StrongFirst Bodyweight Fundamentals

StrongFirst Bodyweight Fundamentals


Enroll StrongFirst Bodyweight Fundamentals course at Wisvalue. In case civilization is temporary®, learn how to get a powerlifting quality strength workout anytime, anywhere, using only your bodyweight as resistance. Price: $33.

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In case civilization is temporary®, discover ways to get a powerlifting exceptional energy exercise anytime, anywhere, the usage of handiest your body weight as resistance.

The StrongFirst Bodyweight Fundamentals Course will educate you ways to:

Dramatically boom your energy through “upgrading your muscle software” with our proprietary strategies that harness numerous reflexes and neurological phenomena.

Keep getting more potent through constructing better “hardware”—dense muscle this is as robust because it looks.

Develop muscle know-how to use your newly received energy to modalities aside from your body weight: the kettlebell, the barbell, a rock, you call it.

Progress from 0 to hero in those closing essential exercises:

ONE-ARM PUSHUP—construct loopy energy that absolutely incorporates over to any pushing motion—urgent a kettlebell or a barbell, retaining a lineman at bay in football, you call it

TACTICAL PULLUP—an all-terrain energy developer and a spectacular muscle builder

PISTOL—the closing blend of decrease frame mobility, energy, and muscle that doesn’t chafe

Train your abs for bulletproof superstrength that incorporates over to all exercises.

Program the above into an powerful plan that fits your level, goals, and schedule—the usage of  foolproof Russian tactics.

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Original Price : $99 – Wisvalus Price: $33

File Size: 1.18 GB

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