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If you've ever wanted help or coaching at your beck and call through any portion of the Real Estate Sales Process, it's time you look into how to get… 

“Real Estate Success Through  Comprehensive, Systemized Training”

Introducing The Complete Training Library

After looking at the complete training library we've assembled over the last 8 years or so, it's hard not to feel proud of what we've accomplished. It really amounts to the most comprehensive, systemized group of Real Estate Training products ever assembled.

My goal was not only to address the topics, but to give you time tested and proven tactics, scripts, dialogues, and tools. That way anyone can use these tools, whether you're a brand-new Agent or an experienced Agent. Literally, any one of these programs can help you advance your career right out of the box.

I don't want to take all the credit either. You've directly and indirectly helped me assemble the Complete Training Library. You see, over the years I've been listening to your comments, suggestions, and input, and have set out to create a training library that helps cover all aspects of the Real Estate Sales Process:

"Any Agent Can Use These Tools… Right Out of the Box"

You can't go wrong when you decide to invest in the Complete Training Library.

Second, you'll have to check with your tax accountant, but when I used to invest in Real Estate Training every year, it was a tax write-off for me. So, I was rescuing some of my hard earned dollars from Uncle Sam and buying Real Estate Training that would help my business grow. It's like buying a high return investment that is a tax write-off.. one that even has a money-back guarantee.

Did you notice the trophy amongst the training products up above?

That trophy signifies the achievement of your Real Estate Success. Your success still depends on you and the effort that you expend toward its attainment, but with the proper training to improve your skills, you can help ensure that you advance towards it.

In order to make it as easy as possible for you to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity, I've created what amounts to a 217% return on your investment in the form of a steep discount. Once in a lifetime sounds like a bunch of hype, but this truly is the first time I've ever offered this group of products at this price.

I hope you take a minute to investigate this opportunity today.

Get The Complete Training Library – Dirk Zeller, Only Price 67$

System 1 – The Success Trio

If you could master lead generation, convert and commit those leads to an appointment, deliver a dynamic listing presentation, and then use our secrets to convert and commit the buyer every time… You'll have all the pieces you need to solve the great success puzzle in the Real Estate Sales Process.

These three programs give you the secrets, YOU NEED, to make easy the three hardest parts of the Real Estate Sales Process! Then you'll be three steps closer to becoming a Champion in YOUR marketplace.

System 2 – Tough Times Survival Kit

In response to the changing markets, I've recently put together what I call the "Tough Times Survival Kit". It contains three full-length training programs that address the biggest challenges Agents face today.

Let's face it. There are three "mission-critical" (Your Mission of Succeeding in Real Estate) areas you need to address:

  1. How do you "Protect Your Commission" from the "Fee Discounters"?
  2. How do you acquire the "Survival Sales Skills" necessary to make sure you capitalize on every opportunity, before your competition does?
  3. How do you position yourself in such as way as to "Create Market Dominance" for yourself?

System 3 – Objection Handling MasteryTM

What would your life be like if you had the answers to just about every Seller and Buyer objection? A lot of Agents get the "deer-in-the-headlights" look when an objection comes out, but our programs will arm you with almost 200 scripts and the know-how to use them. You'll be able to handle just about every objection you might hear and make yourself virtually bulletproof to objections.

If you've ever had problems with a Buyer or Seller killing your progress with an objection, you owe it to yourself to check out this program.

System 4 – Foreclosure MasteryTM

I am often asked: "Dirk, what's the next big thing going to be?"

Well, if you asked me that question specific to lead generation, I'd have to say foreclosures are going to be the next big thing for new lead generation.

You've probably already heard that foreclosures, as of last month's U.S. Foreclosure Market Report (published by RealtyTrac® – the #1 online authority for foreclosure data), are up by 63.5% nationwide. Some counties are up by as much as 20,300%.

So, if you are interested in carving out a brand new niche for yourself in Real Estate that 99% of Agents think are junk prospects, you can find out more below.

System 5 – The REALTOR®'s Ultimate Car Companion

I've hand selected and bundled 10 of my best (and favorite) 1 hour audio training programs for this series.

With this program you can literally rescue the time you've been wasting in your "office-on-wheels" and turn it into prime hours of Real Estate Training.

So, if you're tired of wasting your time in the car and would rather invest the time gaining "Golden Nuggets of Real Estate Wisdom", take a peek at this new program below.

The Complete Digital Library

You'll have unlimited downloads and access to our Members-Only Website that hosts my complete digital training library. Titles include:

  • 7 Smart Ways to Explode Your Production – Streaming Audio 
  • How to Increase Your Income by $100K – Streaming Audio 
  • 5 Steps to Finishing Strong – Streaming Audio 
  • Mindset of a Champion – Streaming Audio 
  • Blueprint for Success – Streaming Audio 
  • Double Your Income, Double Your Time Off! – Streaming Audio 
  • Jump Start Your Production – e-Book 
  • Blueprint for Success – e-Book 
  • Successful Selling in Tough Times and Tough Markets – e-Book 
  • 10 Things You Must Do to Take Advantage of the "No Call World" – Special Report

The Real Estate Success Library 

From Brand New Agent to Experienced Agent to Top Producer, these three books reveal all the Real Estate tactics, tools, and tricks we�ve gathered from over 17 years in the business. Each and every one of these books is loaded with practical know-how every Agent should have access to. Titles include: 

  • "Your First Year in Real Estate" – Random House Bestseller 
  • "Success as a Real Estate Agent for Dummies®" – Bob Bruss' 10 Best Real Estate Books of 2006 
  • "The Champion Real Estate Agent" – Nationally Acclaimed & Endorsed

What you will get in The Complete Training Library:

  • The Success Trio – 12 Audio Training CDs and 3 CD-ROM Workbooks($441 Value)
  • Tough Times Survival Kit – 15 Audio Training CDs and 3 CD-ROM Workbooks ($589 Value)
  • Objection Handling Mastery – 10 Audio Training CDs and 2 CD-ROM Workbooks + Flashcards ($489 Value)
  • Foreclosure Mastery – 5 Audio Training CDs and 1 CD-ROM Workbook + Marketing Materials ($497 Value)
  • The REALTOR®'s Ultimate Car Companion – 10 Audio Training CDs in one easy-to-store car companion ($589 Value)
  • Five Steps to Having Your Best Year Ever – 2 Audio Training CDs ($57 Value)
  • Complete Digital Library – 3 e-Books and 6 Streaming Audios + Special Report  ($363 Value)
  • Real Estate Success Library – Dirk Zeller's 3 Books ($67 Value)
  • 54 Training CDs Total
  • 9 CD-ROM Workbooks Total

Get The Complete Training Library – Dirk Zeller, Only Price 67$

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