it that I stumbled upon and captured, canned and cloned for huge success. When you get this in the Speed Summit course, you’ll feel like you just found a magic lamp with a money-genie in it.

The “Turn-Around” King

If you have a business, has it hit a plateau? Or even worse, are you in a downward spiral with no hope in sight?

Even if you are not a business owner, your life is a “business” and it’s time you get your business PROFITABLE. Make sense?

You might think that the Master Mind behind the Speed Seduction empire Dr. Yates Canipe made his mark on the world by producing the all-time greatest-selling Seduction course that single-handedly pioneered the field.

But guess what?

Even before becoming the Godfather of the Seduction and Men’s Self-Improvement market, Yates was the Turnaround King – taking over Bankrupt Companies and transforming them (and their owners) into profit centers! Would you like him to show YOU how to do the same with your company, or any other area in your life – Seduction, Relationships, Confidence, Health or Money-Making?

Whatever problem you are facing, let’s correct one thing right now. It’s NOT a problem, it’s a Process.

Processes are what bring about results, good or bad. Most processes are trance-automations – which means they’re subconscious – we don’t even realize we’re doing them. And when we try to look at them directly, how can we see it clearly when we’re “in the fog”?

Yates has a laser-beam light that instantly exposes hidden stops in your subconscious, and in your behavior patterns. Whether it’s your Seduction efforts, Business results, or healing, Yates can surface it instantly with the skill and precision of a mind-surgeon!

You get a literal fireplace chat with Dr. Yates, right on the first DVD! You’ll instantly discover:

1) How To Change Limiting Beliefs

2) The One-Word Weapon that Destroys or Heals

3) The 7 Words that bring immediate Power, Change and Manifestation in YOUR Life!

…..and much much more.


Let’s talk about circumstance. Let’s talk about life. All of life. How about relationships? Is there anything you want from other people? I’ll bet there is!

Do you want a perfect marriage?

Want your kids to get better grades and not fool with around with drugs?

Are you looking for a soul mate you can really trust, who looks hotter than hell and fulfills all of your fantasies too?

Do you want to MULTIPLY your sales results and start making the kind of cash you’ve only dreamed of until now?

Okay, then! Get ready for this:

For those of you that have attended a Straightforward Inc sponsored workshop, whether it be a Seduction, Speed Life, or Magick/Psychic Influence with Ross Jeffries you know Dr. Yates J Canipe was there in front of the room everyday; focusing on making sure everyone got it, every question answered.

Not only did he do special inductions like his famous “Walk in The Woods” that was never recorded, he also was there early, at lunch and late doing one-on-one change work! Many of you saw the amazing results of healing during these workshops.

Many wanted more and attended Dr Canipe’s Speed Business, Manifestation, Psychic Craps, and Changing Limiting Beliefs workshops. They are so intense and personal that only two have been released to the public, “Changing Limiting Beliefs about Seduction” and “Speed Selling Too”.

His career has gone from high school dropout to PhD Military Officer, from engineering manager to raising venture capital to taking over bankrupt companies and of course the past 17 years as a groundbreaking pioneer in the men’s self-improvement arena.

So you can see Dr Canipe uses his skills in NLP, Silva Mind Control, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Kahuna, Speed Seduction and Memory Resolution to provide results in specific applications and to individual desires.

Now is your opportunity to have all this knowledge, experience and training available directly for you in one place at one time!

So let’s get to the bottom line: if you’re not ready to rid your life of negativity, stress, anxiety, guilt, frustration, and regret … if you prefer to hold onto the attitudes and habits that hold you back from accomplishing everything you ever dreamed of … then kindly pass this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity on to someone else.

But if you crave a meaningful life, characterized by inner peace even in the midst of chaos … free from the influence of negative people and the self-defeating fears that keep you from your true potential and ultimate success … then please read on as I introduce you to another amazing person whose work has quite literally changed my life and the lives of hundreds of thousands of others.

Think you’ve heard of “the Secret” and all the latest about Ancient Hawaiian Huna and Ho’oponopono?

Why not get it from THE source?

Yates and I invited as our personal guest, at no expense to you whatsoever, the world authority of Ancient Hawaiian Huna, Rev.Vince Wingo! Filmed live at the Las Vegas Speed Summit, watch transformation, breakthroughs and healing, AND HOW TO DO IT YOURSELF, right on the second DVD of the Speed Summit course!!!

Listen. Vince was brought up breathing Huna.

As you may know, Max Freedom Long was the Pioneer and Founder of Huna as we know it today. His Right hand man, and whom he entrusted the future of Huna, was Otha Wingo (Vince’s dad). Imagine being brought up in a house like that!!!

P-O-W-E-R-F-U-L Very Powerful!!!

Otha trained and groomed his son Vince from his first breath to be a Kahuna Warrior Master. Vince has virtually dedicated his life to Huna and has led countless Huna workshops, created cutting-edge educational products and wrote a definitive book on Huna. He is the President and Executive Director of Huna Research, Inc. and the Huna Fellowship.

Frankly, it doesn’t get any better than that!

Matter of fact, the moment you order the Speed Summit DVDs, Yates is going to rush you THREE FREE REPORTS from Vince Wingo right away! :

1 . Personal Power Generator

2. Zero Limits Huna

3. Kuna Mastery

These reports will change your life and are worth thousands of bucks in their own right! This is downright, outright cutting-edge Magic being put in your hands, absolutely Free!

“But wait, there’s more!!!”

JumpStart Your Results Today

Right now if you’re smart enough to take advantage of the hottest workshop of the year – the Speed Summit, I’m going to reward you, right now, with my private exclusive JumpStart CD!

I’ve included some of the best little secrets that can be found anywhere that will jump start every phase of your life from financial to motivational to the most effective Blacklisted Persuasion Secrets.

The JumpStart CD is never for sale anywhere and is only given as a gift to my Platinum Inner Circle Members. But good folks like you smart enough to go to the Speed Summit get it for Free.

Here’s just a few of few of the ways your life will improve instantly with the Jumpstart CD:

  • Jump-start your energy level any time you need to
  • The Master Keys To UNSTOPPABLE Confidence!
  • Instantly lose weight if you want to
  • Hone your Peruasion & Influence skills to invincibility, even if you’re a beginner or an expert
  • Discover where your true talent lies (and how to parlay it into a cash machine)
  • Get Anyone to Willingly Do Anything you Want Them to
  • Acquire my “instant rapport” technique to get anybody to like you and want to please you!

Sound awesome? That’s because it really is. Yates and I quite simply decided to out-do ourselves and made this the best and most unique workshop that’s been done in years. And now it’s all on DVD in a 7-disc super-course!!

This a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to

Get the “How-To!” from all three Trainers! (the most important aspect of a workshop, most commonly overlooked by other workshops)

People are already talking about the Speed Summit, and will be for YEARS to come. These skills will be a part of your empowerment and personal knowledge library that you can constantly refer back to and “power-up” with, whenever you need it!

And that leads me to an important question:

Where Will You Be One Year From Now?

Do you want to be in the exact same place you were this time last year? Do you want to be in the same place you are right now?

OR, do you want to become the kind of naturally Graceful Yet Powerful Warrior that radiates Power and demands respect and attention everywhere you go?

That’s the way it should be. That’s the way it will be! I see it happen to my students all the time whenever they walk into a room full of people. They radiate confidence and energy – and ATTRACT EVERYTHING and EVERYONE THEY WANT like a magnet! Just Imagine what you can do once you get these skills from the Speed Summit course!

Here’s the deal: we call it the “Speed Summit” because it’s about getting what you want FAST! In fact, please remember this when it comes to learning new skills – “if it ain’t fast, it won’t last.”

Lots of Self-Help, Seduction & NLP Guru’s out there want to spoon-feed you esoteric caca and dumb drills, to keep you coming back and paying money year after year.

Dr. Yates, Rev. Vince and I have a different approach: we teach you everything you need on Day One. Fast!

Here’s the two most important questions you MUST KNOW about acquiring new skills:

1. “Does it have the Light-Bulb effect?” What that means is, do you get the “aha!” moment like throwing on a light switch in a dark room – the moment that light bulb goes on you SEE IT!

It should be that fast, plain and simple to grasp, understand and apply to any circumstance in your life. Why? Because the exact Sciences of Personal Power, Persuasion & Influence and Life Mastery are innate. In other words, you were born with them and they are already there and they will work instantly once you re-discover them. It’s like a light switch going on!

2. “Does it work in the Real World?” That’s the bottom line: will it work outside of the classroom? This is what separates the student from the master. The student can do it in the classroom under the master’s supervision, but the student becomes the master when he can do it on his own, in his daily life outside of the classroom!

That’s the way I taught Martial Arts & Close Quarters Combat for years, and why my videos (back in the days of good ‘ol VHS) and my new DVDs still fill my bank account daily!

Why is that? Because we show you how to fucking get it done, alright?

So why would we teach Persuasion and Influence, Language Patterns, Mind Control, NLP, Seduction & Mental Warfare Secrets any differently?

Whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish, I show you the “Quick Kill Methods of Instant Hypnotic Domination over ANYONE!”

The best analogy I can give you is this: instead of intricate Katas (movement patterns) and fancy spinning high kicks and meditation, I simply showed my students How To End The Fight In One Move Cold! And yes, against a Bigger Stronger Attackers, or Multiple Armed Attackers.

People from all walks of life from Cops, Scientists and Professors paid me THOUSANDS for just a day or two of my Private Training where I single-handedly showed them How To Instantly End A Fight In One Move (Regardless of Their Size or Skill!)

Now I did not be teach the Devastating Martial Arts at the Speed Summit, but the reason I mention it here is to show you that the kind of approach I took to revolutionize the Martial Arts, I also took to revolutionize the NLP, Hypnosis, and the Persuasion & Influence Arts to stunning results!

I mean, let’s take all of that above and apply it to the MENTAL and VERBAL Martial Arts…what do we come up with? We come up with the Fastest, Strongest, Most Effective Skills you can find anywhere. Period.

And now, in the all-new Speed Summit course, you get to Make It YOURS.

You do not want to miss out on this!

Get Scott Bolan – Speed Summit Las Vegas 2008 – Yates J Canipe, PhD – Rev. Vince Wingo, Only Price 62$

Here’s the deal:

The Speed Summit course, professionally recorded over 3 Days in the most thrilling city in the world – Las Vegas, is a 7-disc course of almost 13 hours of live footage for only $495.00.

Do the math: that’s about 38 bucks an hour to train with ALL THREE of some of the world’s top minded trainers. An insanely low price!

Plus, you get it on DVD where you can review it and study it at your leisure whenever you want to, in the privacy of your own home!

Click here or call Yates now at 1-580-931-8689

He will rush you out your three Free Kahuna Secrets Reports and My Exclusive JumpStart CD (remember, only my Inner Circle Members get the JumpStart CD, it’s not for sale anywhere else!) AND Yates will also be sending you another surprise Free Bonus from him personally!

Here’s something else you need to know: we really are limiting the free bonuses only to the first 50 people to order.

This is a gift for those wise enough to try these all new DVDs in this special offer.

We want the first 50 folks to be rewarded, and we want your feedback! That’s why we’re making this so ridiculously affordable.

But we can’t just give them to everybody, that wouldn’t be fair. So if you’re not one of the first 50 to order this new course, we can’t give you the free bonuses. And we do mean it. In fact, you might remember trying to sign up for my Warrior Millionaire and Mental Warfare workshops last year and being turned away. Warrior Millionaire was limited to 20 people – and 62 signed up! Yep, that means 42 folks who “thought about it too long” missed out. Same thing with Mental Warfare – it was limited to 50 people, and 81 signed up. 31 people lost out, big-time.

Don’t fool around and miss out on these AmazingFree Bonuses. Order now!

You can simply click here to add it to your cart, or call Dr. Yates Canipe at 1-580-931-8689 during regular business hours.

I will see you on the Speed Summit DVDs!

Scott Bolan

PS Many of you remember those great Speed Life/ Pshychic Influence – Straightforward Inc workshops from a few years back and have been wondering how come we haven’t had them for awhile. Three reasons:

  1. Yates has been hand-building his personal castle over the last few years. I kid you not! He’s been custom-building a log home on his new ranch and it is a work of art! I’ve been having to bend his arm to get him to take a break and join us, he finally has, and we recorded it all onto this DVD course. He also filmed a personal session for YOU in fire-side chat from the Ranch!

  1. As you may have noticed Straightforward has gone through some huge GROWTH the past few years which took some time to re-organize. Dr. Yates Beliefs Course, the Martial Mastery course and other new courses have transformed the NLP, PUA, Hypnosis, Huna and self-improvement worlds. It’s been a banner few years!

  1. New Developments, Discoveries, Products and Breakthroughs! While the past Speed Life workshops have all been legend, we didn’t want to do another one until we had Cutting-Edge ALL-NEW Material for you! Better! Faster! Stronger! The type of stuff that turns it all around instantly. Your breakthrough is here now in this new course.

So there you friggin’ have it! Call Dr. Yates NOW at 1-580-931-8689 and reserve your set!

PS: We get mail:

“ Dr. Yates,

Having attended a number of NLP trainings in the past I have found that they would all concentrate an awful lot on the theory, the words, nominalization, presuppositions, etc. but nothing that really allowed me to go out and apply it to the real world. On this particular course we learned actually how to do the stuff and how to do the stuff relating to business so I actually came away a lot more enthusiastic about my own business having seen the ways that we could amend our marketing materials and our business plan to be more effective not just for our customers but for our own beliefs in how we can build and expand our businesses going forward in the future. Also I made a number of discoveries about myself such as on trainings I usually make a large amount of notes and I realized the reason I make notes is because I write down the things I don’t really understand, and in this course I haven’t made hardly any notes basically because of the way in which the trainings are presented and the way in which you actually use the techniques to learn means that I do understand far more than I have previously. Also we have done a lot of work on our own beliefs and our own structures and how to notice our own states and how to change our states and that has been very helpful as well, and has enabled me to go a lot further personally with those things and given me a lot of tools that I can now take away from this, and use going forward in all areas of the business and personal life as well. Thank you.

Mark Rhodes”

“Mr. Bolan, First of all, I have to tell you…… You’re Mental Warfare Secrets saved my life (in terms of my marriage and kids). Let me explain. My mother controlled me with the skill and stealth of a ninja for my whole life and I didn’t even recognize her skill because of the subtlety involved. Last week, my mother attempted to command me to take an action but it didn’t SOUND like a command, in fact it sounded like a question. I refused, INSTANTLY she reverted to the guilt ploy and the entitlement ploy you taught me.I was shocked to realize this was going on, and then I recognized it. The emotional “hooks” kept coming at me, I “sat on the ball” and didn’t react…….She stormed off. Later she acted as if nothing happened and treats me totally differently. My wife jumped for joy when I recounted the scenario to her, (she knew this was happening all along and didn’t mention it so I wouldn’t ‘lose face’). This is the finest product I have ever found on the construction and subtlety used by the mind gafflers around us every day.

Thank you very much,”

  • Dr. Jim Taylor

“Hi I just want to talk about a workshop I just did with Yates on belief changes. Basically its about perceptions you take into different things with you in life. My thoughts just immediately after the workshop we just finished is just how much fun the whole thing was and on top of the enjoyment about it, I think one of the reasons is just how much you actually walk away from the course with and how that everything is fitting together afterwards. And the main thing is that you can actually feel the difference between when you walked into the room and now; and the amount of personal attention Yates gave everyone and the difference you can actually feel when you are talking about calibrating people and the amount of change work he did and the most important thing about it for me was just how much fun it was when you actually think back about how much we learned. The time just flew over the three days. I just want to say thank you and it was great!

Vikas Sharma”

“Hi my name is Vikas and I Just want to talk a bit about ANOTHER course I have just been in with Yates. I have been in a few different courses with different people and this is one of the ones I believe I’ve actually got a huge amount out of. It has basically covered everything from professional work to self beliefs to basically anything you thought or I thought I could actually work on or people within the area came up with. Yates was very happy to work on and really put a lot in. This is probably the second or third course I have done with Yates and the difference is that every one just builds on the other and its phenomenal the results I achieved from before and just the difference I can see in myself even from this course to now. Thank You”


I know your a busy guy so I will keep this pretty short! In the past the holidays have been a total hell for me. I have always regretted the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I was depressed, lonely, broke, and always a victim to my circumstances. Plagued by the fear what never happened and the need for approval other others.

My life has been different and for the better since I have been studying the Martial Mastery DVDs. I have had success in many areas that I didn’t have in the past. Like using what I have learned in the DVDs to get a table within a minute at a busy restaurant when the lobby is full and everyone else was waiting for 20-30 minutes. Or like the other day when I went bowling and practiced the mental state you teach to double my score in the second game and have the women I was with begging to know my secret. What is most important is that I always dreaded spending time with my family over the holidays. I found my self being tested with the same situations of the past, but my mental state has changed entirely and I now I am having the best experience this year all from understanding the tools you share. I look forward to experiences situations I use to fear. I know now that I can and will handle anything that comes my way with the grace and ease of a Samurai-King.

Many Thanks My Friend,


“My name is Dennis Hudson and I have just attended the speed business London England 2006. I’ve known Dr. Yates for a number of years and he has definitely mentored me and guided me in a lot of the business developments that I have done both in my home country and in the U.S. I can see the changes I have gone through in the last five years working with him and this course really has accelerated me in terms of applying the tools and the skills that he has been helping me apply in the business that I have been successful in so far. I think particularly the thing that has really had an impact on me is how to change beliefs because those are the programs that we automatically operate and cause us to behave in the world in different ways. Now I can actually choose and have more flexibility in the behaviors that I have so that I can have more success both personally and professionally. The writing skills from this course I think can be applied in business marketing materials to really enhance the success of building businesses. So I really enjoyed the course, and I highly recommend it to anyone out there.

Dennis Hudson”

“When I first joined the course I didn’t really have a clear strategy or structure in order to elicit and evoke states or a formula/process of recreating those states. However in this last week I have got a clear and precise idea of where I am, where I would like to go and how to recreate those things in my life, and to be able to measure and quantify all the things that happen in my life on a day to day basis. It’s been a thoroughly enjoyable course and I would highly recommend it. (When asked “what is the difference between this course and the other courses you have taken”) reply. I’ve taken a lot of other previous courses and we have done a lot of exercises and there was a lot of reading material, but I’ve gone away and most of my reading material is still in my bag somewhere and I haven’t really had the clear of mind of how to actually use those processes I have learned, but today and certainly all this week I have felt I’ve been able to internalize all that I have learned and it seems to be stuck into my whole neurology and my whole being so that I will be able to remember it quite clearly and be able to reproduce it on a daily basis.

Brian Johnson”


I had been meaning to write to you about the Martial Mastery course. It is truly amazing ! The amount of knowledge that Scott possesses is unbelievable.

He talks about Tony Robbins and I have been to most of Tony’s workshops. I have also done the fire walk twice.

As much as I admire Tony, I have to say that he pales in comparison to Scott. After I returned from Tony’s workshops, things quickly returned to normal. There was no change in me. But, as I internalized the things that Andrew teaches, I finally have changes that will last.

That is definately something worth striving for. I thank you for all your help.


Carl Berto”

“I came on this course because I wanted to find some direction in my life and then to know how to actually use that direction. I got far more than I ever expected while I have been here. It feels a lot longer than three days that I have spent on this course. And throughout the whole thing Yates has guided us with pure love and joy for what he does and it’s transformed the whole course and it’s just been a wonderful fabulous experience and I would recommend it to everybody. Elizabeth Powell”

“Before I came to the Speed Business course I was confused about certain areas of my business and after spending a week learning from Dr. Yates everything has just kind of come together and I feel a lot more comfortable going back home and applying everything I have learned. It just made it seem a lot easier to put all the pieces together for me and I’m excited to put it all into use and I’m excited to get back and put everything I’ve learned into use and start to enjoy the results.

Doug Johnson”

“I recommend Dr. Yates Canipe not only because of his vast knowledge but also because of his being able to convey what he is doing in a very centered, understandable, clear way, and simultaneously being able to put his ego far out on a shelf that is very distant. And take care of everyone of the students at the same time. It’s very profound. Arne Ziems”

“Dear Yates,

My name is Chris, and I am a student of s. seduction. The reason I am emailing you is because a few years ago, you helped me out during a problem I was having, and after your phone call hypnosis session, my life dramatically improved. I want to thank you for that, first of all.  I am immensely grateful for your help.



“I would like to let you know that through Straightforwardinc I’ve purchased the Mental Warfare Secrets product, and I was very impressed at the value I received. That purchase combined with interesting ideas and insights I get in the newsletters that Scott writes (via Straightforwardinc)

Sincerely, Michael Scheibe”

“Dear Yates, I received my order and I can not adequately express my appreciation enough.


J. R. Magdos”

“Hello my name is Keith I have been here on the London workshops the two courses the Beliefs About Seduction and also the Manifesting course. It’s great to be here with Yates. He is obviously a guy who personally very much cares about your development because he has got time to talk and listen and help you in what you are trying to do. There is so much material over the last few days I still feel a little bit overwhelmed, sort of like my heads kind of spinning a bit, but I think that over the next few weeks and days it will resolve itself. I found it really useful coming here particularly with the Magic psychic Influence stuff. I got the video set and I was trying what was suggested in the videos and I was getting a little bit confused as to whether I was doing too much, and the order I was doing things in. Yates really straightened it out and he really made it simple and I feel that there is a lot of benefit in coming to the workshops and I’ve got a lot to thank Yates for and again he is a really approachable guy and he really wants to help. Keith Ubah”

“I have come back to another one of Yates’ courses. I took his Speed Business course in September of last year, and I’ve noticed a number of changes since then. Where I have taken what I learned on that course and applied it in areas of business where I was coming up against a lot of resistance from people that I didn’t think would get on board with some new ideas that I had that would potentially be risks for them but by gradually over a period of a few months applying the principles we learned in Speed Business I was able to get these people to get on board with these new ideas and take them forwards and realize how successful they would be. So this particular course has built upon what I learned in the previous course and managed to take some skill sets and build it into personal development and understanding and has also clarified a lot of the things that I have read about in the past that you don’t often get to come through when you read books or watch DVD sets. When you go to something like this in person then you’ve got the ability of the feed back two ways between students and teachers so to speak and you are able to really round off your knowledge and start to use things in practical meaningful way. So thank you. Mark Rhodes”

“Hi my name is Mohammed and this is the second time I have come to one of Yates’s workshops. Six months ago I was at a cross roads in my life where I didn’t know where I was going wasn’t in any good relationship my work was terrible and Yates showed me the light he showed me some tools to effect change for the better he introduced me to things like What the bleep which kind of basses on the scientific basis on change and behavior. He also showed me how to control my subconscious mind and what it means to trust your intuition and that has been such a great source of development for me affecting change on a day to day basis has led to major changes in my life to where work is now content I am actually now one of the partners at the top of my practice and I have had problems with staff in the past which have been resolved now and I am also getting into relationships now which is the main reason I came here. So thank you Yates and carry on the good work.”

“Dear Dr Canipe

… You have profoundly got me moving forward, steady as I go too. …

First of all, what will I find useful? It will be the initiative I’ll take to destroy my bad habits that I’ve acquired throughout my life up until now. … No fooling me now is there. And you know I no fooling you….

Next is the invaluable material that has been presented. It’s a lot of stuff to absorb. I’ll take it one step at a time.

I find myself getting more and more curious about learning these techniques. It’s a venue of opportunity, excitement, improvement and education that is on my horizon. Now with me that is my goal.

Now I really feel your security of your teachings. I observed your emotions. You are a very warm-hearted person. You display it through you eyes.

I respect the power that you have. And more importantly how careful you avoid to misuse it. How you share it for the benefit of others, therefore mankind.

I know that this was not a chance event. Something got me here, I heard it too. Yates this is my unending “THANK YOU” to you.

From my heart and soul.

JHB (name withheld by Dr. Yates)

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