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This week, many of our authors, supporters, sponsors, and staff attended our Authority Marketing Summit with Dan Kennedy. Kennedy is an author, speaker, and entrepreneur. 



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This week, many of our authors, supporters, sponsors, and staff attended our Authority Marketing Summit with Dan Kennedy. Kennedy is an author, speaker, and entrepreneur. He is often referred to as the number-one marketing advisor of our time and consults multi-million-dollar businesses across the globe. As the owner and founder of GKIC, he has built a following of “lifers” and fans who consistently attend his presentations and buy his tools. His direct marketing techniques and copywriting skills have remained sought for decades, and he has written over forty books.

At the Summit on November 11 and 12 at the Francis Marion Hotel in downtown Charleston, S.C., he spoke about how to improve speaking skills, how to become an authority in your industry, and how to write content for your media platform. Kennedy gave our attendees some great advice on these and many other topics. If you missed the conference, consider joining us for the Summit next year. In the meantime, see three quick tips from Kennedy that you can start implementing today.

The 3×3 Speaking Formula.

When speaking, the best way to get your audience to understand and remember what you are saying is by using the 3×3 Approach.

Think of the three main topics you want your audience to walk away retaining.

Speak on the three ideas with two supporting ideas, examples, or stories under each.

Repeat or summarize your idea three times to drill it into their heads.

According to Kennedy, “Salesmen wing it; pros script it.” Although speakers commonly think that their material will become stale if they are not constantly adding new anecdotes, Kennedy disagrees. He is convinced that it is better to have solid material that you know rather than a shaky, new spiel that you don’t.

“If your stories are famous and polished, people will look forward to their retelling,” Kennedy said. “Don’t set your best material aside.”

Once you have completely memorized the points you want to hit and how you want to phrase them, you can put it in “movable blocks” that you could access and release to the audience at different times. As you improve and book more speaking engagements, you can also refresh these blocks by adding new studies and information.

Be the superhero in your story.

Dan Kennedy believes that there is a big difference between selling and being an influence. Kennedy touched on this a lot on the second day of the conference and urged people to develop who they want the audience to view them as, as a business person, and always write and speak from that perspective. If you think of the content on your website, blog, and marketing materials as fiction and build the voice of your business as a character who the audience trusts, you can build a relationship with them, and they will continue to come back again and again.

“Influential writing makes you money because people want to hear what you have to say again and again. They keep coming back,” he said. “Influential writing is about assembling an audience that you own, control, and will be interested in you permanently.”

When speaking to this audience, Kennedy says you have to have a back story that you always use to get your audience to relate to you. This strategy will allow them to feel something and relate to you on a personal level. He also said it was beneficial to scatter “dog whistles” throughout your speech. For example, mentioning that you are a cancer survivor, were in crippling debt before you found success, or simply that you love to adopt cats, makes the ears perk up of people who relate to that nugget of personal information.

“People buy things because of a feeling, not because it’s rational,” Kennedy repeated throughout the summit.

Therefore, if you can get someone to invest in you, they will also invest in your product and become loyal, repeat customers.

Follow Donald Trump’s example.

No matter what you think of the TV personality turned presidential candidate, Kennedy  loved using him for examples on how to find the right audience for you. Trump’s unwavering, black-and-white ideals expressed on the campaign trail give him the right type of supporters for him. Kennedy said that even though Trump’s strategy offends many people, the way he phrases his beliefs gives other people who agree with him permission to feel that way as well. It makes them feel as though someone else understands them.

Kennedy said it was even okay to exaggerate the way you feel about something, so you will be even more sure that you are attracting the type of customer that you want.

“People long for certainty, for clarity, for convention,” he says. “There is a huge benefit to offend. If I don’t get complaint letters on something I’m doing, then I know I’m not doing it right.”

Kennedy urged attendees to be confident and unapologetic with their self-talk, as well as when they speak or sell to their audience.

“The quickest way to lose an audience is to seem defensive about what you are doing,” Kennedy said.

He recommended having a deliberate and specific goal when going to speak with an audience or client so you achieve the desired outcome.

Make sure to catch more sessions from our Authority Marketing Institute, so you can be in a constant state of professional development. You can also request Dan Kennedy and Adam Witty’s book, Book the Business, for free.

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