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Props to arash for this release!

Something I’ve always noticed is that  people always love bonuses…

It just gives you that novel Christmas type feeling of unwrapping something new. And when they’re actually useful, it makes the deal that much sweeter.

Remember… When you see it LIVE you’ll finally have that VIVID UNDERSTANING of how a guy who’s been pulling women for years lives the kind of crazy lifestyle that he leads – and how you can do it too.

You’ll walk away MOTIVATED AND INSPIRED because your mind will have VISUAL PROOF that it’s possible for an average guy to get hot girls from a totally cold approach.

And you’ll have the PRICELESS FEEDBACK that will strip years off of your learning curve and make a huge shift in how other people see you.

But to add some more cool features to this already VALUE SATURATED program, I’ve thrown in a few bonuses that you’ll get a lot out of as well:

  • Exclusive RSD Superconference notes chocked-full of confidential strategies that you only learn at a Superconference (and to make sure that you follow up post program and remember everything that you learned).
  • 8 Full DVDs and/or 8 Full CDs of important information and cool tips and tricks that you can go out and play around with in the field at any time.

So don’t wait on this.  We’re highly protective of your privacy so program details, booking information and receipt confirmation is emailed to you and kept confidential.

You’ll have the opportunity to absorb all the vital knowledge and absolutely crucial skills that you need to make a real identity level change and have the kind of lifestyle upgrade that will have your friends in disbelief.

Stop dabbling with half measures and integrating bad habits that you’ll have to unwire later (or like most guys that you’ll never unwire).  If you keep doing the things you’ve always done you’ll continue to get the results you’ve always gotten.

Do what it takes. MAKE the time. There’s always an excuse and life is ALWAYS busy, but it’s a lot more fun to be busy with a skill set that allows you to get hot girls and dominate your social scene.

I have such unwavering confidence in this program because I’ve gone to such painstaking effort to refine it and cram it with value.

I’ve been very picky and surrounded myself with only the most phenomenally talented people, and I know that if you come in with a positive attitude and ready to learn that you’ll take such a massive level of value home with you.

Be ready to have a great time, and a REALITY SHATTERING experience learning from my own personal field experience and references, and I will TRANSFER ALL OF MY SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE to you as quickly and easily as humanly possible.

If you’ve got the desire to do whatever it takes to get this handled, and the will to work on this together, sign up now while it’s still hot in your mind and use our combined years of teaching experience to get you exactly to where you want to be.


Get Superconference Series – Foundations – DVDs + Workbook – Real Social Dynamics, Only Price $97

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