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How to Tell a Story that Helps People Change It was David Gordon that ‘cracked the code’ on Milton Erickson’s storytelling. Milton would tell someone a story, assign a task, (or send them out to climb Squaw Peak) and this would lead them to change. Now you can learn how to do the same. There is tremendous power in a well told story.

If I’m in the middle of a personal crisis or am facing an important decision and you are able to tell me a story that is close to mine you have my complete attention. For me, your story can become my metaphor. David first made his reputation in NLP with his work in the area of metaphors. His primary contributions to the field have been in the use of therapeutic metaphors and modeling inspired by his work with Milton H. Erickson. He’s been involved in NLP from the start and has helped create and shape the field of NLP for over 30 years.

Metaphors are a very effective and subtle tool that enable you to:

  • help others shift their Perceptions and Experience
  • make shifts in submodalities, time frames, and representational systems
  • Bypass resistance • Work on an unconscious level
  • Calibrate responses
  • Subtly and elegantly help others change Stories are everywhere and you can use them anywhere, with clients, customers, and children.

In this systematic training you’ll join David as he leads you through his complete five-day metaphor workshop where you will

  • Develop a thorough background in the use of metaphor
  • Learn how to create your own metaphors for individuals and groups.
  • Learn how to use simple similes, aphorisms, and analogies
  • Be able to create and deliver therapeutic metaphors. Besides the many wonderful stories David tells, he conducts a metaphor intervention using information gathering through three metaphors. Since this program is about stories, David starts by jumping right in with a couple wonderful examples of metaphor in action – so you can enjoy the magic of Metaphor in your life as you listen!

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