Tao Space Live 2021 - Bruce Frantzis

Tao Space Live 2021 – Bruce Frantzis


Available course Tao Space Live 2021 – Bruce Frantzis – File Size: 15.845 GB – Health, power, healing, smooth emotions, peace of mind, clarity…they’re all manifestations of how much energy you have and how well it is flowing through you. – Price: $113

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A Special Invitation from Bruce Frantzis


Longmont, Colorado


When I turned into a younger guy travelling at some point of Asia and analyzing martial arts full-time everyday, my attention turned into power.

When I skilled a annoying twist of fate that almost broke my body, the significance of fitness and recovery have become clear.

When my teachers (mainly the Taoist Sage Liu Hung Chieh) led me into locations in the thoughts that I by no means dreamed existed, it opened the last capability of spirit and consciousness.

Health, power, recovery, easy emotions, peace of thoughts, clarity…they’re all manifestations of the way lots strength you’ve got got and the way nicely it’s miles flowing via you. Cultivating and the use of that strength or qi is a talent that may be found out with the aid of using all of us. It is an artwork and a technological know-how that Taoists via the millennia have taken to the very best levels.

Regardless of your motive for being attracted to tai chi, qigong, meditation, or different inner arts, how deeply you advantage out of your exercise time has lots to do with the way you examine. I diligently searched all around the global for the very quality guidance that I should discover due to the fact mastering from a true supply and instructor can enlarge the outcomes and pleasure of your exercise 10x, accelerating your development dramatically.

I turned into especially lucky that via quite a few tough paintings, I turned into capable of seek out and examine from a number of the maximum splendid masters of the present day era. It has been my existence’s assignment to be a bridge for that information among East and West to convey what I take into account valuable teachings to all of us who’s earnestly looking to examine.

That is the assignment of our Tao Space education middle in Longmont, Colorado. It’s additionally the motive of Tao Space Live.

Tao Space Live makes it viable which will turn out to be a digital scholar taking component in all of our instructions from your house much like our in-character college students right here in Colorado. You’ll be sharing our education corridor with me, my proficient teachers, and a amazing network of humans stretched all throughout the globe.

If you’re studying this, then in some unspecified time in the future for your existence you had been attracted to mastering to experience and paintings together along with your strength in a deeper manner via practices like tai chi, qigong, tui na bodywork, martial arts, or Taoist meditation.

At a few point, you cross past simply the concept of some thing and need to examine the real practices via a reference to a true tradition.

This is the turning point that can bring you to what is real.

During these times when meeting in-person is often not possible, Tao Space Live opens the gate to an unprecedented wealth of teaching and community to help you learn in the best possible way wherever you are.

Enrollment is now open. Classes won’t open again until next year, so I hope you’ll be able to join us for the upcoming Fall Session. It includes some offerings I haven’t taught publicly in over a decade.

Below are all the details about our upcoming live-stream classes and teachings. I look forward to training with you.

Everything furthers,

Bruce Frantzis

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