The Empowered Self Course - Melanie Tonia Evans

The Empowered Self Course – Melanie Tonia Evans


Enroll The Empowered Self Course – Melanie Tonia Evans course at Wisvalue. My journey, to claiming authentic power and transforming my life beyond my wildest dreams, was catapulted into overdrive – in ways I never previously thought possible. Price: $75.

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Unlock the barriers to your authentic True Self and True Life with empowered Quanta Freedom Healing.

With peace, joy and inspiration in your heart rise every day to be your best at work and play.

Create your dream home, enjoy socialising and get ready to find love again after narcissistic abuse.

Dear Thriver,What would it be like to…

1. Be accepted as yourself, and surrounded by real people who share your sense of love, truth, peace and joy?

2. Take back control of your life and be empowered with financial security and purpose?

3. Have great boundaries that generate respect, support and authentic relationships and successful opportunities?

“It’d feel pretty incredible, right?!”

And imagine this… your old life dissolving away, becoming a distant memory, as synchronicities and miracles open up to your True Self and True Life.

After abuse recovery, you may have been frustrated with the following:

  • Feeling exhausted and drained from trying to get others to love and approve of you.
  • Being paralysed from moving forward in your life, feeling fearful or unclear about the next steps.
  • Pesky self-sabotaging urges or habits that have derailed you from breaking into new ways of being.
  • Not knowing how to stand up for yourself without the crippling fears of C.R.A.P. (Criticism, Rejection, Abandonment and Punishment).
  • Struggling to really trust yourself and set effective boundaries, therefore still at times handing your power away.
  • Knowing there must be ‘more’ but not knowing how to create it in your life!

“We are here to experience the fullness of a total connection to Life; sourcing authentic power, experiencing our highest potential and greatest joy.”

Join me to accelerate and elevate your Thriver journey.

Truly, if I could do it – with the number of damaged parts I had, I know you can do it too … ABSOLUTELY!

I want to share HOW I expanded myself – so that you can experience it too!

After I overcame my narcissistic abuse experiences, I had so much more I wanted to achieve in my life.

I craved feelings of peace, joy and “being at one with life”.

I wanted to create deeper, more meaningful and healthier relationships with family, friends and acquaintances.

I wanted to feel safe, free and confident in life, and I wanted to be financially secure.

I wanted to have enough confidence and self-belief to create a healthy love relationship, and date prospective love partners safely from the power centre of having an open heart to truly give and receive authentic love.

But … even after recovering from narcissistic abuse, I knew there were still things within me holding me back.

There were fears, blocks. Aspects of myself terrified about expanding and not feeling deserving of the best in life.

I knew that the unlocking of my true potential, in partnership with all of the opportunities of Life, was an inside job.

So I deeply researched, applied and constructed specific inner healing and expansion keys to my Inner Being.

I cracked the Code.

I was able to leave old painful and limited trajectories behind, and start entering new ones that blew my mind!

My journey, to claiming authentic power and transforming my life beyond my wildest dreams, was catapulted into overdrive – in ways I never previously thought possible.

Everything in my life started
to open up and expand…

As a result of dedicating myself to the profound inner work processes that I’ll be sharing with you in this Course – feeling joy and authentic happiness became a normal part of my everyday life, regardless of what was or wasn’t happening outside of me.


Mastering my emotions and learning the power of healthy boundaries allowed me to evolve relationships with my family and friends, even relationships that were previously damaged.


Ideas came effortlessly, and my inspiration allowed me to implement these ideas fearlessly.


Synchronicities, messages, cues, information and opportunities manifested continuously, and I met people and attracted events that supported the creation of my dreams. This included world-class and well-known connections.


I started travelling the world, seeing countries and destinations I had only formerly dreamed of visiting.


From previous total financial desecration, I was able to rebuild my finances, creating rental properties and a successful property portfolio in only a few short years.


Intimate love entered my life, in miraculous and effortless ways. My partner matches my desires, values and truths. Our soulmate love deepens every day!


My joy, mission, purpose, and abundance continue to expand gloriously. There are NO limits to my life now.


I am forever grateful for the incredible stream of Abundance and Wellbeing of life that is our Soul’s divine right, when we know how to fully let it in!

Now it’s your turn to reach these incredible heights of personal evolution.

The Empowered Self Course is a complete step-by-step online system for your personal empowerment.

This Course is for you, if you want to wave goodbye to any limitations or fears of expansion that are holding you back from your BEST life.

1. Be able to validate yourself from within, simply and powerfully. Our soulmate love deepens every day!

2. Make empowered decisions allowing you to take effective action based on your inspiration, passion and truth.

3. Have access to lifelong tools and breakthrough strategies should any fears or limiting feelings arise in your body.

4. Become a Boundary Boss – with NO fear in setting, keeping and following through with empowering boundaries.

5. Say goodbye to any old patterns, emotions and tendencies as they arise.

6. Gain genuine self-love and self-belief, with the solidness, purpose and inspiration to create your dreams.

7. Start seeing the real life evidence of the new miracles you are now generating.

Empowered Self Course

Healing Modules

The Empowered Self Course invites you to explore with ease, fascination and awe through 10 super-empowering Modules.

Each dedicated Module uplevels your limiting beliefs, patterns and trauma wounds, unlocking your Superconscious Potential and delivering you back to your True Self.

Module One

Becoming Love, Approval and Fullness to Myself

Module 1 builds on all your work in NARP (Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program). It’s the next level that lays the foundation for the following Modules. This Module eliminates confusion that can hold you back in your current life, helping you regain control of your mind and life. It brings back peace and joy granting you connectedness to your growing personal power.

Module Two

Creating Trust and Belief in Myself

Life changes when you can believe and rely on yourself to make empowering decisions and take life-changing actions. This Module creates a firm sense of self-belief and confidence that starts to generate your true power within.

Module Three

My Co-dependent Tendencies

Within this Module you will start to say goodbye to behaviours and patterns that do not serve you. You will find relief from neediness, emptiness and fear and discover a life of self-love, confidence, fulfilment and purpose

Module Four

Aligning with My Declaration of Self

This Module allows you to anchor into being the self-generative source of what you truly desire in life. You’ll be able to create a life that is totally aligned with your values by attracting love, support, integrity and truth from the inside out.

Module Five

Valuing Myself and Allowing Others to be Themselves

When you value yourself fully without needing anyone’s approval or validation you will be able to easily attract all that you need. This allows you to form reciprocal relationships of giving and receiving that do not deplete your own energy and resources from a win/win position.

Module Six

Releasing the Fear of Laying Boundaries

This is the first of three Modules dedicated to Empowered Boundaries. Here you will discover the exact reasons why you have been struggling with boundaries. You’ll establish what you will and won’t accept in your life and learn how to attract people who truly respect, value and support you.

Module Seven

Aligning with What I Will Accept in my Life

This Module teaches you how to unlock your personal power and expand into a more fulfilling life by creating relationships which are real, intimate and connected. This Module is a deep dive into the clarity and confidence needed to never accept abuse again.

Module Eight

Becoming an Effective Boundary Setter

Within this Module you will receive the confidence and clarity to lay effective boundaries in all your personal relationships. This means no more trying to make other people understand you, because you now fully understand how to make interpersonal relationships connect healthily. The work in this Module grants you true personal freedom in your life.

Module Nine

Releasing Self-Sabotage and Achieving Self-Acceptance

This Module is about dissolving self-judgements, self-rejection and old self-sabotaging urges that wreak havoc in your future plans. Learn how to kick addictions into oblivion and lead a healthier more fulfilling life as you fill up with self-love and empowerment.

Module Ten

Connecting to my Authentic Power

This final Module is a recap of the entire Course. It pinpoints the areas that you can effectively continue to up-level in order to live your true Thriver expansions. You’ll see clearly how much you have grown as a result of the Course and be able to go forward into even more authentic personal power.

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This is our Pre-Order course – You will get the link to download within 3-5 days.

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