The End of Trauma™ – Steve Hoskinson


The End of TraumaTM Course is an 9-week online course that teaches you the tools and practices that work specifically with your biology to get you out of suffering and onto the path of deeper healing.


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The End of Trauma

9 Weeks and a New Experience of Well-Being. 

15 CE Credits Available.*

Healing Happens.

Organic Intelligence® speaks the language of your biology. It's the language of natural rhythms, of being in Sync. Goodness is waiting to find you. Find out why it hasn't, and how it can…

Next Cohort Begins January 2020

What You'll Get in the Course

Weekly Live Coaching and Live Webinars with Steve Hoskinson

The End of TraumaTM Course is an 9-week online course that teaches you the tools and practices that work specifically with your biology to get you out of suffering and onto the path of deeper healing.

When our systems are well synchronized, we are well. And when they are out of sync, we are not well, and we are suffering. Learn to see the inevitable signs in your own system that are signals for the return of that re-synchronization process. Your nervous system wants to heal — and here we will deepen into the tools and strategies for making that happen.

The course will feature weekly live coaching and weekly live webinars with OI Founder, Steve Hoskinson. He will speak directly to you on the science behind each week's topic, offer guidance on how to get the most out of the week's practices, and answer your questions. All the webinar replays, Q&A from coaching, video lessons, downloadable audios, the End of Trauma Workbook, and Bonus materials stay in your library for you to use at any time, for a lifetime.

Live Coaching support continues after your first round in The End of Trauma Course. Steve will be your coach and guide with Live Coaching sessions for a 2nd time through the course. His personal guidance will be there step by step for 18 weeks, and a team of Moderators in the private FB group for daily questions, reflections, and support. A community of caring is here for you.

Daily Informational Videos

Get direct teachings from Steve on WHY we need to look to our biology for real growth and change in our lives. We know that our systems heal naturally. Learn how to use and sequence tools that prime for your personal bandwidth growth. More bandwidth means less confusion, ease in processing emotions, access to intuition, and better focus. Incremental, digestible steps in the End of Trauma Course signal safety to your system, and build the pathways for re-synchronization and real system change. You will learn your own biology's language and, with the help of the OI Maps, you’ll know how to better understand and support natural emergence and healing.

Daily Strategic Use of Perception (SUP) Audio

Daily meditations — Organic Intelligence® style — are known as Strategic Use of Perception (SUP) practices. Listen as Steve guides you through the channels in which you experience the world: Image, Sensation, Orientation, Meaning, and Affect (ISOMA). Learn how to tune into those channels for support from your biology, and how their interrelatedness holds the key to resilience, and then into bio-sync, or Prosilience. Bonus materials for sleep, pain, surgery, and disorientation are included. Your library will go with you and grow with you as new learning materials are added all the time.

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The End of Trauma Workbook

Nothing has been overlooked. The End of Trauma Workbook is uniquely crafted to give you all the tools, support, and guidance to integrate Organic Intelligence (OI) into your daily life – with ease and clarity. Steve's teachings from the daily Informational Videos and daily Strategic Use of Perception audio downloads are integrated into each Morning and Evening workbook page. Each day builds the neural pathway to your inherent wellbeing. You’ll enjoy the OI exercises, story-telling, evening reflections, evocative images, quotes, and inspirations that speak to your system at both the conscious and unconscious levels. Learn for yourself, and learn by experience.

This comprehensive and integrated Workbook has tools and information you will use in your life, for the rest of your life. In only minutes a day you will come to experience your inner world in a new, re-synced way. Get Steve's best support to catalyze your biology's natural impulse to grow, connect, and to experience joy in living.

Why is Organic Intelligence® so effective?

Everything you'll be doing and learning in the Course is designed to work WITH nature, moving between the 3 Phases, and doing the things your nervous system WANTS to do. EASE is the result — no more "white knuckling" your way through the day, trying to get yourself to do what you've been told is the way to work, or feeling guilty or inadequate… With the End of Trauma Course you'll experience the flow you know is possible. Every week, with Steve as your guide, you'll find yourself bouncing back.

The secret is in the daily support. The headwinds of civilization, early trauma, and social dislocation grind away at our humanity. With the End of Trauma Course, every day you will receive support after support, and reinforce what you know to be most true: we are made for caring and connection. The End of Trauma Course creates the best possible environment for us to genuinely feel this truth, the truth of our humanity.

Proven by Therapists:

— Trauma Safe!

For over 20 years Steve Hoskinson has taught thousands of therapists how to use his method. Now it's available where it counts the most — in your own heart and mind. We redefine therapy and how ease-fully real change happens.

Trauma is not the problem. Trauma is a fact of life. The focus on trauma in therapy is the problem.

There’s a better, more effective, and natural alternative. Meet Organic Intelligence® — where biology meets psychology, where the body and mind are one, and where spirituality is found in the abundance of compassion.

*15 CE Credits Available

EOTC is a personal development course. CE credits are also available for professional development. 15 credits are currently available for psychologists, marriage & family therapists, professional counselors, social workers, and nurses. Once you begin the End Of Trauma Course, you will be invited to purchase 15 CE credits for $50 and receive access to EOTC Professional Skills bonus material. To receive credit, watch the videos included in the Professional Skills course and take the post-test at the end. Take the test in the year you need your CE credits. Continuing Education credit for this program is awarded by Commonwealth Education Seminars.

Complexity Made Simply Practical

In The End of Trauma Course (EOTC), you'll have Steve's teaching in weekly webinars (live and recorded), Q&A with him in weekly Live Coaching, and support in your private online community. Daily reflection time with your Workbook will be supplemented by teachings in the Bonus area on the nervous system, positive psychology, meditation, guest lectures on support for parents, and more….

Our Nature

Why is ease so transformative? When it’s organic, in harmony with our biology, effortlessness becomes transformational. Solid science is behind everything in OI, and is taught in daily informational videos you get with your End of Trauma Course. Each week we take a deep dive into each of the basic Channels of our experience of ISOMA. ISOMA is: Image, Sensation, Orientation, Meaning and Affect. Take a look — this is one of the actual INFO videos. It is from Week 6, ”Affect Week" (4:54).

Get Access to Exclusive OI Resources – for a Lifetime!

  • The End of Trauma Online Group, moderated by people trained by Steve. Feel connected, share experiences, get feedback, and grow in the OI community.
  • BONUS Webinar Videos: videos to help tune the vehicle of your biology.
  • Live Weekly Coaching Sessions with Steve for 2 Rounds of the Course (18 weeks)
  • Live Weekly Webinars with Steve
  • Educational Video: “Working with Children”
  • BONUS “Nerd Out” videos that scratch your neuroscience itch
  • Bonus “Strategic Use of Perception” (SUP) audio downloads
  • Transcripts of Informational videos 
  • $500 towards next OI Courses of Study
  • Dedicated EOTC email for Support
  • BONUS INFO Videos
  • Lifetime access to The End of Trauma Course

Get The End of Trauma™ – Steve Hoskinson, Only Price $165

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