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Two day’s worth of the most powerful, profitable tactics, concepts, blueprints, useful tactics and secrets – this will supercharge your bank account, skyrocket your social life, and allow you to lay the hottest women just like us..

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What Team Capital Is Calling:

“THE Event Of The Decade”

This is your one chance to be a “fly on the wall” for this historic event – join 250+ Badass Team Capital Members and watch myself and my mentors reveal our best tips, tricks, and secrets when it comes to making MORE money, building STRONGER building connections, and having MORE sex..

Now you can enjoy every presentation, as well as over 9 hours of footage and 9 hours audio from the comfort of your own home – all unadulterated, raw, uncut, and never before revealed information (that includes any newsletter or program, ever):

If you want to know exactly how to skyrocket your bank account, attract wealth and success into your life with ease, and fvck the hottest women in your town.. read every word on this page now..

Listen up pimp. Because this page isn’t going to stay up for long.

That’s because I only want the most motivated, most committed members of Team Capital to get an inside look at exactly what I’m about to reveal, right here, right now.

Because I’m about to reveal to you ONE WORD that will change your life forever.

ONE word that will unlock everything for you.

The money, the power, the freedom, the toys, the girls..

That one word?

Write it down, get it tattooed if you have to.

Feel it deep down, internalize it, let it consume every cell of your being.

Because that ONE WORD WILL change your life, for good.

And right now, I’m going to reveal to you exactly how.

You’re reading this page for ONE good reason.

See, you’ve taken action, you’ve invested in yourself, and you’re already seeing benefits:

Your bank account is multiplying..

Your social life is skyrocketing..

And your sex life has been getting better and better..

And if you’re anything like me, it’s not enough..

That’s where I have your back once again.

And that we could do it all from the comfort of your own home?

See, you’ve made the decision to join Top Guys all over the world itching and scratching to join the ranks of Team Capital, and now it’s my turn to deliver on my promise of transforming you into the most wealthy, successful, freedom-filled version of yourself.

How am I going to do that?

By Allowing You To Join 250+ Badass Team Capital Members
All From The Comfort And Safety Of Your Own Home..

See, we recently held an event in Las Vegas, Nevada where 250+ Team Capital Members got together for a 2-day seminar that I held with my mentors, and I want you to have the footage.

I want you to be a “fly on the wall” for this historic event.. gain insider secrets, intel, blueprints, and formulas on exactly what myself as well as my mentors have learned through the years about making MORE money, building STRONGER business connections, and INCREASING our sex lives, all within hours.

And because you’re on this page right now, it will be yours from the comfort of your own home.

That means:

  • No expensive plane tickets..
  • No jet lag..
  • No waiting in long security lines..
  • No travel expenses..

Just you, me, and my mentors, all from the safety of your own room.

See, I’m going to be arming you with all of my best money making strategies, secrets, and intel that I’ve never shared in any newsletter or training reserved for only my Top Guys and personal clients.

I’m talking:

  • How I built several 7-figure business from scratch.. (my exact blueprint for you)
  • How I created a kickass lifestyle to die for.. (including my mistakes along the road)
  • How I’ve managed to have laid the hottest women on the planet.. (my plan for you)

Armed with this advanced intel, you’re going to walk out of your room A NEW MAN, and better yet, with a proven, bulletproof plan already-in-motion, that’s going to make this year the best damn year of your life – guaranteed.

I’m installing original bonus material totaling over NINE hours of video and audio content of pure BADASS gold, straight from my mind into your subconscious.

All you have to do is sit back and enjoy.

What You’ll Get With Your Seminar-In-A-Box:

2016 is YOUR YEAR, your time to dominate.

Here’s just a few things you’ll be immersing yourself from myself and my mentors:

Module 1: Jason Capital’s Talk:

  • My famous “7 Million-Dollar Secrets to Dominating 2016”.. (pay CLOSE attention)
  • My exact plan for your first 7-figure year.. (you’ll walk out of your room with a PLAN, a plan that we’ve worked on together!)
  • My 3 simple keys to building a rockstar personal brand so that you become the most sought after authority in your marketplace (can you say cha-ching?)
  • The weird trick to revolutionizing your social circle so that you’re constantly surrounded by people inspiring you to do better and do more..
  • My proprietary “Summer Destruction Formula” revealed to you so that you have no excuse not to dominate every single day from this point on..
  • How to conquer high STATUS game within the next 48 hours so you can start implementing it this weekend (do this right and the odds are you’ll up next morning in someone else’s bed..)
  • How I get MY WAY with almost every single interaction I have – business and personal – and why you don’t need 501 persuasion tips to do the same.. (only need a few..)
  • Badasssery 101: the inner game of badass (learn this and live life on your terms..)
  • My badass biohacked health, diet, and fitness guide showing you exactly how to take that unleaded gas you’re fueling your life with and swapping it out for JET FUEL..
  • How to operate at 10X your current productivity (and how to sustain it for as long as you’d like, without facing the drawbacks and consequences..)
  • My next level strategy for transforming your bank account, business connections, social circle, and sex life so that you’re finally living life the way you were destined to..
  • And much, MUCH more..

Module 2: John Romaniello’s Talk:

  • How to SKYROCKET your testosterone levels through the roof regardless of your age, current health status, and lifestyle..
  • How the media you consume is slowly eroding your manhood.. (and how to stop it dead in its tracks right away)..
  • Avoid THESE “testosterone silent killers” robbing you of your manhood, sex drive, creativity, testosterone, and overall health and wellbeing..
  • The simplest and easiest way to “fix” things in your life so that you’re constantly moving forward with business, your social circle, and women, even if you’ve tried before and hadn’t seen results..
  • The famous “3 Primary Spheres Formula” for living life like a total badass..
  • The complicated theories of affectation, context bias, and social inheritance explained in less than 30 seconds so simply that even a child could understand.. (these three are PIVOTAL in your success as a man)
  • How to use the concept of aggregation of marginal gains in order to get better by at least 1% every single day so that you’re constantly progressing forward..
  • How to increase creativity by attacking the root cause of stunted thoughts, mental fog, drowsiness, and ambition so that you’re constantly thinking of new money-making ideas..
  • The simplest way to overcome any challenge.. (he lays it out for you, step-by-step..)
  • The most important thing you MUST do with every single mentor that you choose for yourself.. if don’t do this, and you’re doomed from the get go..
  • And much, MUCH more..

Module 3: Greg Greenway’s Talk:

  • How to connect with anyone, anywhere, and network yourself to a better life in 30 days of less.. (his exact blueprint)
  • The ONE thing that will GUARANTEE wealth, success, and freedom and exactly how you can get it in record time..
  • The REAL reason why you failed with your last business venture, why you couldn’t get her, why you’re still living the same life you’ve been living, and exactly what to do about it.. (pay attention to this)
  • The sneaky little difference between strategy and story, and exactly how you can use it to multiply your bank account..
  • The strange secret to having the right conversation with yourself everyday so that you’re constantly progressing forward (if you think this is just regular, boring positive affirmation bullshit, think again)..
  • Revealed: the deadliest success myths that are constantly perpetuated by the media, stealing your money, your business, and your happiness..
  • The blueprint to building key relationships, connections, and your million dollar network so that you’re continuously surrounding yourself with people that will bring wealth to you.
  • Why it doesn’t matter who you know.. (who knows YOU if much more important) and how you can network much more effectively, regardless of your age, gender, or occupation..
  • The 3 step process to get to anyone so that you’re able to create a people plan filled with valuable endorsements and introductions.. (doesn’t matter where in the world they are..)
  • How to create an alliance and rapport with everyone you meet so that you’re constantly surrounding yourself with the right people..
  • And much, MUCH more..

Module 4: Ryan Magin’s Talk:

  • Did you know it’s possible to make hot women drip with anxious sexual attraction with almost no effort on your part? (Do THIS and they come to you..)
  • The weird 3-second trick to mastering the art of first impressions..
  • 4 simple steps to beating the system and effortlessly gaining something Ryan likes to call “The Halo Effect”.. (fully backed up by science)
  • The specific colors to wear that make business connections, friends, and women trust, respect, and ADMIRE you even more..
  • How a shirt SHOULD fit so that you look more muscular, fit, and in shape.. (most guys FVCK this up completely..)
  • The absolute worst outfit you can wear out, wear this, and it’s guaranteed to KILL any attraction she had for you..
  • The sneaky little trick to having your outfit scream that you’re a bad boy so that women are automatically attracted to you..
  • The simple key to having high fashion WITHOUT burning a hole through your wallet..
  • The “David Beckham” effect and how to get it.. (women will drool over you..)
  • Are these the shoes that will easily earn you a spot deep in your friend-zone? You’re about to find out..
  • And much, MUCH More..

Module 5: Adam Gilad’s Talk:

  • How to inspire devotion in ANY women for a night – or a lifetime – or anything in between even if you’ve just met her..
  • A simple go-to line to use with any girl on the first date that almost guarantees sex that very night.. (use this tonight)
  • The 3 levels of influence, learn these and the world with eat out of the palm of your hands without you even having to physically do anything..
  • How to demonstrate you understand her inner world just as well as much as she does..
  • How to achieve the JACKPOT of life so that you can run off of constant inspiration to do more, give more, and be more.. (women LOVE this..)
  • The 3 skills every man MUST HAVE in order to inspire devotion in any woman that he meets.. (pay close attention to this)
  • The simple trick to making any female feel automatically SAFE so that she’s free to be herself around you..
  • The 9 step process to living a fulfilling life with a devoted partner who enjoys doing things FOR YOU and loves you for it..
  • How to break a woman’s psyche into parts and sides so that a women immediately recognizes your statements as being true..
  • How to demonstrate you understand her inner world just as well and as much as she does..
  • And much, MUCH more..

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