Startup & small business law: business registration & more – Alex Genadinik


Startup & small business law: business registration, intellectual property protection, online privacy & more



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In this course you will learn why you need to register your business with the state, how to decide on what business entity to choose (LLC, S corp, C corp or something else), how to protect your intellectual property, basic employment laws, online privacy issues and much more.

You will also learn how to hire a good business lawyer to help you when you will need legal help.

As an entrepreneur, at one point or another, you will need to hire a lawyer. You will also have to understand many of the business law basics like issues with business registration, liability protection, entity types and more. This course will teach you all that and much more!

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Course Curriculum

Course and instructor introduction

  • Instructor introduction (1:36)
  • How to use the discussion to get my personal feedback for you and your business (1:17)
  • Disclaimer this course covers United States law ONLY (0:39)

Company formation

  • Company formation sectio introduction (0:10)
  • Difference between a partnership vs. shareholders vs. members (4:56)
  • Member agreement vs. partnership agreement vs. shareholder agreement (3:12)
  • What if a partner or member or shareholder wants to quit (4:46)
  • Delaware registration registering your business in Delaware vs. your own state (5:45)
  • Different types of business insuranc how to decide if you should buy it (6:16)
  • How to dissolve a company if you need to close it (2:16)
  • How to decide what business entity is right for you (5:55)
  • Business bank account and maintaining other business formalities (2:36)
  • Difference between an LLC and a corporation (5:13)
  • What is a nonprofit (4:41)
  • Difference between a nonprofit and a for profit (6:18)

How to hire a good lawyer

  • How to hire a good lawyer section introduction (0:14)
  • Different kinds of lawyers you can hire (4:41)
  • What kind of lawyer do you need when you are just startin your business (4:35)
  • Websites for looking up and finding lawyers (1:49)
  • How much should you pay how do you know if you are getting a good deal (5:45)
  • Hiring a single lawyer vs. going with a legal firm (2:29)
  • Which credentials matter when looking for a lawyer (2:29)
  • How to research a lawyerss disciplinary and ethics background (1:27)
  • DIY do it yourself options how to best use-them-and are they viable (3:05)
  • Hiring tips from Alex on how to find a lawyer that will be a good match for you (1:47)


  • Patent section introduction (0:22)
  • Alexs case study of dealing with patents (5:41)
  • What kinds of things can you patent (1:42)
  • Patents within your overall business strategy (2:39)
  • Client case study with patents-1 (2:51)
  • Client case study with patents-2 (2:38)
  • Examples of how big companies use patents (4:29)

Social media use at work and online privacy

  • Section introduction (0:41)
  • Can you get fired from work for posting on social media when you are not at work (2:36)
  • Prohibited reasons for which you cant be fired or let go from work (5:18)
  • Understand we may not be able to fully delete something after posting it online (1:24)
  • How much should you realistically restrict your social media activities (3:44)
  • When employers cant fire you if you are using their equipment for personal use (1:35)
  • What does the law consider to be priavate and not (7:35)
  • Internet privacy NSA and Edward Snowden (4:57)

Additional topics

  • Section introduction (0:12)
  • What to consider when deciding to hire employees vs. contractors (8:30)
  • What is a cease and desist letter what to do if you get one (3:56)
  • Is it bad or risky to represent yourself in court (2:06)
  • How to minimizedecreass the risk of being sued (5:37)
  • Which law applies (4:51)
  • What should a typical website terms of service say (2:15)


  • Your opinion matters to me. I want to make sure you love the course (2:18)

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