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There’s a Storytelling Revolution in Progress!

Storytelling is more than just a fad.  It’s one of the hottest buzzwords, in-demand topics of the year. Its power and relevance acknowledged by the likes of TED, HBR, Oprah, Seth Godin, Brene Brown, and Malcolm Gladwell.

“This will be the #1 business skill of the next 5 years,” says LinkedIn. There’s a new way of communicating and doing business in the digital age. It’s called humanizing your message. You want to be real, personal, and authentic.

How Do You Get Your Story Straight?

You’ve read a few books, maybe taken a workshop. Now what? Storytelling really resonates. You’re just not sure how to “tell your story” in the right way. Much less how to use all the tools of the Internet to share your story to reach thousands, if not millions.

Storytelling is a self-conscious process. It’s not easy, at first. But when you crack the code, everything starts falling into place. Yet for all the storytelling “hype”, there’s nowhere as a coach, consultant, or marketer that you can comprehensively learn how to apply storytelling to your work and business. Until now. Welcome to StoryU Online.

Undeniable Story: StoryU’s 10-Week Foundation Course

Start with our 6-step Storytelling Blueprint to Influence, Inspire, & Impact. Begins on January 23, 2015.

Learn our 6-step storytelling framework for any presentation, marketing pitch, or issue campaign. This is a critical step in how to get your story straight. You’ll never look at the storytelling process the same again. You’ll become aware of where your story repels, and how to more naturally overcome resistance and objections.

Step 1 – Find Your Frame

The outside world is context for your Undeniable Story. Learn to evolve from problem/solution to possibility/obstacle.

Step 2 – Validate Your Audience

Replace inadequacy marketing. Empower your audience, framing obstacles for dynamic creative tension.

Step 3 – Make it Real

Anchor your story in more than the world of make-believe. Create credibility for yourself and your message.

Step 4 – Raise the Stakes

Learn how to describe converging forces that make your story more Undeniable today than ever before.

Step 5 – Pick Your Battles

Even with a world-changing message or vision, show your clear path and solution for tackling the issues. Make it simple.

Step 6 – Make an Invitation

What does it mean to be part of your story? Where can people start? Learn to lower risk, making it easy for people to say “YES!”

The Benefits of an Undeniable Story

  • You attract better opportunities and clients
  • People understand what you have to say
  • You’re able to serve thousands, if not millions
  • People naturally gravitate to your message
  • You overcome objections and resistance
  • You feel empowered and compassionate
  • You’re leading from the heart
  • The gifts of your message are received
  • People want to support your work
  • You find your voice and presence
  • You know how to shift perceptions
  • You’re story makes people feel good

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